September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

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Tech Monopolies Can’t Be Allowed to Cancel Free Speech

by | Jan 18, 2021 |

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Recent actions by a handful of unelected giant tech oligarchs against President Trump and fledgling competitor Parler showcased raw unaccountable online censorship that should chill Americans of all political and apolitical stripes who value our First Amendment.

As Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Fla) accurately told Fox News, “We are now living in a country where four or five companies, unelected, unaccountable, have the monopoly power to decide, we’re gonna wipe people out, we’re going to erase them, from any digital platform, whether it’s selling things and the like.”

Twitter and Facebook first temporarily blocked President Trump from posting on their sites after a lunatic mob among several hundred thousand peaceful demonstrators egregiously stormed the U.S. Capitol. Tragic violence that ensued interrupted Joe Biden’s official certification as president-elect and led to the death of a Capitol policeman and the fatal shooting of an unarmed intruder.

On that following Friday, Twitter permanently banned Trump’s personal account with more than 88 million followers, nearly half of Twitter’s average daily users and the nation’s voters. Twitter even suspended the use of his official government account as President of the United States “@POTUS.”

In addition, the standing president has also been banned from Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram.

Multiple tech barons then moved against Parler, Twitter’s free-speech competitor that has been emerging in recent months as a refuge to shield exchanges of conservative views from politically biased censorship overreach by mainstream platform regulators. The presidential ban had prompted a 14-fold increase of Parler users — 182,000 app downloads — across Apple and Google stores over the previous Friday number.

Big tech retaliated in unison. Both Google and Apple indefinitely booted Parler from their app stores over the following weekend, crippling its visibility on mobile phones. That Sunday, Amazon went in for the kill shot, withdrawing its cloud service that Parler relies on upon to store data.

Parler CEO John Matze said in a Parler post, “This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the marketplace. We were too successful too fast. You can expect a war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.”

These, after all, are enormously powerful entities. Google, Apple, and Amazon are collectively worth nearly $5 trillion, compared with Parler, valued prior to their destruction at less than $1 billion.

There is no ambiguity regarding where all major Silicon Valley companies lean politically. With most campaign donations coming from employees, vastly larger contributions go to Democratic candidates.

According to the latest available data collected by, Facebook and Twitter employees donated 10 times more to Democratic political campaigns and PACS this year ($2.7 million) than to Republicans ($222,000).

Big tech has provided invaluable free support to Democrat campaigns, very much including the last one.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had this in mind when he asked Twitter Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey during Oct. 28 Senate Commerce Committee meetings, “Who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what media are allowed to report?”

Cruz was referring specifically to Twitter’s action blocking platform users from linking to New York Post revelations regarding alleged murky Biden family Ukrainian, Chinese, and other foreign business dealings just before the 2020 election.

Purportedly, then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was knowingly being paid for a no-show board position of a questionable Ukrainian gas company while he intimated he would cut off a billion dollars of U.S. military aid to the country unless the prosecutor looking into the matter was fired.

The same Twitter that took extraordinary measures to blackout legitimate reporting on Hunter Biden on the run-up to the election has righteously pontificated about the Ugandan government exercising the same practices.

A recent Twitter Public Policy announcement states: “Ahead of the Ugandan election, we’re hearing reports that internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps. We strongly condemn internet shutdowns — they are hugely harmful, violate human rights and principles of the #OpenInternet.”

Many charges that Parler hosts individuals and materials that encourage violence are little more than a confederation of web gatekeepers that is methodically set upon censoring countervailing viewpoints. Parler had doubled its team of volunteer moderators (called “jurors”) against potentially violent speech to more than a thousand in recent weeks.

Parler LLC has filed a lawsuit against Inc. in an effort to reverse the company’s decision, stating that “AWS has confirmed that none of the arrested participants in that unconscionable [Capitol] attack (who had been publicly identified as of the filing of this action) even had a Parler account, much less used it to incite, organize or coordinate’ the attack.”

Facebook, meanwhile, is removing all content that contains the phrase “stop the steal” ahead of President-elect Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration, a move they say is intended to avoid content. that “could incite further violence.”

And it’s certainly not as if offensive content hasn’t been posted on their own platforms. Alexi Navalny, the Russian democracy advocate who was poisoned last year, tweeted, “Don’t tell me [President Trump] was banned for violating Twitter rules. I get death threats here every day for many years, and Twitter doesn’t ban anyone.”

Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted in November, “. . . Palestine will be free, while the fake Zionist regime will perish. There’s no doubt about this.”

One Twitter account calls itself “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry Em Like Bacon,” and calls for police killings are also found in myriad tweets.

Nevertheless, Twitter’s ban of our nation’s president by unelected and unaccountable tech tycoons claimed that his recent posts were somehow ambiguously in violation of their “Glorification of Violence Policy,” whereas his messaging has explicitly called for peaceful protest.

This, after all, is a man who has accomplished more to enforce law and order, curb global terrorism, negotiate Middle East peace, and end foreign wars than any other president in modern history.

But don’t imagine for a moment that Silicon Valley’s corporate cancel culture cartel’s achievement to ban Donald Trump from the digital world is an end goal. Those ambitions will continue so long as half of the country that voted him into office — and who may one day do so again — remain a threat to limit their unbounded power and influence.


Larry Bell is an endowed professor of space architecture at the University of Houston. He founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) and the space architecture graduate program. He is the author of several books, including "Reinventing Ourselves: How Technology is Rapidly and Radically Transforming Humanity" (2019), "Thinking Whole: Rejecting Half-Witted Left & Right Brain Limitations" (2018), "Reflections on Oceans and Puddles: One Hundred Reasons to be Enthusiastic, Grateful and Hopeful” (2017), "Cosmic Musings: Contemplating Life Beyond Self" (2016), and "Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom" (2015). He is currently working on a new book with Buzz Aldrin, "Beyond Footprints and Flagpoles."

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8 months ago

Cant be allowed? All they do is allowed. They have already done it. Riots, burning cities, killings. Only free speech for them. The whole govenment is corrupt, with all the proof of stolen election, but no one will rule in favor of it because the whole govenment its in on it. Bought by China and Soros. American is doomed. We will all be carted off to camps to die, while illegal alliens will claim all that was once yours. Get your guns and ammo ready, you will need them. I might go down but I will go down fighting for freedom.

8 months ago

I asking anyone from the left that reads this to use empathy and reverse the situation. Not all Trump supporters are racist. CNN and other major outlets tilting to the left has drilled in your heads that all Trump supporters are racist. Majority of Trump voters voted because that was their only choice for the replublicans party. Those people voted for less government, freedom of speech, less taxes, and ect. You should never catorigize a whole group because others made a bad choice. This message is to ask you to swtch the position and pretend all big tech has silenced you. Now how would you feel? Stop allowing the media to divide us, united we stand, divided we fall!!!

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