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For the last three years and continuing, all that Americans and the world have been reading and watching in the news is against Russia, and Vladimir Putin as the deadliest ENEMIES of the USA. The US has formally withdrawn from a key nuclear treaty with Russia, raising fears of a new arms race. America’s relationship with Russia has hit an all-time low. The Pentagon says it is testing a conventionally-configured cruise missile that hit its target after more than 500 km (310 miles) of flight, its first such test since the demise of the landmark nuclear pact with Russia. Putin ordered a reciprocal Russian response to the U.S. missile test. The political theater has had a major impact on America’s relationship with Russia⏤is Russia the biggest threat that democrats purport them to be?
Iranian General Terrorist Qasem Soleimani was targeted and killed in Iraq by United States forces. Iran retaliated by firing off a series of missiles targeting the United States Embassies in Iraq. By disbanding the Nuclear Treaty, the Trump Administration has called Iran’s bluff. The sanctions are having a dire impact on the Iranian people. The only sure way to deal with the Iranian theocracy may be to cause regime change within the Islamic Republic, but can the Iranian people maintain and accelerate the protests?
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned that the U.S. and China were in the “foothills of a Cold War” and could be headed toward a conflict worse than World War I. “Between war and peace, the Chinese people firmly choose peace. Humanity cherishes peace,” Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said. “We should abandon the zero-sum thinking and cold war mentality.” Now with the new trade deal, at least the phase one part, agreed upon by President Trump and Xi Jinping, the relationship seems to be on better footing. Is China the biggest long term threat to World Peace? 
IQ al-Rassooli author of Lifting the Veil – the Iraqi born Arabic speaker is considered one of the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist, Philosopher and Patriot, focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability.

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