September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

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Socialists Have Arrived In America

by | Jul 16, 2021 |

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Every country that has fallen to Socialism has done so at the hands of the media. The media controls the messaging for socialists. After it has served its purpose, of promoting socialist propaganda and making the people dependent upon the government, it is done away with. Unfortunately, America seems to be on this same trajectory says John Goya, who joins After Dark With Rob And Andrew Goya, who is running for an Arizona Senate seat in 2024, said history has shown us by way of Cuba and Venezuela that socialists leaders like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, and even Adolf Hitler, used the media to control their messaging. The media acts as the “right arm of the socialist party,” pushing its agenda while keeping the people in the dark of its true intentions.

Because Black Americans are the biggest threat to socialists, they are targeted with misinformation. He said young people are also targeted, especially in schools, for they are easy to manipulate when they aren’t taught the dangers of socialism.

The congressional candidate finds it interesting how the left (gays, young blacks, and whites) wear shirts of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, as though he is a hero. He said they are unaware of his hate for gays and blacks, and often tortured them. 

John Goya

The congressional candidate explained the current administration is becoming like “mom and dad” to people who are accepting free money being handed out. But there is a word of caution. “Once they have control of everything, you become insignificant, and you have to do what they say.”

Goya said his mother always said the “United States is the last great bastion of freedom if we ever lose this there is nowhere to go.”

John Goya describes himself as a Cuban refugee, now an American citizen. His family was kicked out of Cuba because of socialism. He has run for political office previously and held positions within the local Republican Party in California. He now has his eyes set on running for the Arizona senate in 2024, where he currently resides. He is an executive and chief operating officer for the West Ocean Medical Group, a Long Beach-based company that provides treatment for industrial injuries and Medicare patients. The clinics specialize in orthopedics and neurosurgery. He has a degree in chemical engineering. 

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Rob and Andrew

Rob is the founder of The Multicultural Conservative Foundation, whose mission is to promote the political diversity of conservatism through social media. He has been interviewed by many independent news organizations regarding his views on black conservatism. In addition to writing and blogging, he is the author of a self-help book, “That Job Just Isn’t Into You: Starting Over When It’s Over.”

Andrew is a social media pundit, writer, and podcast host. He believes in traditional Conservative values, including the right to free speech, America First, limited government, and the Bible.

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