No Whitewashing Will Ever Remove the Blood on Biden’s Hands

by | Aug 20, 2021 |

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Biden can hogwash his way with tens of millions of dim-witted leftist Democrats regarding his catastrophic decision to betray the USA and the Afghan people, But not the outside world.

I have been monitoring many Arab, European, and Asian news media sites – only those that support Islamic terror are ecstatic regarding America’s indecent humiliation as it is unraveling daily – most of whom are condemning Biden’s total lack of military and geo-political acumen and treachery of the Afghan people⏤especially 50% of the female population and millions who supported America’s presence.

The writing was on the wall the instant Biden ordered the evacuation of Bagram air-force base in the stealth of night without having had the decency of informing their Afghan colleagues who woke up the next morning without American protection and left a multi-billion dollars’ worth of assets to be plundered or confiscated by the Taliban.

This was the start of the moral collapse of the Afghan leadership, both military and political, because, without US air superiority, there was no chance of stopping the rag-tag Taliban from taking over Afghanistan.

All Americans should wake up to the fact that Biden and his Democrats continue to suffer from their irrational Trump Derangement Syndrome even after Trump was out of office, because they know very well, that everything Trump did in his four years was for making America Great while they (Democrats) have neither respect for the American people nor for the Constitution since their agenda is NOT Patriotic but Globalist.

All their platitudes and lame excuses, for their total failures in the last eight months regarding inflation, vaccinations, increased fuel prices, unprotected border invasion, law & order declines, etc., cannot be blamed on Trump since they are all under Biden’s watch where the ‘Buck Stops’.

I must prove to Americans how sickening Biden’s mendacities, duplicities, and hypocrisies are by sharing with them what Biden promised them earlier, compared to his excuses today:

1  He said that America’s departure from Afghanistan will be orderly and NOT a repeat of Vietnam’s Saigon in 1975. He LIED.

2  That the Taliban are not the Vietcong; unfortunately for Biden, they took over Kabul faster than the Vietcong took Saigon.

3  It was Biden who advised Obama to vacate Iraq in thus allowing ISIS to occupy the territory as big as the United Kingdom and did nothing to stop their expansion until Trump ordered the US military to do their utmost to turn the tide, no holds barred, and they did.

4  It was Biden who opposed the termination of Osama bin Laden.

5  Although there were only 2500 troops in Afghanistan under Trump, the Taliban did not encroach on any of the provinces and cities of Afghanistan because Trump made it clear that if they did, he would unleash America’s deadly air force upon them. They only started expanding their spheres of influence a few weeks after it became clear that Donald Trump is out of office and clueless Biden is in.

6  It was Trump after all, not Biden or the Democrats, who decided that the USA should not continue its military presence in Afghanistan forever. It was Trump who met with the Taliban and made it crystal clear that the USA will only leave if and when a peaceful agreement was in place so that American, allied troops, and their supporters would exit in an orderly and safe manner. Biden overruled this as well as his military advisors. Therefore, Biden owns the Afghanistan debacle, single-handedly.

7  On the one hand, Biden told Americans that 2500 soldiers could not stop the Taliban and hence must be removed – which is an obvious lie – yet, on the other hand, to save Americans in Afghanistan, he is sending in 5000 more troops.

8  The woke and utterly clueless Biden’s military and intelligence leaders – costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in assets – informed him that it will take the Taliban months to take over Afghanistan. They did it inside of 10 days.

In conclusion, all of Biden’s excuses and duplicity will not change an iota from the reality that because of his utterly insane order to vacate without having a logical strategy, not only the Afghan people will suffer but the whole world since the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will allow every terrorist entity on the globe to train on their soil.

Already in their occupation of Mazar al-Sharif, the Taliban decapitated hundreds of Afghan soldiers who surrendered to them because they considered them Kuffar; apostates from Islam. The videos of the slaughter were so sickening, they were removed by the media. This may not become the norm if more sagacious leaders dominate the takeover.

Although some Taliban representatives were telling the totally useless and clueless Western news media that they will treat women well, being Islamic means submitting to Allah’s Sharia, therefore women will be relegated to be sex slaves of their men’s masters as well as domestics with minimum education, freedom or rights. That means almost 20,000,000 females will lose all of their Human Rights.

I would like to postulate the following: It is not impossible that wise leaders of the Taliban – for their own further successes – will give amnesty to most of those who helped Americans and Europeans thus turning them instantly into assets instead of liabilities.

When these Afghanis are shown more mercy by the Taliban than America’s treachery, they will turn more seriously to Islam, thus providing the rag-tag Taliban with a 300,000 fully armed and trained Islamic military, with pilots and tank crews to operate them.

The sickening events that have been allowed to transpire in the last two weeks, because America’s Biden, the Democrats, and all his military, intelligence, and expert advisors turned out to be, not just wrong, but obscenely incompetent. are not going to bode well for America and world security.

This disaster will cause millions around the globe to suffer Islamic terror in its aftermath and no whitewashing will ever remove the blood on Biden’s hands and those who support him.


Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must-read for those who really want to know the facts.

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8 months ago

Bitem needs to be hanged. Let him be a first of a long line of treasonous Demoncraps you have elected.

Once you get over the first the rest will be easy to enforce the law of which you have failed for over a hundred years.

8 months ago

A deliberate act by Biden and co-conspirators to further weaken the US and population, all for their greed and lust of wealth which is a direct reflection of their plandemic. The fact stands that disease and war are highly profitable to the world’s money-grubbers.

8 months ago

That guy is a damn disaster for our country.

8 months ago

If I.Q. al Rassooli is indeed a scholar then he would know that the king of the north is also a vicious I am determined empire.
He would know that Germany is that Kingdom. Throughout history from the old testament in the Bible to the mad man Hitler. Germany started ww1 and ww2 . As well as conquering the 10 tribes of Israel . There is another country, Vatican City, that is aligned with Germany.
Germany and the pope together will not let Iran destroy and occupy the holy city in Israel.. Pakistan neighboring Afghanistan house approximately 1/3 of its population that could easily become radical Islamics doing Iran’s bidding. It Won’t be too long before I ran makes a move on Pakistan and you have to realize that they have nuclear capability. In short, the pope and Germany are not going to let that happen. Hence the prophesied Annihilation of the king of the south which is Iran who sponsors terrorism and is behind the Taliban. This will be a two edge sword. Good riddance to Iran and the terrorist around the world, but this will also start World War III.

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