Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention

by | Dec 4, 2021 |

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“We must simultaneously recognize that biological risks are growing. We face an increased threat of naturally occurring emerging diseases, as well as the potential for laboratory accidents and intentional misuse of life sciences and biotechnology.”

That is the statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the U.S. Approach to Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention.

Could Covid-19 be the fire drill for future BioWeapon attacks on the United States and the World?

That statement from Jake Sullivan goes on to say: “It is vital for us to work together – across the health, security, and development sectors – to enhance bio preparedness, biosafety, and biosecurity globally, and to reinforce the norm against the development and use of biological weapons.

The United States has made it clear that the weaponization of biological agents and toxins is unacceptable. Unfortunately, we are concerned that some nations still possess biological weapons programs, while other nations as well as nonstate actors seek to acquire them.”

We’ll discuss that biological threat to the U.S. and the world as well as talk on boycotting the Beijing Olympics with Dr. Li-Meng Yan on The Voice of a Nation. Dr. Li-Meng Yan is an independent virologist and whistleblower who is calling out the CCP to let everyone know the truth about COVID-19. She had accused Beijing of a massive coverup with the release of Coronavirus.

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p. gutierrez
p. gutierrez
6 months ago

Dr. Yan states in her second Yan report regarding investigating Covid-19 origin, 
”It is imperative to investigate the scientists, laboratories, institutions,
and relevant collaborators responsible for the creation of SARS-CoV-2 and for the fabrications/cover-up…… it also needs to be investigated which ones of the scientists engaged in the promotion of the natural origin theory were purely misled by the scientific fraud and which ones were colluding with the CCP government.” –‘SARS-CoV-2 Is an Unrestricted Bioweapon:’ by Yan, page 29

Yan’s  first sentence is OK.    But her second sentence regarding scientists being misled, is somewhat shaky.  There is a big difference between being misled to commit a crime, and intentionally misleading those who are trying to conduct a criminal investigation.     Strengthening BWC is purely façade in these situations. 
Look at the facts, no theories involved here.     Bat coronavirus BtKy72 (from Kenya) is a fundamental part of Covid-19’s evolutionary history, as evidenced by all (not some) phylogenic trees created by scientists for Covid-19. There is evidence of BtKy72, in Covid-19’s genome (whether Covid-19 was laboratory made, or recombination event  in nature).   In May 2019, the Atlanta CDC tried to isolate and sequence  BtKy72 bat coronavirus for the first time, from their bat fecal swabs collected in Kenya in 2007.  The Atlanta CDC May 2019 article, ‘Complete Genome Sequence of a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus from Kenyan Bats’, by Ying Tao and Suxiang Tong, stated   “Complete genome sequencing was not performed due to limited viral loads in fecal samples from the other four betacoronavirus-positive bats”.   The “limited viral loads”, was a reference to  Kenyan sister coronaviruses BtKy73, 4, 5 & 6 , whose RdRp gene sequences were filed with NCBI June 2016, but no complete genomes obtained at that time. All collected samples   (originally from 2007) lacked sufficient RNA for BtKy7* complete genome determination.  There was no misleading, by Tao and Tong in their article.  These remain as facts.  What percent of the genome for BtKy72 was ‘complete’ in May 2019, at the time of publication of their article, we don’t know.   No complete genome for BtKy72 in May 2019.      BtKy72 ‘complete’ genome virological sequences were filed with NCBI Feb 5, 2020.   No misleading information, this is a fact. One can ask how,  when,  and by whom was the BtKy72 genome completed, if the questioners have subpoenas.   Who was the BtKy72 genome given to in 2019? 
On January 13, 2020, Christian Drosten shows that he had full knowledge of BtKy72 coronavirus E and N genes, three weeks before they were published with NCBI, Feb. 5, 2020. See the Annex section in the article,  ’Diagnostic detection of Wuhan coronavirus 2019 by real-time RTPCR”.  See the E_Sarbeco_assay and N_Sarbeco_Oligos in the Annex section of the article, not in the middle section of the article.’s January 13, 2020 article  ‘
January 17, 2020 version found at,  

This January 13 knowledge by Drosten is a fact. His having this ‘prior’ knowledge of BtKy72 is not in and of itself misleading, but may be part of a greater ………   Whoever gave Drosten that knowledge three weeks before BtKy72 sequences were filed with NCBI, so that Drosten could profit from his Covid-19 RT-PCR assay, may be ………..  Which may possibly implicate  a larger group of participants.   

The Beijing CDC had the ‘complete genome’ for BtKy72 at least by Jan 31, 2020, according to their article ‘Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding’, Figure 3 full genome phylogenic tree references BtKy72, and the accession number KY352407.1 was added by the Internet to the article, automatically after Feb 5 when it became available from NCBI.  The Jan 31, 2020 version of the article has been removed from the Internet,  and a Feb 22 version substituted.  I have already sent my Jan 31 copy to USRTK and as many senators and members of the House of Representatives as possible. Was the  removal of  the Jan 31 version of the article from the Internet, intended to mislead the American public?   Dr. Yan, who is being misled, and who is doing the misleading? 

No one seems astonished that two bat coronaviruses central to Covid-19 evolutionary history were in the same Atlanta CDC laboratory, five months before pandemic outbreak.  BM48-31 bat coronavirus sequences were used as primers (ie, sequence gap fillers) for the attempted sequencing of BtKy72. A sequencing that was never completed in May 2019,  after using RNA from five different bat samples. No Next Generation Sequencing possible?

Baric had prior Feb 5, 2020 knowledge of BtKY72 genome. See my other postings. Baric and Drosten both members of the Coronavirus Study Group.  
The scientists who promote the natural origin theory, Rambaut, Holmes, Anderson, Garry,  present a web of partial truths that they themselves have woven, with their eyes wide open, regarding the evolutionary history of Covid-19.  No CCP coercion involved in those partial truths.   Rambaut, Holmes, and others state in their 2020 article ‘Proximal Origin of SARS-Cov-2’ that the Covid-19 RBD and RBM (receptor binding motif) are not optimal, so Covid-19 impliedly no bioweapon. In the 2021 article, ‘Origins of Covid-19: A Critical Review’, they state the Covid-19 furin cleavage site is not optimal, so impliedly, Covid-19 is not a bioweapon. 
Covid-19 was created to be a non-optimal/non-lethal coronavirus, to test the world’s readiness for a true pandemic. A chimera,. hard to trace.  What may have started as an Peachtree-Rising Sun  plandemic, to test the world’s readiness for a true pandemic, went wrong because of amino acid miscalculations regarding the non-optimalness of Covid-19.    You see this miscalculation voiced throughout the apologetic toned articles of the ‘natural origin’ of Covid-19 scientists.  

Yet still a  highly coordinated plandemic that originated in October 2019, the exact time Event 201 pandemic exercise took place in NY, which George Gao of the Beijing CDC attended. Exact time of World Miltary Games in Wuhan, to exacerbate the spread.   A time which matches the ‘time to most recent ancestor’ (tmcra) for Covid-19, posited by many scientists as the time of pandemic origin,  when all virus alleles were still in the one originating source. 

There may have been ‘new intentional introductions’ of Covid-19 after pandemic origin, that ‘souped up Covid-19’ to the level of bioweapon, eg, D614G mutation, which many scientists look at with suspiciousness.   See   ‘Emerging phylogenetic structure of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic’,
Nicholas M. Fountain-Jones, Virus Evolution, 2020, Vol. 6, No. 1
One last comment on the possible origin of Covid-19.     Recently, Rambaut and Pekar research group attempted to disprove the theory that there are intermediate lineages, such as C/C and T/T, between the Covid-19 A and B basic lineages. In other words, just simple A and B basic lineages of Covid-19, ‘logical natural spillover’. But,  there are at least 77 ‘early’ homoplasies that don’t fit that logical point of view. 

“Of the 77 (early) mutations seen in C/C intermediate genomes, 32 (41.6%) would need to be homoplasies if these C/C intermediates actually existed. Similarly, 7 (58.3%) of the 12 mutations seen in T/T genomes would need to be homoplasies if the T/T intermediates truly existed. These apparent homoplasies can arise from issues regarding sample preparation, contamination, sequencing technology, and/or consensus calling approaches (3). …..These findings cast substantial doubt on the veracity of C/C or T/T intermediate genomes in early 2020. We suggest that these early C/C and T/T genomes are erroneous and should be excluded from phylogenetic analyses. ” —— the article ‘Evidence Against the Veracity of SARS-CoV-2 Genomes Intermediate between Lineages A and B’, by Pekar, Rambaut and others ,  
77  ‘early’  Covid-19 variants which are scientific facts, but should be considered to be  lies, errors, contamination according to Rambaut and Pekar. They are outside of the logical scope of  ‘natural spillover’.  77  ‘early’ eyewitness ‘intermediate’ genomes, that say, explain us!  77   ‘early’ intermediate genomes between, and at the same level, as the A and B Covid-19 basic lineages. The authors used the word ‘homoplasy’ at least three times?
“A character state that evolved because of convergent evolution, but was not acquired through common evolutionary lineage is called homoplasy › medicine-and-dentistry

‘A homoplasy is a shared character between two or more animals that did not arise from a common ancestor. A homoplasy is the opposite of a homology, where a common ancestor provided the genes that gave rise to the trait in two or more animals.’ —-

Homoplasy, no common evolution, no common ancestor, another name for different/multiple Covid19 outbreak sources? ‘Natural spillover’, except for these 77 ‘early’  phylogenically intermediate, and phylogenically same level Covid-19 human genomes, which are obviously laboratory sequencing ’errors’, according to Pekar and Rambaut. A lot to sweep under the rug.    
Don’t look at those 77 ‘early’ sequencing errors, that got all 9,900 Covid-19 amino acids right, except one.  Wow!   Be good U.S. citizens, keep your heads stuck in the sand!  Those 77 homoplasies just mutated very quickly at plandemic origin, each showing just one sequencing error!  Shame on anyone who thinks otherwise.
Figure 2 of the Pekar article,  shows many of the genomes that are said to be in ‘error’, are at the same phylogenic level of the first Covid-19 mutation, T28144C , and do not contain that mutation. Multiple outbreak sources?    No natural spillover?   Who is misleading who?  Who is sweeping what under the rug?   
Li-Men Yan herself found BstEII restriction site at 1509 nt/503 aa (ggttacc) of Covid-19. EcoRI (gaatcc) at 1307 nucleotide of the Covid-19 Spike gene.      Figure 5a in her article,  “Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route”.

This is the exact location of the RBM (receptor binding motif) for Covid-19.  Based on the location of these restriction sites, that Covid-19 RBM , that binds to human ACE2, was most likely laboratory swapped into the Covid-19 genome, as Dr. Yan stated.    
We need prosecuting attorneys trained in virology sciences.    We need new Martha Clarks like in the OJ trial, who swiftly rose to the occasion to understand the science of DNA, and present scientific evidence to a jury.  We need federal investigators trained in the sciences, with the power of subpoena, independent of the NIH and NIAID, to go after rascal virologists who use their ‘superior’ scientific knowledge to place the rest of the world at risk. These types of investigations  should not be a matter for the Senate, nor the House of Representatives, nor the executive branch of government.   These virologists are in bed with federal agencies, each one scratching the other’s back, and until this bond is broken, we will be making new vaccines until doomsday.  
 May the Lord bless  ‘MalcolmOutLoud’, who allows me to continue to post comments on his website.   Your enemies regarding my postings and comments,  are my enemies.  We both seek the truth, and justice for those six million people who have died premature deaths, due to this  plandemic pandemic.       
other postings–     points to NIAID paper where they swap RBDs

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