Pandemic Panic Theater, Wokeness, and Economic Collapse Are All Tied Together

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The reason the Liberal World Order has its tentacles in so many arenas is simple. Against one existential threat, we can easily prevail. But when we’re faced with what we believe to be disparate challenges, we’re being divided as they attempt to conquer us. Recognizing that everything is tied together is important as we move forward to save this world and preserve American exceptionalism against the powers-that-be.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Political Report, I explained why we need to take the totality of the plan to push us into The Great Reset and address it as a whole. That doesn’t mean we need to tackle all things at all times. Some are better suited to fight Cultural Marxism through protests of CRT, LGBTQIA+ supremacy, or the post-truth society in general. Others may have strengths in opposing the medical tyranny as Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0, and even 3.0 are rearing their ugly heads.

All of it ties back to the goals of the Liberal World Order. Whether you call it The Great Reset, 4th Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better, or any of the various labels they change like colors on a chameleon, it’s all one giant conspiracy. They know they can weaken us by hitting us from multiple fronts simultaneously, so our fight is one that keeps us busy on our own preferred fronts while requiring that we support those fighting on our behalf on other fronts.

Today, I discussed three of the primary fronts that made news this weekend. Well, “wokeness” makes news nonstop as radical progressives flaunt their idiocy. Medical tyranny has been on the backburner, at least in the eyes of many patriots who became complacent and declared “mission accomplished” in February or March when mandates started falling. This isn’t over. It’s ramping back up now.

As for the economic collapse, there is not enough attention being paid to this likely possibility. We often assume that as a nation, we can make it through any downturn. We’ve survived massive financial challenges in the past. But this one seems different. This one is being driven by very powerful people who want the U.S. Dollar to collapse to be replaced by Central Bank Digital Currencies. Unfortunately, some of those people are in our government right now.

While reading through the parts of the stories below, keep in mind that the totality of events pushing us toward The Great Reset must be assumed as part of a unified plan by the Liberal World Order. If we pretend like they’re all separate issues, we will have zero chance of beating them.

Medical Tyranny

Will the next scamdemic be Omicron subvariant BA.5? It allegedly spreads faster than any previous variant, and while it’s considered to be the mildest, it’s still sparking medical tyranny to rise. Will it be Monkeypox? Around 98% of cases worldwide are in gay men, but both the World Health Organization and our own government are treating it like this is a major disease that’s coming for everybody.

We need to be cognizant of not only what they want to push onto us next but also what sort of tyrannical actions will rise from it. An article by Ethan Huff over at Natural News below details what’s happening in Sri Lanka. Could that happen here? I would say it not only could happen but almost certainly will if we don’t address it now.

COVID QR codes now being used to RATION FUEL in Sri Lanka as economic collapse accelerates

We are hearing through the grapevine that Sri Lanka’s latest approach to handling the fuel crisis in its country is to ration fuel using residents’ Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) QR codes.

The only way to buy gasoline in Sri Lanka, we are told, is to show one’s COVID “passport” via a smartphone – this being exactly the type of government misuse that many warned about when QR codes for the plandemic were first introduced.

A type of the Mark of the Beast, COVID QR codes are a digital mark that must be shown in order to continue engaging in commerce, as fuel is needed to drive, as well as to create and transport goods and services.

Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is shouldering most of the blame for Sri Lanka’s current dire situation as the tiny country, located at the southern tip of India, struggles to maintain adequate gas supplies amid a global rush for gas.

Prices for what little gas Sri Lanka has been able to procure are skyrocketing, and the government’s solution is to demand that residents show their COVID QR codes in order to partake (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about the Sri Lanka fuel protests to learn more about the spiraling situation in the Southeast Asian country).

Is fuel rationing on the agenda for the rest of the world?

It sounds as though the COVID QR code in Sri Lanka has been retooled as a gas rationing QR code, meaning residents are awarded access to fuel on some kind of rolling basis depending on available supplies.

As some gas becomes available, in other words, certain residents are notified that they can show up to purchase gas – just so long as their code has been “activated.” Those without an active QR code will not be allowed to purchase any gas.

The below video, which was shared on Twitter, shows the process in action:

Seeing as how covid QR codes were used in many other countries besides Sri Lanka, and seeing as how fuel shortages and inflation are now afflicting pretty much every country except Russia and its allies, it is safe to assume that this new imposition will spread to other countries.

As the gas taps get shut off in Europe, for instance, there is a chance that Europeans in countries like Germany and The Netherlands could eventually be told that they, too, need to show their QR codes in order to heat their homes and businesses this winter.

“They’ll tighten the screws to do everything they can to get ppl onto the App,” tweeted someone named “GetBackToLife – #NoJabsForKids” (@TinyFighterGirl).

Someone else named “Luther” (@LutherBurgsvik) tweeted a link to, though it does not seem to be accessible from anywhere outside of Sri Lanka – except, perhaps, with a VPN (virtual private network) ¬– as the main page displays a message stating:

“National Fuel Pass: You are not authorized”

“No doubt, this is where civil war comes into play,” added the GetBackToLife Twitter account in a separate tweet.

Another named “Rozalyn Gracia” (@graccie_roz) tweeted that she believes Sri Lanka was “intentionally staged to make way for this” as an example for the rest of the world to emulate as the economic dominoes continue to topple.

“This is exactly the essence of Agenda 2030,” she added. “God help us if people don’t wake up in time.”

The latest news about the engineered takedown of the world economy by globalists can be found at

Like I said, do not assume that just because it’s happening in a place like Sri Lanka that is very different from the United States, that it could never happen here. The energy and food crises in particular, will likely get bad enough that they start to ration. I assure you that one of the considerations by those in and out of the Liberal World Order is the notion of “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

One of the best ways to fight medical tyranny is to take care of yourself and your family. Being healthy may not be enough to keep all the wolves at bay, but being sick is a pathway through which they can impose direct medical tyranny on you. This is why we strongly recommend purchasing Z-Stack or Z-DTox from one of our sponsors, the late Dr. Zev Zelenko, and his work’s continuation through his foundation.


I used to think there was a certain mentality, whether inherent or conditioned, that made people dumb enough to fall for all the various ploys that stem from post-truth society “logic.” I even considered the possibility that it’s all a strong delusion, a group mental illness. Surely millions of Americans can’t think that Will “Lia” Thomas should be competing against women, right?

What I have come to realize in recent weeks is that the Mindset-Issues-Worldview paradigm is what’s really at play here. Wokeness is a trap. It’s designed to draw people into accepting one ludicrous notion. If they can get you to accept one ludicrous notion, they can get you to accept the whole mindset. Once they have you embracing a certain mindset, they can guide you toward supporting the policies they want.

Supporting certain policies drives people to adopt entire worldviews based on their advocacy for the policies. This is what’s at play with rampant wokeness. Let’s look at an easy example of the Mindset-Issues-Worldview paradigm.

First, they drive the mindset that “guns kill people.” This is why they continuously refer to “gun violence” rather than criminal activity or mental illness. They want us to think the guns are the real problem. If we do, then it’s easier to convince us that the policy answer for the issue is gun control. Like wokeness, this is a trap because once someone embraces the gun control issue, they are forced to adopt the destructive worldview that “only government can protect us.”

Now, let’s look at the less-obvious but equally dangerous example of one component of wokeness applied to this paradigm. If they can convince someone that the LGBTQIA+ community is persecuted, that creates a sympathetic mindset. From there, they will obviously push policy solutions that bring about LGBTQIA+ supremacy. It hasn’t been about equality for a long time, but if equality alone was not able to stop persecution in their eyes, then supremacy is the obvious answer, at least from their skewed perspective.

This is a truly dangerous Mindset-Policy combination because it leads to a worldview that too few seem to understand. That worldview is anti-Biblical. If God can take someone who is supposed to be a girl and make them in a boy’s body, then the implication is obvious. Either God got it wrong or He doesn’t exist. This, more than anything else, is why they’re pushing LGBTQIA+ supremacy. This is why there are so many groomers. They want people to naturally assume that God is not real because if He is, then he got it all wrong.

Economic Collapse

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this particular issue, not because it isn’t important but because it’s far too complicated for a short portion of the article. I discussed it in more detail on today’s show, but even that was not enough. I’ll dive deeper into it in future articles, but there are a few things to understand upfront.

First, an economic collapse may actually happen. That’s the direction this nation and western society, in general, are being pushed. It makes sense to the globalist elites. For them to “build back better,” they need a foundation to be destroyed. For them to have The Great Reset, they need collapse.

BlackRock, as I have said many times in the past, is not a mega-corporation that’s interested in making money. Most, even in conservative media, wrongly attribute greed as their primary driving factor. In reality, they have plenty of money and will continue to have plenty of money even if they have temporary huge losses. Their main motivation is power and pushing ESG onto as many companies as possible. That seems to be their role in the Liberal World Order. While governments, media, and activists push woke and sheepish worldviews onto individuals, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street push the same worldview onto companies.

The fact that they just had the biggest corporate loss in history should act as a reminder that I’ve been right all along. They aren’t just greedy. They use other people’s greed to drive them, but the primary role of BlackRock is in exerting power over corporations. That’s it.

Few in conservative or even alternative media seem to understand this, which is likely why the story below by Andrew Moran from The Epoch Times did not get more widely spread. If an America First journalist or activist thinks BlackRock is driven by greed, they would not pay too much attention to their massive losses other than to gloat and give each other high-fives. If we assume that greed is not their primary goal and that taking massive losses actually means they’re focused on accumulating power, then the story becomes much more important.

Keep that in mind as you read through this (or take my word for it and skip to the bottom for my conclusions):

BlackRock, World’s Largest Asset Manager, Lost $1.7 Trillion in Clients’ Money This Year

BlackRock, the world’s largest investment management firm with about $8.49 trillion in assets, recorded a $1.7 trillion loss in the first half of 2022, according to the company.

This was the largest sum of money ever lost by a single company in a six-month span, according to Marc Rubenstein, a Bloomberg analyst.

In the company’s second-quarter earnings report, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink attributed the immense loss to the collapse in the financial markets, blaming an environment of rampant price inflation, rising interest rates, and market carnage.

“The first half of 2022 brought an investment environment that we have not seen in decades,” Fink said in a statement. “Investors are simultaneously navigating high inflation, rising rates, and the worst start to the year for both stocks and bonds in half a century, with global equity and fixed-income indexes down 20% and 10%, respectively.”

Rubenstein said the investment titan had also focused too much on passive investing, writing that only one-quarter of BlackRock’s assets were actively managed “to beat a benchmark” by the end of the April-to-June period. In total, the company’s passive equity holdings are 10 times larger than its active strategy, “although it does operate some active multi-asset and alternatives strategies that narrow the gap,” he noted.

The earnings report also highlighted slower inflows into the New York-based firm’s core investment funds, totaling $69 billion in the three months ending on June 30. That’s $40 billion less than what analysts had forecast and a decline from the $114 billion in the previous quarter.

Today, BlackRock’s largest holdings are concentrated in technology, with positions in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Tesla.

BlackRock’s adjusted profit was $1.12 billion, or $7.36 per share, compared to the year-earlier $1.61 billion, or $10.45 per share. It also fell short of the average analyst estimate of $7.90 per share.

Morningstar analysts are still long on BlackRock.

“There was little in wide-moat-rated BlackRock’s second-quarter earnings that would alter our long-term view of the firm,” Greggory Warren, a sector strategist at Morningstar, wrote in a recent note. “We are leaving our $850 per share fair value estimate in place and consider the shares to be undervalued. BlackRock continues to be our top pick among the more traditional U.S.-based asset managers we cover. The company’s shares are currently trading at a 30% discount to our fair value estimate—compared with 20% on average for the nine firms in our coverage—and it represents a solid entry point for long-term investors.”

BlackRock Making Adjustments

Additionally, BlackRock confirmed that it’s tightening its belt and delaying its hiring efforts.

General and administrative costs climbed by 12 percent year-over-year, driven mainly by higher expenses related to workers returning to the office, from computer equipment to health and safety investments.

“We are mindful of the current environment, and you are proactively managing the pace of what I would call certain of our discretionary investments,” Chief Financial Officer Gary Schedlin told analysts in a call.

The company also revealed that it will be exploring digital assets, despite Fink calling Bitcoin an “index of money laundering” in 2017. He revealed that institutional investors are still interested in that corner of the market, even though digital currency prices have cratered this year.

“The crypto asset market has witnessed a steep downturn in valuations over recent months. But we’re still seeing more interest from institutional clients about how to efficiently access these assets,” he said.

Fink told analysts that BlackRock clients are turning heavily to cash as a safe-haven asset in the current highly volatile market.

“Now an inverted yield curve has made cash not just a safe place but now also a more profitable place for investors,” he said.

The 2- and 10-year yields have inverted, and the spread is about minus 25 basis points, the deepest inversion in more than two decades, according to Nancy Tengler, the CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Laffer Tengler Investments.

Indeed, the Bank of America’s July survey of fund managers found that investors are parked in cash at the highest rate since 2001, while their stock allocation is the lowest since the financial crisis of 2008–09.

Despite the sharp sell-off in the equities arena, Fink is confident that investors can relax a little bit.

“A really famous person called me up, panicking, ‘What should I do, I’ve got to get out, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it.’ And I said, ‘Go on vacation,’” Fink said in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer. “If you really can’t stand it, then sell it. But the reality is, we’ve seen this. Inflation is going to be fixed over time.”

About the prospect of a recession, Fink thinks that if the United States is in the middle of an economic downturn, “it’s going to be quite mild.”

“The financial foundation of America is as strong today as ever,” he said.

BlackRock shares have tumbled by about 30 percent year to date.


We desperately need to start treating all of the various threats to our nation as part of a master plan. They’re keeping us divided by hitting us from multiple fronts. They push patriots in different directions just as they point their leftist underlings toward their own demise. Stay focused and keep fighting the good fight. We really do have opportunities to stop them if we recognize the bigger picture here.

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Christian conservative JD Rucker went from journalism into the business world for two decades before returning to journalism in 2017. The sharp rise of leftist bias in corporate media prompted him to sell his advertising company and turn to the worlds of politics, culture, and religion. Now, he and his family fight the good fight in Southern California with hopes of someday returning sanity to the state while preventing the rest of the nation from succumbing to the wickedness inherent in the Neo-Marxist mindset.

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