Some of the World’s Most Despotic Leaders Run Our Cities and States

by | Dec 12, 2021 |

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Out of all the despotic leaders the world currently has to offer, the winner might come from the one place no one would expect, the United States of America. And while Gavin Newsom and Lori Lightfoot would give stiff competition, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, formerly known as Warren Wilhelm, would undoubtedly come in first place and be crowned Supreme Leader.

If this were a game show to find the next great totalitarian leader, the players would do things like recite The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and memorize the pages of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. The creative ones would even go so far as to create laws and edicts to resemble something one might see coming from the former USSR. I can see it in my mind’s eye right now, Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum and grand guru of the Great Reset, would be given the honors of crowning the new leader and giving him complete control of New York City to do as he pleases.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has once again demonstrated his antipathy for freedom, having taken drastic new steps to enforce vaccine mandates upon the people of the once “greatest city on earth.” This time, however, the mandates are not just for municipal workers, who are actual employees of the city of New York, but for the private sector as well. Right about now, you might be saying, “Wait a minute. He can’t just do that!” Well, I’ve got news for you, what was once thought an impossibility has become a reality. Emboldened by court victories in the past, de Blasio has just instituted an executive vaccine mandate forcing all private businesses to have their employees vaccinated if they continue to do business in The Big Apple. It’s as if the mayor thinks he owns New York rather than just mangles… er… um… manages it.

Considering his approval rating has sunk to such disastrous levels over the past few months, one would think mayor Bill would want to leave office on a quieter note and not make too many waves or piss off more people as he finishes the last few weeks of his term. Nope. Not this guy. Instead, he not only doubled down on his maniacal vaccine mandates, but at this point, has tripled and even quadrupled down on them as well. It’s getting harder to keep track of the number of times de Blasio has wielded his pen of power on not just the constituents of the five burrows but on all who travel or work there. I know this more than anyone, as on October 4th, 2020, my 20-year teaching career ended abruptly when his vaccine mandate came into effect. 

At this point, it appears there is no escape from this man’s decrees. Even children as young as five years old are no longer allowed to enter restaurants and other indoor venues without proof of vaccination. De Blasio is making medical decisions for millions of New Yorkers without considering their wants and desires. One would think that a man who champions the pro-choice cause might be even the slightest bit sympathetic to those who’d want some say as to what is being put into their body, right? Nope. Not him.

When it comes to vaccines de Blasio would much rather see you evicted from your home or apartment, lose your job and benefits, and starve to death than allow you to make an informed decision about your own medical care. 

When it comes to showing off his power, de Blasio joyfully states how great it is to use the power of government to get what he wants. On several occasions, he proudly proclaimed to the media that New York City has been “first in the nation” to issue such mandates. He even encourages other political leaders to do the same in their municipalities. It’s as if the taking of people’s freedoms is what brings him joy and pleasure. 

The crazy thing about all this is that it’s happening right here in what was once considered the beacon of freedom for the world. Who would’ve imagined that this could’ve happened in the first truly free nation on earth? I’d venture to guess that if someone were reading this essay without much knowledge of where this was all taking place and who the key players were, they’d say this must be happening in North Korea or China. In no way could it be happening in the United States of America! But here we are. The question that remains then is, how did this come about?

I was recently watching an interview that Jordan Peterson was having with four men who were heavily involved in the world of bitcoin. They were talking about the problems caused by central banks and how the people in charge of them are, in a sense, at fault for the economic problems being felt worldwide. Peterson quickly pointed out that those men were no more at fault than what the world around them allowed them to be. 

I point this out to show that it is not de Blasio himself that is totally to blame for what he’s been doing. After all, wasn’t he duly elected by the people of NYC not only once but twice? Didn’t the people use the power of democracy to give him the abilities he so enjoys using? Shouldn’t they share some of the blame? Peterson would argue yes, and it’s hard not to agree with him. Maybe not everyone who cast their ballot for the mayor could’ve envisioned the levels to which he would go to brandish his power. Perhaps it’s just that many of those who voted for him are just not into politics. Maybe they didn’t have the time to research his history, in which they would have learned about his affinity for the writings of Karl Marx and his honeymoon in communist-run Cuba.

The 70% of New Yorkers who elected de Blasio may not be so extreme in their views that they would agree with his policies. Of course, there will always be those far-left progressives who know everything about Mayor Bill’s past and love him all the more for it.

It’s the others, though. The majority. If you gave them a quiz on simple economics and the value of freedom, the ones who would not agree with much of what de Blasio stands for, yet they still voted for him. People get tired of all the mudslinging in politics and feel their voice isn’t being heard. It’s a real ugly business that often brings out the worst in people, as opening up your mouth often results in opening yourself up to insults and ridicule. Because of this, people tend to keep their beliefs to themselves even though they might have some really strong opinions about specific topics. They don’t want to go out of their way to get involved because, like most people, fighting for something requires hard work and sacrifice. The average person does enough of that just by working every day and taking care of their family. 

Is that an excuse to give up your freedoms? If we say we are concerned about how our lives are to be lived, whether or not we will be a free people, how our taxes are being spent or whether or not vaccines should be mandatory, doesn’t that require us to make some noise? Freedom of speech wasn’t a suggestion placed in the Constitution by our founding fathers–It was an expectation they intended the public to use in order to preserve all they had fought for. 

Our nation has undergone such a negative transformation over the last few decades because people are not willing to take a stand for their beliefs. Doing so might cause relationships to be severed, loss of employment, and maybe even a loss of life in extreme circumstances. But what’s the alternative? Living under the hand of a totalitarian government? To answer that question, maybe we should ask the unvaccinated people in Australia who are currently being placed in quarantine camps. If you think that’s just an isolated instance, then think again. Several European countries are already making plans to do the same. One of those countries is Germany. Yes, that Germany. About 80 years ago, the one who specialized in making camps for specific subsets of people. You would think they would be sickened at even the slightest notion of putting people in camps for any reason at all, but I guess they forgot that part of their history. 

The point here is that silence is no longer an option if we want to preserve the ideals of this nation. Whether it be with a social media post, conversations at the water cooler, talking to your neighbors, etc. You need to get involved. For those looking to make an impact, consider making donations to groups that promote freedom. In a practical sense, it’s putting your money where your mouth is. For others, getting deeply involved in politics will be necessary. Volunteering for political campaigns and even becoming a candidate yourself might be what’s required to save the land you live in. 

What if the current leadership ignores the voice of the people? What else can be done? Simply stated: Non-compliance. If enough people decide not to comply with the draconian measures being forced upon them by the powers that be, those powers will realize how limited their power actually is!

Unfortunately, most NYC municipal workers did not realize the power that was in their own hands and instead ceded it to the mayor to do as he pleased. I hope that in the future, the private businesses de Blasio looks to control will see the grave error made by New York City’s employees and take the opposite approach. They need to completely ignore him right now and show the rest of the world how it’s done. 

Mass protests can also make a huge impact. I’m not talking about a few thousand people–I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of people marching right up to the gates of city hall or wherever else the road should take them. Politicians need to have a reverent fear of the people. They need to know that if they step too far out of their Constitutional boundaries, the public will reign them back in.

So what’s on the near horizon if we don’t fight back? Well, for New York State, there are several bills on the docket for the start of the new year, some of which include: forced covid shot mandates to attend school and college, forced flu shots to attend school, eliminating religious exemptions for work and college, establishing an adult vaccine records database, and eliminating parental consent for shots when a child reaches 14 years of age. 

Does hearing that wake you up? Has this gotten your attention yet? Do you see what’s at stake?

When it comes to a tyrannical government, our founders did give us the second amendment. Indeed, that is a worst-case scenario and not something I’m currently calling for, but just in case things get steadily worse… well… let’s just leave it there.

Tom Wiermann

Tom Wiermann is a devout Christian, husband and father. He is passionate about the United States of America and desires to see it once again become a beacon of freedom for the world. As a former New York City school teacher, coach and adjunct professor, Tom enjoyed teaching students from the middle school to graduate level. His hobbies include being a sports and fitness enthusiast as well as hiking and traveling. He thoroughly enjoys doing volunteer work with his church youth group and homeless ministry.

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mike ox-big
mike ox-big
3 months ago

be gay! do crime!

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