President Biden OWNS the New World Order

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President Biden announced before the American Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting that the US must lead the way in establishing the New World Order.

His speech, delivered March 21, 2022, declared:1 mother had an expression: “Out of everything terrible, something good will come if you look hard enough for it.”

I think this presents us with some significant opportunities to make some real changes. You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy — not just the world economy, in the world. It occurs every three or four generations…. 

And now is a time when things are shifting. We’re going to — there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.

President Biden has embraced the New World Order. He OWNS it when he delivered this speech. Video footage is making the rounds. Jimmy Levy, singer of freedom movement songs for the 21st Century, has created a short video of the president’s statement and then pounds his phone with his shoe, as though killing a spider, crying, “Oh, no, you did not just say that! Where’s my tin foil hat?”2 The younger generations are beginning to see these dangers with the help of Paul Reveres like Jimmy Levy.

Even while the US President extolls the blossoming of the New World Order, Wikipedia is slow to catch up. The mind control media has been so busy suppressing speech, thought, and videos about a global movement to steal sovereignty from nations that they have not yet pivoted away from labeling the statement as a conspiracy theory that “hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.”3

Wikipedia conveniently has a second, lower case new world order entry that defines the phrase as:

…a new period of history evidencing dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power in international relations. Despite varied interpretations of this term, it is primarily associated with the ideological notion of world governance only in the sense of new collective efforts to identify, understand, or address global problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve.4

Wikipedia does not recognize that they are making the same point. In upper case or lower case, the term continues to designate a “collective” world governance over both individual rights and national sovereignty. 

Because of the COVID pandemic and the draconian measures implemented virtually worldwide, we now have been shown that there are forces that can command control of all nations given enough fear and false information. These controls kicked in around the globe, most oppressively in many of the constitutional freedom-loving democracies of Earth.

People and agencies like Anthony Fauci and NIAID and Tedros, and the World Health Organization, who never before touched our day-to-day lives, suddenly issued pronouncements and took massive actions to control entire national populations. These actions caused disastrous negative effects on wide swathes of countries. Businesses collapsed. Families were broken apart. Social relationships were destroyed. Religious practices were forbidden. Children were denied critical socialization with their peers and other adults. Supply lines were torn up. Essentials including medicine, food, and, yes, toilet paper, to state a few were driven into shortage. Whole industries were brought to their knees with the absence of vital components that stopped being produced, like semiconductors. 

Our Congress is neutered by treaties signed between the new global overlords and federal administrators. No longer are legislators provided the opportunity to debate and pass laws approving massive changes to be enforced throughout the nations. One unelected bureaucrat in the Executive Branch of the US government, for instance, can sign a treaty with the World Health Organization, and it is considered binding among nations.5,6,7

Every one of us has now seen how this is done.

A sweeping emergency order and the entire population was locked into their homes “for two weeks” at the beginning of COVID-19. We were ordered to wear masks eventually and are too often still wearing them. We were ordered not to seek any treatment for familiar symptoms of runny nose, cough, fever, bronchitis-like congestion, aches, and loss of appetite. Physicians, trained in the Hippocratic Oath were ordered not to use inexpensive, safe, and effective treatments for COVID-19. Instead, they were told to abandon patients, ordering them to go home and watch their fevers, their oxygen levels, and their fingernails for signs of turning blue. Only then were patients allowed to climb in a car and go to a hospital where they were too often intubated with a ventilator, condemning them to a high probability of death.  

Human beings died of what has been shown to be medical neglect, inside and outside some of the most sophisticated medical facilities in the world. Doctors hardened their hearts as they followed orders. If physicians and nurses resisted, they were warned, chastised, and ultimately fired. Sometimes their licenses have been investigated and revoked. Sometimes they have been ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations, a psychiatric muzzling of doctors who won’t shut up and toe the line.8,9

We all stayed home. We tried to make sense of how dangerous the pandemic was; we tried to figure out how to manage our children at home all day, how to use zoom, how to get food to feed the family, and yes, how to snag some toilet paper.

The terrifying, humiliating, psychological operation has now been ongoing for over two years. None of us has fully recovered. We have lost millions of souls either “to” COVID, or “with” COVID according to death certificates. It didn’t matter. Physicians were told to diagnose COVID as a cause when it could not even be clinically diagnosed. We have lost friends, we have lost our churches, our jobs, our families, our hope, and yes, our courage. We are acting like a beaten people.

This state of human civilizations is reflected throughout the world with very few exceptions, such as parts of Florida and Sweden. We must not remain a beaten people, or humanity is lost.

The demoralization of civilized peoples is not the result of “dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power in international relations.” It is evidence of the unrelenting global takeover we describe in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey.10

The demoralization of us all is the result of massive oppressive totalitarian measures taken to destroy the human spirit by these global predators.

The New World Order has done everything it can to force individuals and whole populations into cowering compliance with authority. From shaming and humiliating us in every way possible to dividing us again and again so that we feel isolated and alone and encouraging violence and chaos at every turn. 

President Biden, we want no part of your New World Order.

We must gather the tatters of our humanity around us, mend our spirits, call upon our God, pray for strength, remember the courage of our ancestors, re-envision the strength and bravery of the American Founders, the Greatest Generation in the 20th Century, and those human beings who have come before us, trembling sometimes, and nonetheless saying “I am a human being. I will not comply. I will resist.” 

We must assert our rights and the rights of our fellow citizens and demand the dignity and freedom of human beings everywhere. We are not cattle, and we will not be turned into beef.

Primary Author Ginger Ross Breggin


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Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin

Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin have been married and working together for almost 40 years. Peter is known as "The Conscience of Psychiatry" for his many decades of successful reform work in mental health. He has published more than 20 medical and popular books, several coedited or coauthored by Ginger, including the huge bestseller Talking Back to Prozac. He has written more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and testified in court more than 100 times with many cases related to drug company and medical malfeasance. The couple has now turned their attention to the misuse of science and the suppression of freedoms surrounding COVID-19 and its origins by those they identify as "global predators."  

Peter and Ginger have written the bestselling new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko. The book is available everywhere.

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11 months ago

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Kent Wainwright
Kent Wainwright
11 months ago

You got the title backward. Biden doesn’t own the NWO; it owns him. Biden is just the clown face on the scam.

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