Search & Seizure Above American Skies Violates 4th Amendment

by | Aug 8, 2019 |

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Is this a Weaponized system used by DARPA, the Pentagon, Fusion Centers, and the Deep State, against Americans and our 4th Amendment or intelligence reinforcement against foreign enemies in the name of “Combat-TiVo?”

What’s going on in the Midwest American skies? According to The Guardian on Aug. 2nd, first reported the test surveillance program, the U.S. Military has been flooding the Midwest skies with experimental high altitude balloons, conducting mass surveillance tests as evidenced by documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

Up to 25 unmanned solar-powered balloons are being launched from the rural South Dakota area, drifting about 250 miles through an area into portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri before wrapping up in Illinois.

The balloons intend to “provide a persistent surveillance system to locate and deter narcotics trafficking and homeland security threats,” as they are carrying high tech radar designed to track vehicles at any time of the day, during any type of weather, while moving at altitudes of up to 65,000 feet and the U.S. Military claims the balloons can track moving vehicles in a 25-mile radius.

The balloons are connected through a mesh network which allows them to share data. Possibly using a video capture system called Gorgon Stare. A surveillance system comprised of nine cameras capable of recording panoramic images across an entire city simultaneously.

Combat- TiVo is when an event happens somewhere in the surveilled area and you can rewind the tape to see exactly what transpired, rewinding even further to see who was involved and where they came from.

Southcom is the U.S. Southern Command which is a joint effort by the US army, navy, air force, and other forces, who’s responsible for identifying and intercepting drug shipments headed for the United States.

They are also the response intelligence operations and security cooperation in the Caribbean and Central and South America and commissioned the tests which reportedly received a license, a “Special Temporary Authorization” from the FCC to operate from July 12, 2019, until September 1, 2019, at 3 am.

Civil liberties advocates are in a tizzy over the need for widespread surveillance by U.S. government agencies, questioning the injustice against the Fourth Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

Aware and Awake Americans are familiar with the agenda created decades ago to end our God-given and inherited rights by displacing them with a globalized plan of dictatorship and imprisonment.

Manipulation takes all forms, the narrative is created to sound as though it’s in the best interests of the masses when in reality, it’s a deceptive tool of false promises to draw in the prey and ready us for the kill.

All aspects of our life would become micromanaged by this one percent of elites who detest the bedrock of American liberty and its time tested Constitution, these domestic terrorist claim they work for “We the People” yet they work with the rogue and alphabet compartments of the federal government, commerce, military, political and corporate partnerships.

Beware those who question the manufactured narrative, the Military-Industrial Complex is watching you, is this a part of the CIA’s paramilitary activities?

With more than sixty years of expertise invested in the aerospace and defense industry Raven Aerostar, the company supplying the balloons for Southcom’s tests and launching them from its South Dakota facility has had the surveillance balloons remain aloft since July.

Raven also makes balloons for the Alphabet subsidiary Loon, which uses them to deliver cellphone and internet service from the stratosphere, talk about big brother, and more than sixty years, this was shortly after the Secret “Operation Paperclip Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, and we all understand what took place with this program. Yes, Americans are wise to be apprehensive and speculate with discernment.

On its webpage, the company says:

Raven Aerostar offers duration, reliable, cost-effective solutions for critical infrastructure protection, elevating payloads and extending sensor ranges for a variety of security missions.

For decades, Raven Aerostar has led the market in advanced signal processing and persistent surveillance with radar systems and stratospheric platforms.

Our suite of technology has enabled end-users and decision-makers to achieve and exceed dynamic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions spanning land, sea, and air.


The Sierra Nevada Corporation, a Nevada-based aerospace company that supplies Southcom with aircraft, filed the documents for the test with the FCC.

The Sioux Falls-based Raven Aerostar is providing the surveillance balloons and launching them from their facility in South Dakota. Kristin Wileman, who serves as South Dakota Republican Gov. “Kristi Noem’s press secretary, said to her understanding, the state was not involved in the planning or logistics of the federal operation.”

“That said, if the state of South Dakota can contribute in some small way to stopping the flow of drugs in our communities and country by hosting a balloon launch, we’re proud to play a role,” she added in a Friday written statement.

According to Sierra Nevada’s filing, the test surveillance program is intended to “provide a persistent surveillance system to locate and deter narcotics trafficking and homeland security threats.”

The balloons will fly at a maximum altitude of 65,000 feet, well above a commercial airplane. According to the Guardian, balloon radars are able to track individual vehicles’ traffic day or night, rain or shine.

The FCC documents show that the program is authorized from July 12th through Sept 1st, 2019 at 3:00 am EST.

There are many professional viewpoints on this matter, Jay Stanley of the ACLU says “We do not think that American cities should be subject to wide-area surveillance in which every vehicle could be tracked wherever they go,”

“We should not go down the road of allowing this to be used in the United States and it’s disturbing to hear that these tests are being carried out, by the military no less.”

There has been no response from the Pentagon, Southcom, or Sierra Nevada Corporation. According to the Guardian “…none of the parties involved would say whether the Midwest vehicle data would be deleted, stored or passed on to other federal or local agencies.

Even more disturbing is that the Sierra Nevada isn’t the only company doing the tests. World View recently did a dozen tests for a client they won’t name gathering data they won’t reveal. Protecting the privacy of the client while preying on the privacy of the average American citizen.

We’re not talking about closed-circuit TV cameras or cameras in discrete places,” Skarin said in a recent written statement.

“This is area-wide surveillance that essentially creates a pervasive checkpoint over entire cities and metro area. The military needs to be very clear about what information they’re collecting and what they’re doing with the information.”

This isn’t Southcom and Sierra Nevada’s first go at an airborne surveillance program. Could this Technocracy be the path to the New World Order due to the “end run around national sovereignty”?

“There are so many unanswered questions here,” Skarin said.

“What information is being collected? What information is being stored? Who has access to this information? Is the surveillance for law enforcement purposes? At a minimum, there should be consultation and approval from local communities before the federal government subjects South Dakotans to area wide surveillance.”

Three times in last seven years, the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of privacy when considering advances in technology:

GPS tracking case, U.S. v. Jones 565 U.S. 400 (2012). Law enforcement may not install GPS tracking device on a vehicle to monitor the vehicle’s movements without a search warrant.

Searching a phone incident to arrest case, Riley v. California, 573 U.S. __(2014). Warrantless search and seizure of digital contents of a cell phone during an arrest is unconstitutional.

Cell phone tracking case (ACLU filed amicus and presented oral argument in this case), Carpenter V. United States, No. 16-402, 585 U.S.___(2018).

The government violates the Fourth Amendment by accessing historical records containing the physical locations of cellphones without a search warrant. Here, the Court said that there’s a distinction between being “observable” in the old sense – law enforcement following a person – and being “observable” in new sense because of technological advances – one camera can follow an entire city and/or metro area.

Southcom’s commander Admiral Craig Faller testified to the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee in February that a surveillance program conducted vial light aircraft over Mexico, Columbia, Panama and the Caribbean sea last year. Faller said, “While improving efficiency, we still only successfully interdicted about six percent of known drug movements in 2018.”

South Dakota’s U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, a Republican who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, was present at that February 7 hearing, per a video recording and stenographic transcript published by the committee.

Rounds’ office and the Pentagon acknowledged receipt of Forum News Service’s questions but did not offer comments before Friday evening. Raven Aerostar did not answer multiple requests for comment.

The merging of the military-industrial complex, surveillance state, and unbridled corporate power points to the need for strategies that address what is specific about the current warfare and surveillance state and the neoliberal project and how different interests, modes of power, social relations, public pedagogies, and economic configurations come together to shape its politics. ~Henry Giroux

For Further Insight:


Susan Price is a National Gold Star Mother and resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The daughter of a Marine, and Army Veteran, She is also the Mother of a Fallen American Hero, Gunnery Sgt, Aaron Michael Kenefick, a highly decorated and stellar Marine of over twelve years. The tragic loss of Susan’s son and his Marine Embedded Training Team raised more questions than answers. It was through a Mother’s undying love that Susan transformed into an Investigative Researcher. Through her countless hours, days, weeks, and years connecting the dots, factual documentation, eyewitness accounts, and more, emerged a back story to the crimes that took place on the battlefield that fateful day of September 8th, 2009.

Susan is also known as a Veterans Advocate and a National voice. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and other national media as well as and Patriot radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the “the Gold Star Mother with a voice” – and “go-to person.”

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