September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

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Overcoming Fear, Restoring Trust, Finding Meaning After COVID

by | Feb 23, 2021 |

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The impact of COVID-19 has been incalculable as it ripped apart the very fabric of our lives, our families, our communities, and our Nation. COVID-19 has been a powerful wake-up call to all of us. Our core freedoms are under attack from all directions, including from medical institutions we previously trusted to guide us in saving lives during disease emergencies. 

My patients and I have talked about the devastating damage COVID caused in all aspects of our lives. How do we find hope in the darkness? How do we rebuild trust in our personal advisors, social relationships, political leaders, and government institutions? What is the crucial importance of finding meaning and a new purpose out of this adversity? What can we do now to reclaim and revitalize our lives, our health, our faith, our freedoms, and our Constitutional Republic? 

The principles of medicine have been ripped apart like no time in the history of modern medicine when it comes to COVID-19″. Even my personal primary care physician told me he did not treat COVID patients – “I just tell them to stay at home, and go to the ER if they have trouble breathing?” I was shocked. Over my career, primary care physicians always treat viral illnesses—such as the flu, shingles, herpes—as quickly as possible. Why NOT treat COVID outpatient the same way? Such “do nothing and wait” attitudes have been a stunning abdication of physicians’ duties to patients happening across America and other Western countries.

Anyone with any common sense can see how illogical and senseless the COVID response has been under the constantly changing directives and moving the goalposts from Anthony Fauci. Nor does it take a rocket scientist to see the loves lost from politicized medical establishment blanket suppression and persecution of early outpatient ambulatory sequenced drug treatment with safe, effective, cheap, and widely available FDA-approved medicines doctors use every day for other conditions. For high-risk COVID-infected persons, it has been unconscionable and medically negligent for the NIH and CDC to recommend sending them home to wait and get sicker, and at very high risk of death, when we have had a half dozen available therapeutics that clearly reduced hospitalizations and death.

For my whole career in medicine, I have fought to restore the physician-patient relationship and the physician’s focus on the sanctity of life. Since March 2020, I’ve used early home-based treatment approaches for COVID patients to help reduce hospitalizations and deaths. I’ve had to face the battle against the medical establishment that sought to demonize those of us who stood up for early treatment of COVID with the tools and medicines we had on hand.

It has definitely been an earth-shattering loss of trust in my medical profession as I have watched “Big Medicine” collude with “Big Pharma” and “Big Government” to prevent early, safe, effective medicines being employed to save lives as physicians have always done.

The travesty of orchestrated suppression of life-saving medicines to treat COVID-19 has resulted in the social murder of over two million people globally. This massive death toll has been horrific in the U.S., United Kingdom, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia, where physicians were prevented from access to life-saving medicines, threatened with the loss of license or prosecution if they went against bureaucratic and political suppression of early home-based treatment. 

Through it all, who was standing up for sick patients? Throughout the pandemic, there was not one single national leader in the medical response to the pandemic who said to the public: “COVID-19 is terrible, and I am going to work with the best experts from many fields of medicine to find ways to treat the virus early —as we have always done with ANY viral illness–and prevent these hospitalizations and deaths.” 

No national public health leader on the COVID response task force ever mentioned that doctors and patients could work together in communities across the country and treat people at home to prevent massive hospitalizations and deaths. Early treatment at home was a complete blank in every leadership conference and every media discussion. Their tunnel vision focus was solely on contagion control through mask mandates and lockdowns or wait in fear for a promised experimental vaccine.

Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, “experts” at CC, NIH, and FDA, showed absolutely no empathy for patients who were sick at home with COVID-19 or the families who lost loved ones. These individual human beings –with lives, loves, and a soul—became dehumanized inanimate “cases” or “positive tests” or “deaths.” Our national medical leaders pontificating on TV with their constantly shifting messages lost all connection with the HUMAN dimension of the disease crisis they were paid to lead.

Many of us physicians taking care of patients simply refused to sit back and watch our patients die. We knew it was possible to prevent most of the deaths if we treated people at home before they were critically ill. Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. George Fareed, and Dr. Brian Tyson were several of the earliest pioneers and strong advocates for early home treatment. We have all worked closely together since March 2020, sharing information and treatment approaches and speaking out in the media and in Senate hearings to help shift the focus to early treatment.

As we learn more about what really happened during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, it is not “easy” to stomach the enormity of true evil that unfolds as many of us have delved into the details of the ways corrupt ideological leaders and global business predators knowingly weaponized the SARS-CoV-2 virus to achieve their malevolent “Great Reset” agenda to control the populations around the world and destroy economies by locking down the small businesses to create more wealth for the megalomaniacs of global powerhouse “big box” businesses. 

Who were the puppet masters behind the curtain causing loss of life, loss of economic and social stability, and loss of freedom? The more we dig into it, we see a Machiavellian web of those in control in government, business, and technology who disrupted our lives, our businesses, our medical care, our churches and synagogues, our social life, our ability to move around freely and to peacefully assemble. The malevolent agenda and totalitarian intentions for the end game have become increasingly clear with the radical suppression of all our freedoms.

At times, you may feel overwhelmed by the degree of deadly decisions made in the shadows by those with full knowledge of disastrous consequences to people around the world. It is tough emotionally to face the malevolence that took place over 2020 and is still occurring. 

It is also TOUGH to face the broken bonds of TRUST that have hit us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our advisors have failed us at all levels—personal medical, financial, spiritual—as well as our major societal institutions – public health agencies, federal regulatory agencies, law enforcement, courts, elections, politicians, unelected bureaucrats making pronouncements that control and direct our lives. ALL have let us down throughout the pandemic in ways that have been devastating to our ability to trust what we are told. Now, you can’t even depend on your doctor to tell you the truth about COVID treatment. You found you had to be proactive and research your options for early treatment if you wanted to stay out of the hospital.

Throughout the COVID pandemic response, public health officials, some governors, and DC bureaucrats used policies and mandates as tools to deliberately sow distrust among people to make us submit to arbitrary authority and be more controllable. All totalitarian governments seek to sow distrust among the people so that they become more docile and lack strength and will to resist top-down control. 

Trust is at the core of our being as humans. Trusting other people is essential to our emotional, physical, and spiritual health and our individual effectiveness. When our trust in those around us is broken, we become emotionally distressed. Extreme loss of trust can lead to despair, drug and alcohol abuse, clinical depression, and even suicide.

These bonds of trust have always been the interwoven threads that hold our personal and societal relationships together, weaving what I call the fabric of America. Trust was shattered beyond recognition in the cataclysmic changes we saw in 2020. 

That is why many of you have experienced – as I have too—moments of hopelessness and despair, losing trust, and thinking, “Who can I turn to now? Who will tell me the Truth?” Conservative commentator Paul Harvey, the iconic trusted voice of truth for the last generation, is gone. With Rush Limbaugh’s death, we lost this generation’s trusted voice keeping America’s founding principles in our consciousness. 

I suspect there isn’t one of you who has escaped a feeling of wanting to withdraw into a cocoon and hide. But we cannot hide. We must all face the reality of COVID and how it was used against us and how it was used to destroy our “normal” lives.

ONLY if you know the truth about what was done with COVID-19 to break the bonds of trust in your life, erode your family and social ties, and undermine your economic independence will you be able to take steps to defend yourself and fight for your life and liberty.

We all must find ways to begin repairing the torn threads of the fabric of our lives. We must find ways to pull meaning and new purpose out of the despair that many of us have been facing.

In my search to find meaning in all this, I turned again to a book I first read as a college student and then again as a medical student: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, MD. Dr. Frankl was a German Jewish physician and psychiatrist. He wrote about living through and surviving the pure hell of four Nazi concentration camps during World War II. As a survivor of the Holocaust, he continued his psychiatry career, teaching Logotherapy—the therapy he developed focused on helping people find their individual meaning and purpose. He touched the lives of millions worldwide. 

At each point in my life that I read and re-read his gut-wrenching, terrifying experiences, I gained critical insights for my own life challenges. But it was during my major adversities as a physician turned patient-facing major spinal surgeries four times to avoid paralysis—that his extraordinarily profound message struck my core like a lightning bolt: When all else is lost, and all around us is devastation and death, the last human freedom is the freedom to choose one’s mental attitude in the face of adversity. You can hear Dr. Frankl here:

Dr. Frankl’s words have even more power as we face death and devastation on all fronts orchestrated in the COVID-19 pandemic. I faced the personal loss of loved ones, and I faced the professional choice of either letting my patients die if I gave in to the political-bureaucratic “prison” controlling medical decisions. Or, I could stand up to the medical tyranny and risk my career but do my best to help save lives. 

I had to choose again. How would I use this adversity? What good am I able to personally bring from it that will help others? My belief in God, my Christian belief in the sanctity of life, and Viktor Frankl’s words all guided me. I chose, with my colleagues, to heed the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran minister ultimately put to death for fighting against the Nazi evil:  

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Together, we chose to speak and act to fight against medical and social tyranny. Our group of frontline physicians has saved thousands of lives, using early, home-based treatment with existing medicines we have safely used for decades. Some of us lost jobs, some of us faced threats to our medical licenses, some of us lost hospital privileges for treating patients outside the hospital. We did not stop trying to help our patients.

You now face that same hard choice: 

  • Will you give up the fight because evil is too difficult to face?
  • Will you simply submit to the “new normal” of the radical globalists’ new restrictions on your life?
  • Will you choose to let your mind be controlled by fear, becoming one of the prey for the totalitarian globalists seeking to control us? 


  • Will you take the initiative to seek reliable information presented by trustworthy leaders and advisors to help you overcome the traumas of the COVID pandemic?
  • Will you seek and use information you trust to plan your individual action to restore your health and freedom to choose how you live your life?
  • Will you seek to find ways to live fully and find your new meaning and purpose in your own life? 
  • Will you choose to use your mind and energy to fight to preserve all freedoms?

Face the threat. Face your fear. Face the losses. Then work to create a new sense of purpose for your life. Find your new meaning gained from surviving this devastating destruction COVID wrought in our lives. 

Keep on working to rebuild your sense of trust. Find those now worthy of your trust.  President Ronald Reagan often said, “Trust but verify!” In doing so, he popularized the wisdom in a Russian proverb, “Doveryai, no proveryai,” which literally means that a responsible person always verifies everything before committing himself to a common business with anyone, even if that anyone is totally trustworthy. We must each be more responsible in seeking the truth, not just blindly accepting everything fed to us in the media.

To restore the broken bonds of trust, we ALL need to build our lives around trustworthy relationships based on shared values, first in our own communities and then expanding to the broader world around us. Yes, there will be the inevitable disappointments.  Take those in stride and keep moving forward. This, my friends, is the key to rebuilding our lives. 

President Trump showed us just how deep and ugly the “Swamp” of self-serving, self-aggrandizing, politicians and bureaucrats seeking to consolidate their own power and control over the average people of this country really is.

With a new administration in place working to keep—and even extend—the “Swamp,” it is up to us to work together to expose and vote out the degenerate, corrupt, and even criminal career politicians and bureaucrats filling the halls of Congress and the agencies in Washington DC. We must “drain the swamp” and fix what is broken, or the cesspool will engulf us that DC has become. We must retake the future of America. 

We must keep alive The United States of America as a Constitutional Republic, the most humane and effective form of government ever created, and the one that led to America becoming the greatest nation in human history. We cannot let that die on our watch. The world depends on us to keep the flame of liberty alive for future generations.

People who built this country believed in personal responsibility, self-determination, personal freedom, the American Dream, and political liberty. We inherited their DNA. We must rekindle their spirit and create new ways of getting back to our roots. We are already seeing many creative people coming together to create alternatives to “Big Tech” censorship and the predatory “Big Box” businesses and institutions that have suppressed our freedoms. 

From the ashes of COVID’s destruction, we can find ways to build a more satisfying life and a stronger, better America. Get involved. Get Loud. Do not be afraid to speak out and help change the world around you for the better.


DrLee4America has been a leader in patient-centered, individualized medical care. Since 1986, she has practiced medicine independently of insurance contracts that interfere with patient-physician relationships and decision-making. DrLee4America's focus is medical freedom and free-market approaches to healthcare.

DrLee4America is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women, and she is recognized in the US as a motivational speaker in health and wellness and a powerful patient advocate, proponent of free-market approaches to lower healthcare costs. DrLee4America is the recipient of the Voice of Women Award from the Arizona Foundation for Women in recognition of her pioneering advocacy for the overlooked hormone connections in women’s health.

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Susanne Wege,RN,BSN (ret)
Susanne Wege,RN,BSN (ret)
7 months ago

Dr Lee is well-known to me;she and I shared many views
and thoughts together on Medicine,Nursing and patient care,as Twitter friends,in a chat room and via direct mail:her thoughts and beliefs about current Medical care are mine,as well,as we both have had the priviledge of
working as Healthcare professionals during a time,when care was PATIENT-CENTERED & WHOLISTIC:When the Federal Gov’t. took over the running of Healthcare in the
80s,H’Care has declined in quality for the indiviual patient,as ethical problems occured for both Physicians & Nurses;who are we really serving FIRST? The patients we
all pledged our commitment to?..or a huge,faceless Gov’t. & Corporate bureaucracy,that demanded more of our time & dictated how to treat and when,despite their compromised positions relative to lobbyists and polity,plus their knowing little about function or failure of human systems and more about cost control:cost will never equal
quality,yet many insist that it does:we can’t continue to
offer”cook-book”Medicine or Nursing to people,who are unique:more importantly,neither Doctors nor Nurses should be forced to offer policy-driven rather than science-
driven care to patients,who look to us to tend and care for
only THEM!
Dr.Lee will always have my deepest respect and admiration for her skills as a Clinician and as a person,
dedicated to returning the Art and Science of Medicine back to its original focus!The PATIENT!

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