September 25, 2021

September 25, 2021

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One Year to Victory, the Communist Takeover of America

by | Jun 23, 2021 |

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So close they can taste it. The Communist Party of America – formerly known as the Democrats – are pulling out all the stops to complete the communist takeover of the United States of America, knowing full well that they have just over one year before the 2022 election⏤when their onslaught against traditional American patriotism and values might hit a roadblock.

Rest assured, they will do everything they can to prevent a fair and legitimate election next year, but they are very concerned that even massive voter fraud, as happened in 2020, may simply not be enough to prevent them from being tossed out on their collective ears by REAL Americans.

They do not want to put all their eggs in one basket, so they intend to turn up the heat even more over the next sixteen months. The civil unrest we witnessed in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the country will increase. They already have a plan in place for ‘the right’ police shooting of a black person, regardless of how justified it may be. It won’t matter. They’ll use snippets of video and social media that do not give an accurate portrayal of what happened in order to gin up more racial division, and set our cities on fire once again.

Along with the ongoing war on police initiated by Barack Obama, the infiltration of American government institutions has been well underway for many years. All one has to do is look back on the photo of the West Point cadet a few years ago who posed for a graduation day photograph. He was holding his hat (Cover, for all you military folks), so that his concealed handwritten note on the inside of the Cover could be seen.

The note read “Communism Will Win.” As he also proudly pulled open his uniform jacket to reveal a red t-shirt with the image on the front of communist revolutionary Che’ Guevara. This has been going on for much longer than the four years he attended West Point. And he is the tip of the iceberg.

Though the effort by the Communist Chinese and the Russians to infiltrate all American institutions long preceded him, during his eight years in office, Barack Obama laid the groundwork for what we are witnessing in America today. His plans to “fundamentally transform” this country went unfulfilled during his eight years in office, partly because he eventually lost control of the House and the Senate. But Obama himself said during an interview shortly before he left the White House that “his work wouldn’t be finished after he left.” He meant it.

With his most trusted advisor Valerie Jarrett by his side to help him with all the dirty work while he put on the phony facade of an elder statesman, Barack Obama took up a private residence in Washington, D.C., immediately after President Trump moved into the White House. Unheard of in modern times for a former president to remain in America’s seat of government after leaving office.

But it is the one place where he could be close to the action, and to better exert his influence and control of his party’s efforts to thwart the Trump Administration’s agenda. For all of the lies he told during his eight years, in this case, Obama was true to his word. His effort to “fundamentally transform” America was going to continue. And with the funding help of George Soros and a collection of devoted Communist followers – and even more useful idiots – that is exactly what Barack Obama has been doing.

Everyone in their right mind knows that there’s no way in hell that Joe Biden garnered over eighty million votes, yet Obama and his ‘Obamunists’ pulled off the biggest fraud in American history, if not the world’s history.

Whatever it is that Obama has on Joe Biden – and considering his nearly fifty years in government, it must be significant – Obama has been able to turn Joe Biden, a man who had basically been a middle-of-the-road liberal for decades, into a raving lunatic. A hard-core fanatical leftist, surrounding himself with Obamunists who are hell-bent on helping Obama achieve his goal.

The only thing standing in the way are over seventy-five million pissed-off Americans who Obama and his Obamunist followers are betting aren’t committed to stepping up and preventing a complete Communist takeover of America.

The Communists believe they’re so close that they can taste it. That victory is within their grasp. And that they have one year left to pull it off. President Ronald Reagan predicted that Communism would end up “on the ash heap of history.” We must work hard to ensure that his vision comes true.

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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Victor Mils
Victor Mils
2 months ago

Never thought I’d see these things going on in America. Figured the military would try to stop it, hoped Trump would, but he ripped back a curtain revealing that it may already be to late. The Neo-Marxist infiltration of entertainment, education, the news media, the corporate world, and even the military is shocking. All this week, across the web and the television, the Cultural Revolution has been glaringly shoved in our faces. Meanwhile our military leadership seems to have bent the knee to the Cult of Wokism, as it’s purged of conservatives, while at the same time Biden’s regime works hard to restrict gun rights and legally define anyone who opposes The Agenda, as a terrorist, white supremacist — even subtly making a nuclear threat against the anti-Leftist resistance. Being against Communism and Black Supremacy, being for Christian values, is now being criminalized. It’s insane, and I’m not sure what can really change it. Certainly not our politicians and it’s looking less and less likely the military can prevent it as well.

I realized that the military and intelligence services, internal security services, only gain power and influence in totalitarian regimes — so I guess that would explain why the FBI (and other alphabet agencies) are in bed with the plan… No more pesky Bill of Rights to get in their way.

Last edited 2 months ago by Victor Mils

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