Repurposing Pride Month to Celebrate the Nuclear Family

by | Jun 10, 2022 |

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Do the Alphabet Sex People actually need to be stroked for an entire month over a characteristic for which they claim no ‘credit?’

What if ‘Pride Month’ celebrated the lifestyle choices of people who make consequential, multi-generational contributions to the lives of others? Perhaps, fathers, for instance?

A father’s love for his daughter teaches her what it is to be cherished by a man; without which knowledge, girls often seek approval through promiscuity.

A father’s love for his son provides his closest example of mature masculinity, an aspirational vision of his own destiny. Absent that example, boys often seek masculine expression through aggression and sexual conquest. As the past few decades of ever-increasing rates of fatherlessness have proven, society literally falls apart without fathers. 

Fatherhood, not Sexual-Identity-Salad, is essential to building sound human character and, by extension, sane, functioning communities.

While we’re at it, can we not celebrate Mom and Dad-headed nuclear families, the family structure most able to succeed in raising well-adjusted, responsible young adults? 

And how ’bout we shower some accolades on those rare young adults who, because of their upbringing and despite the best efforts of media, entertainment industries, and the indoctrination cartel running public schools, have emerged capable of counting their blessings rather than their ‘victim identities.’

As a result, these young people will design lives of value not only to themselves but to everyone around them.

The Marxist Left is doing its level best to undermine the maturation of character, inculcate self-pity and dissuade the development of competence. In many ways, they are succeeding.   

Today, even many self-described conservatives are debating the age at which a person is old enough to change genders. Why, in God’s name, do we allow the ideologue-lunatics to frame every topic? Why do Americans allow themselves to get sucked into discussions about how best to codify an ideology that demands that we set aside physical reality?

Males cannot change into females. Females cannot change into males. We know this. But let’s take a look at how the deployment of strategic framing induces people to engage in irrational behavior.

The Marxist Left has successfully framed a policy debate around a complete and provable falsehood. They are treating a pathological body/mind conflict as a civil rights issue ⏤ rather than a mental health condition.  


This frame allows them to re-tool and re-use all the civil-rights arguments of the 60s and 70s rather than to recognize that a personal conflict profound enough to create delusion is a disorder of the mind. Once we become clear on the strategy, we can reject it.  

How do we reject it?

Stop discussing policy decisions that assume agreement on the tenets of extreme and provably false ideology.

Stop upholding victims of profound mental anguish as an identity group to be celebrated.

Refute trans-ideology with clearly spoken, uncompromising truth.  

  1. People are NEVER born into the wrong body.
  2. Every cell of the body and brain (seat of the mind) expresses the chromosomal makeup of the sex established at the moment of conception. 
  3. Sex cannot be changed. Conflict between mind and body can only be resolved by aligning one’s mind with the body.   
  4. There is no age at which the conflict between mind and body can be satisfactorily resolved by chronic impersonation, chemical castration, suppression of healthy development, induced hormone imbalance, or surgical disfigurement.  

While a natural occurrence of gender dysphoria is rare, it’s become clear that such confusion can be purposely induced in children by social pressure and indoctrination. The LGBTQ community and their allies among woke parents are right now proving that point in many K-12 schools. The result of this horrific social experiment will be distorted personalities; people so profoundly self-focused and conflicted that interpersonal and economic dereliction is a near certainty.  

Thank God for the Moms and Dads who are quietly rearing the next generation of rational, industrious Americans; inventors, innovators, tradesmen, business people, entrepreneurs, and others who strive to build rather than destroy.  

Functional society will always rely on families headed by married Moms and Dads to raise well-adjusted, self-supporting, productive young people, something no alternative lifestyle has proven capable of reliably doing. Yet these parents are working against a Marxist agenda bent on undermining parental authority and ultimately replacing the family with government programs. 

With courage, optimism, and faith, contemporary Moms and Dads defy popular culture and intense political winds to raise kids as a team. That is worthy of profound pride! 

Let’s repurpose ‘Pride Month’ to celebrate these Moms and Dads and to restore the battered foundation of American civil society; the nuclear family!

Patricia Anthone

Patricia (Tricia) Anthone has been an involved advocate of liberty in a number of volunteer capacities since 2013, including service to the Convention of States Project at multiple levels, the Colorado Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Colorado Freedom Force, Founder’s Keep, and her local Tea Party chapters.

Tricia’s ongoing contribution to the cause of liberty has taken the form of writings which relate America’s founding principles to current events. “Being invited to join the America Out Loud team is a great honor and an opportunity to participate in the important work of restoring America’s foundation,” she says.

Tricia is a wife, mother, and grandmother whose professional background has been in sales, marketing, and ad-supported publishing. She started and ran an ad-supported print publication for 30 years. She is now working with her husband’s project sales and management firm as the marketing director.

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Marcel Matte
Marcel Matte
24 days ago

Let’s celebrate moms and dads!

Dan Schnittker
Dan Schnittker
24 days ago

Hi Patricia. Thanks for the heartfelt article. I too have considered this matter of “pride” etc. I do not think it can be “repurposed”, as it has been ruined, and repurposing is just an assertion that we have pride too, just like certain others. Rejected and defied, yes. I suggest “Gay Shame Month”, and shame as the antidote to pride, all former sodomites welcome (hetero too).

1 day ago

The goal of mental health therapy used to be helping patients recognize & accept reality. Now if someone decides (s)he is an animal, are we expected to indulge what is clearly a delusion? Not only is it not helpful, it’s ridiculous & could potentially be dangerous. What if a “bird” decides to fly from the roof of a 20-story building? At any rate, a transgendered “woman” will always have male DNA, & a transgendered “man” will always have female DNA—a fact that can be proven even after death.

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