One of America’s Political Parties Has Gone Full Fascist

by | Sep 16, 2022 |

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President Joe Biden’s charges likening the Donald Trump Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement to “semi-fascism” are particularly hypocritical in light of the American experience under the tyrannical heft of his own party-controlled administration and Congress.

For context, let’s first consider what most people likely assume that term – fascism – brings to mind: a political system headed by a central government ruler wielding supreme power and authority over business and labor whereby opposition is not permitted.

As an economic system, fascism might be thought of as socialism with a capitalist veneer, a term derived from “fasces,” the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax.

Modern fascism readily conjures images of dictators such as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez.

Whereas Nazi Germany ruler Adolph Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini were famously fascist, many will argue that their ideological roots were socialistic as well.

Hitler’s racially obsessed National Socialist Party was a dissent-intolerant dictatorial regime that shared many elements with Mussolini’s National Fascist credo, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

Fortunately for our world, their reigning events turned out badly for both of them.

Joe Biden’s Sept. 1 “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” prime-time spectacle in Philadelphia hardly conveyed an image or narrative of an anti-fascist he professed to rally against.

The staged optics were darkly ominous and oppressive, with America’s angry, accusatory leader standing in front of Independence Hall illuminated in lurid blood red as two Marines standing at attention in the background lent a menacing image of police state militarization.

Biden’s message amplified the theme, presenting political opponents as literal enemies of the state.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans,” Biden said, “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

It’s especially unseemly that a president who campaigned for office as a “uniter” would choose to intone incriminations that would further alienate 74 million citizens who voted for his previous and likely future opponent. Perhaps he was influenced by handlers who have advised him to “go big” in the image of Franklin Roosevelt they urged him to emulate.

Maybe, with his poll numbers tanking, Joe’s scriptwriters were influenced by FDR’s speech at Madison Square Garden on the night of Oct. 31, 1936, at the end of his presidential campaign against Alf Landon, where he boasted that his enemies (Republicans, plutocrats, et al.) “are unanimous in their hate for me,” adding “I welcome their hatred!”

In any case, all evidence of the past 20 months shows that neither the orange-haired guy nor the Republican Party are the fascists to really worry about.

Former President Donald Trump and his Republican conservative MAGA followers are truly the anti-fascists who favor smaller government controlled by the people with the least possible interference to market forces and entrepreneurial incentives. This is quite the opposite of fascism.

No, Joe got it exactly backward when he said, “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.”

Joe Biden’s first duty under the Constitution to protect America’s sovereignty as a nation was immediately surrendered at our southern border, with at least two million illegal unvetted migrants projected to pass through just this fiscal year.

There was no recognition of the constitutional separation of powers to unilaterally implement a vote-purchasing $500 billion student-loan forgiveness plan without congressional authorization, the legislative branch that is the product of millions of individual votes.

The scale of Mr. Biden’s use of executive orders is unprecedented,

There was no public mandate to end America’s energy independence previously experienced under the Trump administration by immediately terminating the Keystone XL pipeline and working to kill the U.S. fossil-fuel industry by shutting down pipeline construction and production leases.

No one I know voted for the resulting decades-high costs for gasoline and family budget-ravaging inflation.

Amid energy shortages, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent message in West Virginia v. EPA was that Democrat practices in “bypassing Congress” exceeded authority granted by Congress under the Clean Air Act. Doing so was essentially aimed at destroying America’s coal industry and leaving every energy production and user industry vulnerable to politically directed White House whims that preferentially dictate winners and losers.

Seventy-four years after George Orwell providently wrote “1984,” $80 billion in Democrat-promoted spending will grow the Internal Revenue Service by 87,000 new employees to the scandalridden and government union-dominated agency that oversaw Lois Lerner’s secret sabotage of conservative tea party-related groups ahead of the 2012 presidential election.

With regard to his law-and-order meme, Biden fully blamed Trump for the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, stating: “Whose side are you on? Look, you’re either on the side of a mob or on the side of the police.”

Conspicuously absent, have been any condemnations from Joe or his administration of political violence, which encompassed the worst of the May and June 2020 rioting, the recent wave of vandalism at crisis pregnancy centers, or the assassination plot against Brett Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, the Biden Justice Department’s unprecedented raid on the private Mar-a-Lago residence of his nemesis and likely 2024 Democrat presidential opponent readily raises the terrifying specter of fascism on steroids which recognizes no limits on raw unaccountable authoritarian power.

Biden, who fraudulently ran as a moderate, has presided as the fascist he accuses his political opponents – at least 74 million of us and the poll numbers growing – to be.

In less than two short months, it’s our chance again, perhaps our last, to demonstrate at voting booths across this nation that America deserves and demands far better leadership than that.


Larry Bell is an endowed professor of space architecture at the University of Houston. He founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) and the space architecture graduate program. He is the author of several books, including "Reinventing Ourselves: How Technology is Rapidly and Radically Transforming Humanity" (2019), "Thinking Whole: Rejecting Half-Witted Left & Right Brain Limitations" (2018), "Reflections on Oceans and Puddles: One Hundred Reasons to be Enthusiastic, Grateful and Hopeful” (2017), "Cosmic Musings: Contemplating Life Beyond Self" (2016), and "Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom" (2015). He is currently working on a new book with Buzz Aldrin, "Beyond Footprints and Flagpoles."

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