September 25, 2021

September 25, 2021

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STOP THE SHOT! Get the Rest of the Story

by | Jul 10, 2021 |

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Dr. Michael Yeadon, “drug discovery” research scientist and former senior VP for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company, and consultant to over 30 biotech companies; and Dr. Roger Hodkinson, the outspoken Canadian medical pathologist and Chairman of an American biotech company who took on Big Tobacco to help save lives join DrLee4America on The Voice of a Nation to tell the rest of the story on vaccines.

Two international experts take on the untold story of the serious risks with the COVID mRNA genetic vaccines. This is a no-holds-barred discussion about the ways in which these experimental shots are damaging the lives and health of millions worldwide, with the consequences of our bodies being tricked into generating uncontrolled billions of toxic spike proteins. Spike proteins are not localized to the arm where the shot is given. Instead, they are infiltrating every organ in the body, particularly the ovaries, testes, and heart. Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Hodkinson call for a halt to the mRNA experimental mass vaccination until safer, more traditional vaccines can be developed, such as the antigen vaccine by Novavax. Both are men of in-depth knowledge about the risks of these experimental gene therapy “shots” and are courageous in speaking out to save lives for the people of America and the world.

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DrLee4America has been a leader in patient-centered, individualized medical care. Since 1986, she has practiced medicine independently of insurance contracts that interfere with patient-physician relationships and decision-making. DrLee4America's focus is medical freedom and free-market approaches to healthcare.

DrLee4America is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women, and she is recognized in the US as a motivational speaker in health and wellness and a powerful patient advocate, proponent of free-market approaches to lower healthcare costs. DrLee4America is the recipient of the Voice of Women Award from the Arizona Foundation for Women in recognition of her pioneering advocacy for the overlooked hormone connections in women’s health.

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Julia Pearson
Julia Pearson
2 months ago

Thank you both for this great podcast. It is unspeakable but yet we need to shout, however when I try and talk about the dangers of these jabs most people are taken in by the lie. They have not joined the dots. It is unbelievably sad, frustrating with anger and my anxiety is up!!
Thank you for your strategies e.g. notice of liability etc. I have been complaining to my local MP, I reside in Melbourne Australia. But I will be searching for the template on notice of liability. Thank you.
I am old, have severe copd but there is no way I would go near any of these jabs. It didn’t take much to work out by joining the dots that this was all BS from the very beginning. It is insanity.
Thank you, the three of you for such a great podcast. I appreciate it greatly. I wish you and yours all the very best and more power to your armour in this fight between good and evil. Good will win out, I pray!!!

2 months ago

Can you tell us the Journal Dr Yeadon speaks about concerning the fertility after getting the jab. I have pregnant daughter and another of birthing age. I want to show them this article.

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