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November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021

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Stalin Killed 60 Million People: Will Fauci’s Vaccine Surpass Stalin?

by | Aug 20, 2020 |

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Stalin killed 60 million of his own people. Reportedly, Anthony Fauci thus far, about 170,000. But medical experts suggest he may soon overtake Stalin.

More and more published studies show the amazingly effective results of Hydroxychloroquine.

More and more medical doctors condemn Fauci for keeping this very effective therapeutic medicine of Hydroxychloroquine away from saving ordinary Americans.

Just imagine, 170,000 people suffered a terrible death. 170,000 families lost a loved one. According to leading doctors, because Fauci declared a jihad of lies and misrepresentations against the magnificent therapeutic medicine of Hydroxychloroquine.

But that still leaves Stalin way out in front of Anthony Fauci. At the moment, that is.

Many frontline doctors and university professors of medicine, and even some of the Democrat media, say that millions of Americans could suffer terribly or die⏤related to Fauci’s reported second pet project: the Moderna Vaccine.

The three Fauci pet pandemic projects are:  destroying Americans’ ability to use Hydroxycholorquine, driving the nation into the self-inflicted wound of shutdown/lockdown, and promoting the potentially extremely dangerous Moderna Vaccine.

When looking at Moderna from the point of view as an ordinary citizen, whose Blue State Democrat governors’ may try to force injections of Moderna, the first thing to realize is that… amazingly enough, the Moderna vaccine simply skipped the animal safety testing. That’s right; it’s the first vaccine in modern history to avoid having animal safety testing done.

On top of that, in the first round of testing, those who received 250 micrograms in the first injection had a problem. 20% of them required hospitalization or other emergencies medical treatment, a CLASS III reaction.

In the second round of these first human tests, which comprised the second injection of Moderna, a whopping 80% suffered some severe side effects, ranging from horrific pain in the arm to fevers, chills, and more.

The results were so horrific that even the Democrat mainstream media had to mention it. Here in this interview, CBS news star reporter Norah O’Donnell rakes Bill Gates over the coals on July 27th for the Moderna vaccine’s 80% severe side effect rate.

Why is Bill Gates in front of the camera? Because he essentially bankrolls Moderna. And now he will make billions from the massive orders pushed by Fauci. Including $480 million in R&D funds to the Gates Moderna company. And that R&D money was followed by what many say is a great threat to the United States people: The US had ordered 100 million doses of a possibly very dangerous vaccine, which did not have the standard animal testing before human tests began.

If you need any clarification and proof that Fauci sabotaged the treatment plan, along with a mass of other bureaucratic leftists in the CDC… then just read this both barrels blazing article by Michael Thau:

Trump Was Right All Along! Blocking COVID Cure HCQ Killed 10s of 1000s Say Latest Docs Calling out Fauci’s Deadly Anti-Science Agenda.”

Why were the animal tests avoided? One possible reason, according to experts⏤obvious isn’t it. Those tests might have presented a picture of Moderna, which could have ended the possibility that the vaccine could enter into human use. And one of the results could be horrific birth defects due to RNA rewriting the human genetic code. Yes, the Moderna vaccine will rewrite your DNA genetic code, and it’s not clear exactly what might happen.

Here is the CBS interview in which Bill Gates is raked over the coals.

Gates alone could not have accomplished this. His associate for decades, Anthony Fauci, has been the mover inside the government.

Fauci and Gates have been an item in the vaccine world, each helping the other to bring vaccines into use, which have had rather unpleasant unintended consequences.

Such as their polio vaccine program in India for children. A program that left about 600,000 Indian children crippled or dead.

And now coming America’s way is the Fauci-promoted Moderna vaccine. Some medical experts believe it may sadly launch Fauci ahead of Stalin for a world record.

No accusations are being made that anyone mentioned in this article has committed a crime. In the United States, all citizens are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. This article is educational only and does not provide medical information or advice. For medical information, the source and place is your physician.Fauci

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in pandemic economic risk reductions for business and industry. His most recent book tells about the efforts of the Democrat Deep State to undermine the President’s pandemic program, including reported saboteurs inside the Pandemic Task Force itself.  The book, A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATION … “OPERATION CROSSFIRE MODERNA” is available on Amazon.


Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer, previously working in hydropower, and working since 2009 in antimicrobial electrochemistry. Non-medical technology helping business and industry achieve safer surfaces and safer air. He has written several books on the pandemic, and also on Democrat cooperation with Russian efforts to subvert the US political process, and now subverting the pandemic remediation process.

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