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Almost every school shooter, no matter what their socioeconomic status might be; all have some very specific characteristics that seem to be universal between them: depression, anger and rage towards others. In a previous study of 18 school shootings, the FBI found the shooters to fit the following profile: “male, Caucasian, middle class, lonely, alienated, socially awkward kids with access to guns at home.” Personality traits included: poor coping skills, depression, narcissism, obsessed with violence.
School shooters tended to be socially awkward and avoidant, and often isolate themselves with few if any friends. If there is one predominant theme in school shootings, it is anger and revenge.

  1. 75% of school shooters felt bullied or harassed by other students
  2. Sometimes shooters felt unfairly treated by teachers
  3. They seldom have specific targets, but kill randomly in order to inflict the most harm

Lt Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security, he is a Master Trainer and the owner of Pangaro Training and host of Chasing Justice. The Panel of Voices for this episode: Karen Schoen, Educator, Dean, Retired Teacher. Ava Armstrong, Author and Political Commentator, along with Arnetta Notkin, Constitutionalist, Political Commentator, and a Retired Financial Planner

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