Muslim Clergy Mislead their Followers to their Doom

by | Apr 13, 2020 |

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The most strident voices celebrating the Chinese Pandemic, came from the pulpits of Muslim clergy, in their sermons in their mosques, all over the world, declaring to all of humanity, that this was their god, Allah’s revenge, for the persecution of the Muslim Uighurs by the Communist Chinese.
As the weeks went by and more and more nations started succumbing to this virus, and many countries mobilized their resources trying to find a cure for it, the only human grouping that fêted its spread as a Pandemic, were and are a huge number of Muslim clerics (both of the Sunni and Shia persuasions), politicians and so called ‘scholars’ of Islam.
They were telling their congregations, the followers of Muhammad, that Muslims should not fear this virus, because Allah will protect them from its wrath since he is only directing it against the Kuffar/ Non-Muslims.
Their tune changed, when the Shia people of Iran became seriously infected. This time, it was the Sunni clerics who became ecstatic and jubilant, that the Shia infidels were rightly receiving the wrath of Allah.
Important to remember the timeline; on the 7th January, the novel Corona virus was first identified. On 11th January, China reported the first death from this disease. On the 12th, WHO (World Health Organization) reported the first death in Thailand. On the 17th, a second death was reported in Wuhan. Thus far, most leaders around the world, had not yet grasped the actual destructiveness of this virus because the Chinese and WHO, deliberately downplayed its power at the very beginning. In the span of a few weeks, what was thought to be an Epidemic, turned out to be a Pandemic that would ravage the world. On the 31st January, Trump ordered general travel bans to the USA, and he was immediately accused by the leftist Media and Democrats, of Xenophobia and Racism.
The COVID-19 outbreak in Qom, Iran’s religious capital and home to the country’s top Shi’ite clerics and seminaries, has since metastasized to nearby cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, and Kashan. It has hit the upper ranks of government (most of whom are above the age of 70), infecting cabinet members, senior members of the military and clerical establishments, and two vice presidents. On March 16, Ayatollah Hashem Golpayenagi, a member of the Assembly of Experts responsible for selecting Iran’s next Supreme Leader, became the latest senior figure to die.
That Iran mismanaged Qom’s COVID-19 outbreak is crystal clear. The Ayatollahs were in denial and misinforming their people and the world, from 1st of January till at least 19th of February. Suspicions piqued internationally on Feb. 24, when a lawmaker in Qom, claimed there had been 50 deaths in the city on the same day, Iran’s health minister announced a nationwide death toll of 12 people.
Most of the leading doctrinal Islamic clergy in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Iraq and others, not only did they refuse to believe that Corona can kill Muslims, they also do not believe that this disease is contagious, because Muhammad in the Hadiths, tells his followers, that there is no such thing as transmission, since everything that happens in the universe, is by the will of Allah. Everything is Pre-Destined.

Hence, as far as Sharia compliant Muslims are concerned, it is inconceivable that Muhammad is wrong and science is correct, so much so, they are even encouraging their followers to continue praying in mosques as well as visiting their holy shrines.

According to these clerics, any believer who would stick to his clothing a holy verse from Muhammad’s Quran, would be immune from the virus.
Rational readers may laugh at these unbelievably irrational instructions, but one would be ignoring the fact, that these clerics, truly believe this abominable and dangerous nonsense.
Iran’s unprecedented fatality rate triggered allegations, that the government was covering up the scale of the outbreak. That perception was bolstered by the high number of high-profile leading figures, who tested positive for the disease, and dying, prompting rumours, that millions not tested might also be infected.
Nonetheless, days after Iranian authorities banned flights from China in a bid to prevent the spread of the outbreak in early February, Mahan Air—a private airline owned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards—continued to fly regular routes to and from Chinese cities.
While most Muslim leaders were either exulting the deaths visited upon the Infidels/ Kuffar in China and the West, or in denial of Facts and Reality, the only sane leader in all of the Muslim world was, Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who is guided more by logic and sanity than most Muslims. He immediately ordered the closure of the borders of Saudi Arabia, stopped all pilgrimage to both Mecca and Medina and prohibited all congregational prayers to keep his people safe.
Not once in the 1400 years of Islam, were these holy places closed. Luckily for him, the most fundamentalist Sunni clerics of Saudi Arabia, have not gone against him so far.
Muslim clerics in Iran, Iraq, Egypt and many others have now changed their tune, accusing Americans and Israelis (as always when Muslim leaders fail their peoples) of deliberately creating this virus to target Muslims, when only a few weeks earlier, they were exalting the death of Kuffar/ Infidels.
For 1400 years, Muslims never ever admitted any wrongdoing to others, although the historical record shows how false this is. Also, they never apologised for the destruction and enslavement they caused upon hundreds of millions of non-Muslims but on the contrary they revel about it.
Yet, the usual leftist stooges in the USA (and in Europe), such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pelosi and others, are not only demanding that Trump should lift the sanctions against the Hamas terrorists of Gaza and the Ayatollahs master mind terrorists of Iran, but also, to help them financially with millions of American tax payers’ dollars.

Under which slimy rocks have these clueless bleeding heart politicians been hiding, while the Ayatollahs and Hamas have been murdering Americans and Israelis? Why did none of them ever complain or object, to what these terrorist groups have been conducting for decades?

Why would American tax payers help these villains financially, when hundreds of billions of their hard earned dollars filled the pockets of the Muslim most corrupt leaders in the world?
Why lift sanctions against the Ayatollahs who received $150,000,000,000 from Obama plus 1.4 billion in cash? Why did these leaders not spend it on their people, instead of stealing or building Atomic Weapons with them?
Hamas used hundreds of millions of dollars to build tunnels and weapons of destruction against Israel, instead of constructing hospitals and schools.
Why are not Republican members of Congress pointing the above facts to Bernie, Elizabeth, Biden, Pelosi and other Democrats?
In the meantime, Muslim leaders in India are publicly declaring their hope that hundreds of millions of Hindus should die from Corona. The Western Media and Leftists are again deafeningly silent.

While some Hamas leaders in Gaza, as well as other Muslims surrounding Israel, are threatening to spread this virus as a Biological Weapon against Israelis, not a single news reporter in either the USA or Europe, are addressing these intimidations.

They most assuredly would have been vocal and outraged had the Hindus of India or the Jews of Israel declared the same against Muslims. The double standard, is not only ‘as usual’, but is also obscenely immoral and unjust.
Ironically, these same Muslims, are already now begging us Infidels/ Kuffar, to use our science to save them (Not their god Allah) from the curse of Corona even though this is prohibited in Islam.
As always, their clerics will justify getting help from Infidels NOT as an act of Mercy from the Kuffar; No, it will be as payment of Jizyah by the Infidels to Muslims. The degrees of Ingratitude, Hypocrisy and Duplicity exhibited by Muslims, are immense and shocking, but would be fully understood by those who know Muslims and Islam.
For those who are still in doubt about how Muslim clerics incite their followers against non-Muslims, please click on the following link for just one example:
Canadian Islamic Scholar Younus Kathrada: We Take Coronavirus Precautions Seriously, And Should Do The Same For Allah’s Commands; We Must Not Ally With Jews, Christians, Infidels – This Matter Is More Dangerous Than COVID-19
The Corona Virus Pandemic, besides disease, has shattered all the following illusions:

  1. The dogma of the leftist European leaders for a world without borders; the European Union of Schengen (no border controls among 22 European states), has been shattered for the foreseeable future; proving how wise Donald Trump has been for trying to secure America’s borders against the insane attempts of the Democrats for open borders, for the last four years, and that social cohesion, is the vital underpinning of all national efforts in times of emergency.
  2. How unwise and mostly one sided had been, the economic agreements made with China for the last 40 years. How dependent have become the Western world on China’s products and how correct is Donald Trump’s understanding on how this relationship has to be changed. Once more, Trump was prescient and all his detractors utterly wrong, when he advised and insisted, that America must bring its industries back from China.
  3. This Pandemic has also proven, how totally corrupt and inefficient the United Nations is, because the majority of its member states, are themselves crooked and dysfunctional. WHO (World Health Organization) turned out the worst enemy of humanity for misleading the world regarding the transmission of this disease between humans. Once again, Donald Trump turns out to have been absolutely precise about its character and how all his leftist and Fake Media detractors were as usual wrong.
  4. And last but not least, of 193 states in the UN, 57 are Muslim majority (29.50% of the UN voting power). Not a single Muslim country is able to contribute anything whatsoever, to defend humanity against this Pandemic. On the contrary, as they are proving themselves every day, they prefer to obey the ridiculous ideas of 7th century Muhammad’s Arabia than 21st century science. Once and for all time, this utterly demolishes the myth of Islam’s alleged scientific and cultural gifts to humanity, since no one can name 10 Muslims, from among 2,000,000,000 who have contributed anything, in any field of human endeavours, in the last 700 years and how irrelevant they truly are, for the world in general, in this century.

Image: NCRI


Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must-read for those who really want to know the facts.

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