Successfully Facing an International Mob of Globalists; They Are Not Like Us!

by | Jun 14, 2022 |

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This past week brought to my attention more than ever the importance of stressing that the global predators — the collaborating forces threatening freedom and wellbeing around the world — are not like the rest of us. They are not well-meaning, and they are genuinely menacing. 

This past Saturday, June 11, 2022, I had the honor of remotely presenting on several panels at “Freedom Is the Cure: Unpacking & Defeating the Medical Tactics of World Takeover,” presented by Doctors for COVID Ethics in the United Kingdom.1 One after another, the speakers communicated with empathy, caring, and an apparent devotion to humankind and freedom. Most had turned their own lives inside out to research and publish their observations on the misery and death caused by misbegotten COVID-19 policies and practices.

I knew some of these people personally, including internist and COVID expert Meryl Nass MD; retired microbiologist and COVID expert Sucharit Bhakdi MD; and financial expert and publisher of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. Others I had long admired but never shared a platform with included attorney Mary Holland, President of Children’s Health Defense.

At the conclusion of the conference, we watched a gripping new documentary, Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda, by Children’s Health Defense.2 It tells the story of the consciously planned use of altered flu vaccines to sterilize untold numbers of African women. Along with meeting heroic people working to stop these gruesome abuses, we were confronted with evil incarnate in politicians, physicians, drug company CEOs, and World Health Organization officials, all of whom seemed to come from another world or another species bent on being evil and inflicting harm on human beings.  

Then, entirely by chance, the next day, I listened to another courageous physician, Stella Immanuel, on a video addressing a conference in the Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour.3 Dr. Immanuel began her stunning presentation with a few basic medical facts about the successful treatment of COVID. Through impassioned appeals and prayer, Biblical quotes, and her astonishingly beautiful and inspiring singing performance, she appealed to all of us to stand up for freedom and fight the demonic forces bent on destroying us.

Dr. Immanuel declared that the people behind COVID and trying to destroy freedom are not actually human. Instead, consistent with Biblical teaching, they are evil spirits in human form. I had no problem identifying with the sentiment while not necessarily adopting the theology. Dr. Immanuel was confirming the theme of this essay, “They Are Not Like Us,” and emphasized the vital need to recognize the differences.

The Necessity of Knowing “They Are Not Like Us.”

Understanding the larger world will always be difficult for anyone who imagines that the people who are competing to run the world are just like us. Actually, they are not, and that’s why “they” instead of “us” have gotten so much wealth and power, and managed it so disastrously for all of us. One of the most basic lessons for understanding the greater human universe is the distinction between them and us. 

Globalist leaders today are a particular type of person — the kind of individual whose major motivation is to obtain power and control over other human beings. Without this overriding motivation, it would be impossible to make the difficult and hazardous rise to the top in any global sphere of influence. 

Today’s globalists are from the same human lineage as the empire builders of the past several thousand years. They themselves are empire builders. The imposition of an empire on us is what we are now experiencing as the global predators try to impose a top-down governance — one that stands above individual nations — and to make the world submit to it. In our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, we show how they successfully collaborated over the prior decade, starting in 2010, to build a single worldwide approach to COVID-19 in order to sap the wealth of humanity while taking control over us.4

Fundamental Differences Among People

We have been taught not to look for or to find fundamental differences among people. We are no longer allowed to evaluate or judge other people, and we must never think of them as evil or bad. This pollyannish viewpoint can only serve those who wish to disarm and exploit us.

It has encouraged countless politicians in the West to imagine that if we cozy up to and cooperate with the Chinese Communists, they will become more like us. Instead, this naïve approach has led us to become more like them — more authoritarian, more collectivistic, and more relativistic in our values. And in the process of succumbing to them, we have vastly empowered the Chinese Communists. 

There are fundamental personality differences between most people and those who spend their lives seeking and cementing their power over others. Meanwhile, these predators share amazingly similar traits among themselves. If these simple truths are not grasped, then history will be misunderstood and repeated again and again. We also will not understand what goes on in most large organizations, which are run by people who had the ambition, cunning, and ruthlessness to gain and hold powerful positions in relationship to other people.

The vast majority of people are good or seriously trying to be good, and have a genuine concern and empathy for other people that ameliorates any primitive drives to dominate others. Their personal and religious ethics prohibit fulfilling any such ambitions. A belief in loving one another and a belief in a loving God helps countless individuals transcend such self-glorifying predations. Often one good adult in a child’s life can be key in instilling these higher values and principles.  

Unless we have had personal experience with a career criminal, serial rapist, chronic sexual abuser, habitual con artist, repeated embezzler, or other exploiters of people, we will have little personal sense of the despicable qualities they share with the global predators. The globalists think like these criminals, but their predations are on a grand scale beyond the imagination or ability of ordinary criminals, and the grandness of that scale gives them many shared qualities, such as rejecting patriotism, individual rights, or God —  ideals that some more ordinary criminals struggle to maintain. Global predators are super-criminals, more corrupted and more to be feared than typical murderers, many of them readily classified as mass torturers and murderers for the misery and deaths that their grandiose schemes incidentally or purposely cause.   

The characteristics of these people are fully displayed in the individuals and groups we call “the global predators” in COVID-19 and the Global Predators” We Are the Prey. In the global predator profile, we are trying to find essential common denominators of people like billionaire Bill Gates, the head of the Gates Foundation; billionaire Mike Bloomberg, head of the New Economic Forum (NEF); billionaire George Soros, the founder of Open Society Foundations; Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), commonly known as Davos for where it meets in Switzerland; Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID); Tedros, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO); Joe Biden, the President of the United States; and Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the dictator of China.

This group of predators, who know and collaborate with each other, have been central in enforcing the outrageously oppressive and unscientific policies and practices associated with COVID-19. They are exploiters of humanity, growing more powerful and more wealthy at the expense of humanity.

In the United States at present, this predator, the globalist profile is shared, if in a more shadowy and subtle form, by most of the people in the Deep State of jaded bureaucrats, and most of the people in controlling positions in both the Democratic and Republican Party, especially those devoted to globalism. 

The Global Predator Profile

Here is the basic globalist predator profile, with an emphasis on their differences from the rest of us.

First, their all-consuming motivation is for power over other people, and for many of them power is closely tied to increasing wealth. Because technology has now made it possible, they want the ultimate power — control of humanity while also toying around with controlling the environment of Earth as well. Closely related to the drive to control others, they are grandiose and expansive in their goals. What might be another person’s daydream of becoming rich and famous for them is a life goal, with the added twist of achieving enormous power. 

Second, they have no empathy, care, or concern for the people whose lives their grand schemes or predations impact. They do not concern themselves with the lives of individual people outside their personal or political sphere. Most are in favor of limiting population growth, and many even want to cull humanity, much as the lawyers and psychiatrists who prepared the way for Hitler in Germany wanted to cleanse their nation of “useless eaters.”  

Most of them favor transhumanism — actually changing the genetic and biological basis of human nature and abilities. They cannot imagine seeing individual human beings as inviolable treasures and have no intellectual concepts to support such a judgment. In a sense, their attitude toward other humans is autistic, with people outside their circles seen and treated as objects or statistics. Often, they see humanity as a worthless parasite using too much of their food and energy, polluting their environment, disturbing their nature, using up their resources, and causing climate change. 

Third, they absolutely reject the values of personal and political freedom, and further reject constitutional democracy as the best form of government presently available. They favor making partnerships with top-down governments and even tyrants like Xi Jinping and Tedros of WHO, who can give them more control over humanity.

The United States of America — to the extent that we still love and promote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, freedom, patriotism, America First, and Judeo-Christian values — is properly seen and described by them as the ultimate enemy of their globalist ambitions and predations.

Fourth, they have no personal identification with anything greater than themselves, giving them a rootlessness that enables them to unleash their grandiosity and violence toward others. Consistent with the globalist aspirations, they ridicule and reject identifying with their own countries of origin, as well as with religion, humanity, or God. They may publically identify as capitalists, libertarians, progressives, or Marxists, but they have no allegiance to any ideology except their drive for more power, self-aggrandizement, and wealth — values they share with other predatory globalists. That way, the “capitalist” Bill Gates can go into business with the “socialist” George Soros and WHO Communist Tedros, and even go into business with and become the darling of Xi Jinping, under whose dictatorship he has received two awards as a friend or hero of the Chinese Communists.  

Fifth, their ethics are relativistic and situational, and they adhere to the Marxist principle that “The ends justify the means.” While the rest of humanity wrestles with moral and ethical questions on a daily basis about their family and community relationships, they are simply calculating their own self-interests and pursuing them with all their energy and might.

Sixth — and this was a shock to us — every one of the globalists we identified were actively collaborating with and gained power and/or wealth by partnering with Xi Jinping and the violent Chinese Communist Party. All of them celebrated the ascendancy of the Biden administration with its globalist, anti-America First philosophy and its gross attempts to forfeit U.S. sovereignty to globalist control. They tend to think collectively about the world, but as Communist regimes have repeatedly and without exception demonstrated, the “collective” must submit to the elite. 

Unfortunately, the globalist mentality allows them to drive out more decent people in the process of taking control over organizations. Parallel to the observation that “Bad money pushes out good money,” bad individuals push out good ones. If you want examples, look at the U.S. Congress and the Deep State. The United Nations and its agency WHO, undoubtedly initially staffed with some good people, have become dens of iniquity.  

Successfully Facing a Giant International Mob

I have drawn a broad-brush picture of the global predators while mentioning a few of the many, many names that could be included. All the corporations that they govern or work closely with have similar values, including those who dominate the Health Empire, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the banking and investment industries. They are also represented by most of the political leaders in the world, including the current United States and the extremely globalist European Union.

For the basis of most of our observations, see our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,5 and for our latest work in confronting them, see our website,   

We are facing a gigantic international mob run by people with the worst qualities that can be found in human nature. Their primary drive and satisfaction in life are controlling and dominating other people. We must marshall all our strength to work together to defeat them. On the more significant political level, this means strengthening their nemesis — the constitutional democracies of the world. In the United States, it means winning the coming November 2022 elections so that the Senate and the House can stand up against the globalist aspirations of the Biden administration.

Primary author Peter R. Breggin MD. Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin are the authors of the bestselling new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD. Over 100,000 sold.


3, published May 20, 2022.
4 In 2010, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Welcome Trust, already working closely with Anthony Fauci and WHO, announced the Decade of the Vaccine. It was a clarion call to all the world’s predatory billionaires and institutions to join them in making fortunes and increasing their power in the coming pandemic. For the complete story, see endnote 5 below.
5 Peter R. Breggin, MD and Ginger Ross Breggin. (November 2021). COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. Lake Edge Press, Ithaca, New York. Available on Amazon and other online bookstores and from the authors at a discount at The 650-page book with over 1,000 references has introductions by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir Zev Zelenko, MD. It has been endorsed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin

Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin have been married and working together for almost 40 years. Peter is known as "The Conscience of Psychiatry" for his many decades of successful reform work in mental health. He has published more than 20 medical and popular books, several coedited or coauthored by Ginger, including the huge bestseller Talking Back to Prozac. He has written more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and testified in court more than 100 times with many cases related to drug company and medical malfeasance. The couple has now turned their attention to the misuse of science and the suppression of freedoms surrounding COVID-19 and its origins by those they identify as "global predators."  

Peter and Ginger have written the bestselling new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko. The book is available everywhere.

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16 days ago

A long history of dangerous and diabolical individuals, thugs, gangs, and cold-hearted killers are known by many of us, and studied by the related professional disciplines.

Many of these diabolical individuals would likely meet the DSM diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD).

An updated NIH publication, Nov 27, 2021 stated:

… Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is a deeply ingrained and rigid dysfunctional thought process that focuses on social irresponsibility with exploitive, delinquent, and criminal behavior with no remorse. Disregard for and the violation of others’ rights are common manifestations of this personality disorder, which displays symptoms that include failure to conform to the law, inability to sustain consistent employment, deception, manipulation for personal gain, and incapacity to form stable relationships.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) classifies all ten personality disorders into three clusters (A, B, and C). Antisocial personality disorder falls into 1 of 4 cluster-B disorders, which also includes borderline, narcissistic, and histrionic. All of these disorders characteristically present with dramatic, emotional, and unpredictable interactions with others….

Many researchers and clinicians argue this diagnosis, with concerns of significant overlap with other disorders, including psychopathy. However, others counter that psychopathy is simply a subtype of antisocial personality disorder, with a more severe presentation…

So call them what you want, but know they are real; they walk among us; they are cunning, deceptive, and convincing; they are different in ways sometimes completely unknown to others. But please understand this, they can be seriously dangerous and potentially deadly to anyone they are able to target. Some of them seek out easy victims, others develop methodical plans to fulfill their lusts “many of who are driven to fulfill”. They are not capable of compassion, empathy, mercy, and to the contrary, can take great pleasure in their sadistic acts. Some of them have even murdered the professionals who tried to rehabilitate them. So let’s all protect ourselves and those that we can, and not become easy marks to any of these psychopaths.

16 days ago

Here is one, but big step that has been taken to address the wrongs.

As of 8am ET on 1/18 over 17,000 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration

WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following:

WHEREAS, after 20 months of research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared, we have demonstrated and documented our success and understanding in combating COVID-19;

WHEREAS, in considering the risks vs. benefits of major policy decisions, thousands of physicians and medical scientists worldwide have reached consensus on three foundational principles;



   Negligible clinical risks from SARS-CoV-2 infection exist for healthy children under eighteen.
Long term safety of the current COVID vaccines in children cannot be determined prior to instituting such policies. Without high-powered, reproducible, long term safety data, risks to the long-term health status of children remain too high to support use in healthy children.
Children risk severe, adverse events from receiving the vaccine. Permanent physical damage to the brain, heart, immune and reproductive system associated with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-based genetic vaccines has been demonstrated in children.

   Healthy, unvaccinated children are critical to achieving herd immunity. Natural immunity is proven to tolerate infection, benefiting community protection while there is insufficient data to assess whether Covid vaccines assist herd immunity.


   Natural immunity is the most protective, and longest-lasting solution against the development of COVID-19 disease and its more serious outcomes.

   Naturally immune persons are at the lowest risk of transmission, thus should not be subject to travel, professional, medical or social restrictions.

   Natural immunity provides the best source of herd immunity, a condition necessary for eradicating the Covid virus.


   Early intervention with numerous, available agents has proven to be safe and effective, and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

   No medicine already given regulatory approval shall be restricted from “off-label” use, particularly during this global humanitarian crisis caused by a rapidly mutating virus, which requires quick to adopt treatment strategies.

   Health agencies shall be prohibited from interfering with physicians prescribing evidence-based treatments they deem necessary, and insurance companies must cease blocking payments for life-saving medicine prescribed by doctors.


We believe that violating any of these three principles unnecessarily and directly risks death to our citizens. We hereby recommend the leaders of states, provinces and nations legislate or take executive action to prohibit the three practices described above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has signed this Declaration.

Dr. Ira Bernstein, co-founder, Canadian Covid Care Alliance; lecturer, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto, Dr. Paul E. Alexander, clinical epidemiologist, former WHO-PAHO and US HHS consultant/senior Covid Pandemic advisor, Dr. Pierre Kory, critical care and pulmonary medicine specialist, former Chief of Critical Care Service and Medical Director of Trauma and Life Support Center at University of Wisconsin, Dr. Héctor Carvallo, former professor of Internal Medicine, Universidad de Buenos Aires, former Director Ezeiza Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Mobeen Syed, physician, computer scientist, CEO of DrBeen Corp (US), clinical consultant (Pakistan), Dr. Paul E. Marik, professor of medicine and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, endocrinologist & visiting professor, faculty of Floriano (FAESF); ad hoc consultant, Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa); consultant for National Commission for Incorporation of New Technologies, Devices and Drugs, Brazil, Dr. Marc G. Wathelet, molecular biologist, innate immunology and coronavirus expert, consultant, Belgium, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Director, The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd; founder, British Ivermectin Recommendation Development; CEO of non-profit Ebmcsquared CiC, Dr. Eivind H. Vinjevoll, senior consultant of anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, chief medical advisor of emergency medicine, Volda, Norway, Dr. Heather Gessling, family medicine doctor in Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Mark McDonald, double board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, Los Angeles, California, Dr. Olufemi Emmanuel Babalola, professor of ophthalmology, IP HOD Surgery, Bingham University, Jos/Karu, Nigeria, Dr. Richard Urso, scientist, sole inventor of an FDA-approved wound healing drug, former Chief of Orbital Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. John Littell, family physician, with practices in Kissimmee and Ocala, Florida, Dr. Ryan Cole, board-certified pathologist, CEO of Cole Diagnostics, Boise, Idaho, Dr. Brian Tyson, family medicine doctor, Urgent Care Covid Clinic, Imperial Valley, California, Prof. Andrea G. Stramezzi, Italy, Dr. Zsuszanna Ragó, specialist in coronavirus, primary care; IVERCOV project leader, University of Debrecen, Hungary, Dr. Robert W. Malone, gene therapy, bio-defense, vaccines and immunology; discoverer of in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and architect of mRNA vaccine platform, Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, critical care, pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine, Dr. Wong Ang Peng, Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control (MAECC), Dr. Peter McCullough, clinical cardiologist, preventive cardiology and advanced lipidology, former vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, Dr. Jose Iglesias, associate professor, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, virology, vaccine R&D, former Sr Ebola Program Manager, Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization (GAVI), former Head of Vaccine Development Office, German Center for Infection Research, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, independent virologist, former researcher, Hong Kong University, Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli, lecturer, Tel Aviv University; former director of research and primary care medicine, Meuhedet Health Services; co-founder of Israeli epidemic management team, Dr. Catherine L. Lawson, research professor, Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey, Dr. Barton Lane, emeritus professor of diagnostic radiology, Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, California, Dr. Domingo Luis Cáceres Ortiz, family medicine specialist, president of the Medical Foundation of the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Dr. Grace Lu-Yao, professor and vice-chair, Department of Medical Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Claudio Saliba de Avelar, medical coordinator, Espaço Mulher, Pardini Institute, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Dr. Claudia Chaufan, professor, Health Policy and Global Health, York University, Toronto, Dr. Gregory Dembo, director of Transplant Anesthesia, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, Dr. Paul Carter, orthopedic surgeon, Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, California, Dr. Panayiotis A. Ellinas, family medicine, former US Army Lt Colonel and Army Surgeon General Subject Matter Expert in preventive medicine, Dr. Mark Dunphy, nuclear medicine physician, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York, Dr. Brian J. Koos, maternal and fetal medicine, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, Dr. Vladimir Algarin, general practitioner, Carolina, Puerto Rico, Dr. Sandra Bezares, internal medicine specialist, Caguas, Puerto Rico, Dr. Alberto Pupi, professor of clinical pathophysiology, University of Florence Medical College, Italy, Dr. Thomas A. Johnson, internal medicine, Ascension Medical Group, Brookfield, Wisconsin, Dr. Orest Stecyk, family medicine, UH Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Peter Parry, associate professor, child & adolescent psychiatry, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Giovanni Frajese, endocrinology and cancer research; associate professor, Applied Medical Technical Sciences, University of Rome “Foro Italico”, Rome, Italy, Dr. Eric Wargotz, Clinical Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, the George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, Dr. Phillip Sirota, Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Donald W. Miller, retired Professor Emeritus of Surgery, former Chief of Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, Dr. Xiaoxu Lin, former microbiologist, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Viral Diseases Branch, former in-theater infectious diseases surveillance lab head, US Army, Dr. R. Duane Cook, thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, University of Florida Health, Dr. Sylvia Monserrate Nunez Fidalgo, general practitioner, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Ming Chu Wang, Department of Anesthesia, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Ondrej Halgas, biomedical researcher, University of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Mark Kreimer, board certified emergency medicine physician, Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Ram Duriseti, clinical associate professor, Stanford University Division of Emergency Medicine, Palo Alto, California, Dr. Kraig Lage, diagnostic radiology, University Of Missouri HealthCare, Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Annie L. Emmick, board certified pediatric specialist, Northwestern Medicine, Illinois, Dr. Mario Beauregard, neuroscientist, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Dr. Brent Stewart, Emeritus Professor, Diagnostic Physics, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, Dr. Andrei N. Tchernitchin, director of Laboratory of Experimental Endocrinology and Environmental Pathology ICBM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Dr Simon J Thornley, public health physician, lecturer and researcher in epidemiology and biostatistics, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Dr. Spiro P. Pantazatos, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology (Psychiatry) at Columbia University, research scientist at New York State Psychiatric Institute, Dr. Marialuisa Partisani, deputy head, general medicine, HIV infection care center, Hopitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France, Professor Fernando Nobre, Médical School University of Lisbon; founder and President of AMI (International Medical Assistance Foundation); recipient of the Légion d‘Honneur, Dr. Allesandro Santin, professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences, Yale School of Medicine; Disease Aligned Research team leader, Yale Cancer Center, Dr. James Geiger, surgical critical care and pediatric surgery, University of Michigan Health System; Director of Pediatric Trauma and Associate Director for Surgical Services, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Vincent Medical Center, Dr. Marie Kuffner, former professor of clinical anesthesiology and former chief of staff, UCLA Medical Center; past president of the California Medical Association,
And thousands more physicians, medical scientists and researchers from around the globe.

Global Covid Summit

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Truth For Health

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Evacuating Americans & fully-vetted Afghan's at Risk - Help Us!

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Empowering and mentoring conservative trailblazers from Generation Z to win!

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Turning Point Action is Recruiting Precinct Chairs - Become a Grassroots Warrior Today!

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Please join us to protect the Supreme Court:
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The LATINO USA EXIT from the Democrat Party, click for details...

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Fighting corporate censorship and ensuring voter integrity...

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Support wounded and fallen police officers. The Wounded Blue.

Wounded Blue
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