Rep. Cori Bush and her Racist Diatribe 

by | Aug 10, 2021 |

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Recently St. Louis Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush unleashed a torrent of thinly veiled threats against two St. Louis attorneys, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the two homeowners who stood up to a black mob and defended their home in St. Louis back in June of 2020.

Bush angrily stated, “McCloskey’s day is coming,” which many view as a none-too-subtle call to arms to her BLM supporters to take matters into their own hands, after the Missouri Governor Mike Parson granted a full pardon to the McCloskey’s for the trumped-up misdemeanor charges that were levied against them by the corrupt St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner.

Hopefully, Bush will be held accountable by her colleagues in Congress for threatening another American citizen. But considering that Democrats currently control the U.S. House of Representatives, any consequences for Bush are unlikely. At the very least, she should be made to clarify her remarks. Just what exactly did she mean by her comments?

How someone like Cori Bush could end up in the United States Congress is a testament to how far our country has traveled along the downward spiral it’s been on since the time of Barack Hussein Obama. After all, when you think about it, how in the hell did Barack Obama ever get elected twice!

Obama is the man who started the war on the police and created the racial divide that this country is now experiencing. And considering her calls for defunding the police and her other racist rants, Cori Bush and the Obamas are more than likely soulmates, all three hating the police, hating whitey, and hating America.

Of course, Bush’s hypocrisy is nothing new for the Democrats. It’s their default position. While calling to defund and disband the police, Cori Bush spends seventy thousand dollars on her own personal security. As if anyone really cares much about who she is. She’s important in her own mind. She’s a member of Congress from a high crime district in the most dangerous city per capita in America. A rabble-rouser and nothing more. Certainly not a legislator. Just like the rest of the so-called ‘squad members,’ she joined after her November 2020 election.

No, Cori Bush may have won an election to Congress, but in reality, she is just another loser. Only the most recent democrat politician in a long line who are just loud and obnoxious, and who have achieved nothing for the black community. Like Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Hank Johnson, and in fact, the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. And dare I say Barack Hussein Obama as well, whose only accomplishment after eight years in the White House was to set back race relations for decades.

Until he and Michelle came along, America had actually finally reached that color-blind society that Dr. Martin Luther King had sacrificed and strove years for. Only to see Dr. King’s efforts squandered and undone by Barack Obama and his Obamunists.

So Cori Bush will rant and rave like a lunatic, insult the country she took an oath to defend, and make threats against the McCloskeys because that’s all she’s capable of doing. She’s certainly not capable of being an effective legislator for her constituents.

She’s just another Washington bag of wind filling her own pockets.

Image: AP

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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2 months ago

The race bating rants of Bush are horrible and reprehensible.

5 days ago

Loud-mouthed, basal ape- HER day will come. We are seeing the pendulum swing back the other way as Americans realize that hordes of radical, racist, militant blacks have permeated all levels of society and influence and, as they scream and whine and decry this imaginary epidemic of anti black racism, they spew overtly racist dogma and denigrate white people (who built this nation). They are sewing the seeds of their own demise because Americans are not going to put up with this suicidal death-spiral they insist must happen. They are reinforcing the stereotypes that exist about black people, stereotypes that are well deserved. Even Jesse Jackson famously said when he walks down the street and hears something behind him, he turns and, if it’s a white face, feels relief because he knows his safety is not threatened. Look it up.

Last edited 5 days ago by WeDontNeedThem

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