The Biggest Lie in CRT

by | Dec 2, 2021 |

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CRT is full of lies, and having been raised with a history teacher for a father, it really irks me when I hear schools teaching lies, disguised as ‘history.’  That those lies having a clear political ideology behind them only makes it worse.

Of all the lies in CRT – and it is chock full of them – the biggest is the one CRT is based on⏤that our nation was built on slavery.

Slavery existed in the American colonies when Europe colonized America. Slavery also existed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and every other part of the world where people lived. Slavery was so common, everywhere on Earth, that when Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase, “all men are created equal,” that phrase became a far louder ‘shot heard around the world,’ than was anything that happened at Lexington or Concord.

The notion that all men (today we would say ‘people’) could in any way be equal, was something no one had ever considered before. The Greeks and Romans had invented the concepts of democracy, and created the first republics, but both the Greeks and the Romans also practiced slavery.

Before the Declaration of Independence, no society in human history thought that all people even within their own society were equal, and the concept that all people in other societies were created equal as well? Such a thought was unheard of, anywhere on Earth.

What was the impact of the phrase, ‘all men are created equal’? For the first time in human history, people began to question slavery.

It is somewhat ironic that a slave owner coined the phrase that ended slavery, but that is the nature of history. If someone is ‘teaching’ simplistic history (such as that America was built on slavery), they are not really teaching history at all, but are, at best, cherry-picking facts to support a given ideology. If you have to cherry-pick to support your ideology, that is a pretty good indicator that your ideology is false.

Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, but he was also an abolitionist. To people alive today, this sounds contradictory, but Jefferson inherited a giant plantation, and that giant plantation included slaves. Southern plantations would borrow heavily early in the year to plant their fields, and they would hope to pay their debts off after harvest. Usually, they had to carry some debt from year to year, so really, for the most part, they just hoped to reduce their debt at the end of the year, to something less than it had been the year before.

Debt required collateral, and land was relatively cheap (you could always move a little farther West), so the primary property a plantation owner had to borrow against was their slaves.

People make a big deal about Thomas Jefferson not freeing his slaves at the end of his life, but Thomas Jefferson was in debt at the end of his life, and had no legal authority to free his slaves, as they were owned by his creditors in the same way a mortgage holder’s house is also owned by their bank.

Thomas Jefferson understood that the only way to end slavery was altogether. He tried to end slavery throughout Virginia, but his efforts failed. As President, one of the first things he did was to end the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which was a huge step toward ending slavery altogether.

Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. That is 100% true. But he was also the catalyst for ending slavery, and it is entirely possible that without Thomas Jefferson, we might still have slavery today. Certainly, it would be more common in third-world countries than it is.

Jefferson’s draft of the Constitution, prior to the Continental Congress amending it, went even further. Here are Jefferson’s words, before amendments were introduced:

“We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independant, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.” The text was changed primarily because the phrase ‘& independent’ was a direct rebuke of slavery, and the Southern States were not willing to go that far.

If it sounds like I am defending Thomas Jefferson, I am not. He was still a slave owner who participated in a horrendous institution, and who did some very bad things. The fact that he also did some very good things (and I just scratched the surface) does not eliminate the bad that he did any more than the bad that he did eliminate the good. The truth is that Thomas Jefferson was a mixed bag who did a lot of both good and bad things.

If we are honest, we would say that virtually everyone is a mixed bag. We are all capable of both good and evil, and though I think most people work very hard to do good, none of us are perfect.

History is full of nuance.

But CRT does not like nuanced views that paint a full portrait. CRT painted a portrait before it ever looked at facts – historical or otherwise. CRT wants to paint Thomas Jefferson as a wholly bad person, supporting the narrative that the United States is a wholly bad nation.

The truth is that we have had three united countries. The first was born when the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence, and fought England. The second was the nation formed under the Articles of Confederation. By the time the Constitution was drafted, a number of Northern states had taken the Declaration of Independence to heart, and banned slavery.

The truth is that though the Constitution of the United States recognized the existence of slavery, it did not endorse it, and many of the men who fought over its exact language wanted slavery abolished. The draft James Madison turned in that was then debated and amended made no reference to slavery at all. When the question of representation in the House of Representatives came up, the Northern states wanted only free people counted, which would have given the Northern (free) states a whole lot more power than the Southern (slave) states. 

When Southern states balked at that idea, many Northern delegates told the Southern delegates that they could increase their representation very easily, by setting all the slaves free. The Southern States were not willing to do a test, and we ended up with the 3/5ths compromise instead.

The point is that there has never been a time in the history of this country where all states allowed slavery, and the Federal Government has never endorsed slavery. Slavery was a question left to the states, until immediately after the Civil War, with the Northern states wanting it banned on day one.

There was slavery in many of the early states, but far from being unique for having been built on slavery, the United States is unique for having been built on ending slavery. And the notion of our country being built on slavery is just one big lie.

There are a good many more. Take, for example, the notion that the United States was founded in 1619 when the first slave was brought to the New World. What about 1607, when the first colony was founded?  How about 1620, when the Pilgrims arrived?  How about 1490, when the first slaves were brought to the New World (but not the parts that became The United States)?

How about when Native Americans began taking other Native Americans as slaves? Slavery was in the New World long before anyone even knew there was a new world (or from the perspective of the Native Americans, an old one) – the notion that the white man brought it with him is a lie…

Only one of the thirteen colonies had been founded in 1619 (Virginia), so what makes 1619 the relevant year?

Because it fits the anti-American narrative CRT adherents want. If it did not, they would pick a different date, as that is what liars do.

CRT is no more based on truth than is a KKK pamphlet, and really a KKK pamphlet and CRT have a lot in common. Both pretend to provide accurate facts and accurate histories – but both cherry-pick facts to create a pre-arranged narrative. And both narratives are overtly racist. Really, the only difference between CRT adherents and the KKK is the group they want to be put in charge of. Mirror images are always reversed, so consider them the same.

I was raised by a history teacher, and a love of history runs deep in my family – the top award for history in Canada is literally named after an ancestor of mine (the Garneau Award). I believe history should be taught factually, without bias. We don’t need to tell people the Nazis were terrible, for example. Just teach what happened, and people will figure that out all on their own.

CRT is not based on history. It is based on lies masquerading as history, and We the People – a people of ALL races – will cast CRT into the dustbin of history, moving on as a United people, without it.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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j. bell
j. bell
6 months ago

To preface my comments, I am Black, about 70 years old. Some of Garneau’s comments seem to be directed at the 1619 project by Nicole Hannah Jones, as to when the first blacks arrived in North America.  My research indicates that in 1526, explorer Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon left “a number of African slaves in Georgia or Florida.” This historical fact can be found in the article “North American Indians and the Demography of Contact”, by Russell Thornton, page 217, in the book “Race, Discourse and the Origins of Americas”, by Hyatt and Nettleford.

Pedro Marquez wrote to the king of Spain in 1586, stating that he saw three Negroes in St. Augustine, Florida that year.   From Irene Wright’s “Further English Voyages to Spanish America”, by Robert Maclehose, 1951, Great Britian.
Only God knows when the first African came to North America.   
Garneau also made a comment referring to slavery in Africa. In many instances, intra-African slavery was much milder than that practiced in the Americas. James Searing wrote of Wolof slavery in Africa,       
‘they received a plot of land where they could work for themselves after putting in a workday for the master…they were freed from labor to the master for one or two days.’ —-  ‘West Africa Slavery and Atlantic Commerce’, page 49 James Searing , Cambridge University Press
Intra-Africa slaves children, could free themselves after they reached the age of 30 or 35. Many other similar reports regarding milder intra-African slavery. Slaves taken in war, probably worse conditions.    Regarding the profits by Whites involved in American slavery,      
‘For a sugar plantation with 160 slaves, representing an investment of $200,000, gives a return of 9 per cent based on a price of S64.00 hoghead’, in the book ‘Negro Slavery in Louisiana’, p. 105, by Joe Gray Taylor, Louisiana Historical Association   
To say that America wasn’t built using Black slave labor, that person that needs to read more American history.  Blacks helped build America, without getting profits.
Regarding Garneau’s comments on CRT, they seem to be along the lines of comments made by Mark Levin and Tucker Carlson at Fox News. I recommend the ‘National association school psychologists’ website when it comes to CRT. The Karston Institute an Ms. Magazine websites hold promise for future CRT stuff, and the NEA website. 

First reconstruction ended 1892/1893, with the Supreme Court overthrow of the 1876 Civil Rights Act. Second reconstruction began in 1965, and is fizzling.  CRT is the start of the third reconstruction, where we try to make the Whites better in their hearts.  
Regarding the need for some type of CRT, I grew up in Black East Austin, Texas in the 1950s and 1960s.  I was born into an environment of White paternalism for many blacks of my grandfathers age (born around 1905). The names of two Whites who owned much of East Austin back then, remain with me. Flournoy and Plowman. If they needed the yard of a White person cut, or an old house cleaned, they would call my grandfather. White paternalism towards many light skinned mulattoes typified 1865-1965 Jim Crow Era.    

As soon as this environment of paternalism died out in the 1990s, UT and Whites from outside of Austin began gentrification of the Eastside.  Much homelessness, loss of community. Some CRT is needed for the racist gentrifying Whites, to help them recover their lost humanity

I think one of the benefits from CRT, is that it would teach Whites at a young age that, just because you are able to do something economically or technologically, does not mean that you should do it in real life. Be considerate of others who don’t look like you, that may get hurt by your choices and actions.  This has not been part of the curriculum of the predominantly White educational system. Greed capitalism has been, survival of the economically fittest. 
No CRT that advocates overthrow of existing systems. No CRT that advocates Marxism, or that teaches White inferiority.   Nakuya Walker, mayor of Charlottesville, calling Lee a traitor on TV may be true, but is inflammatory.  There is time and place for such remarks.
Many Blacks that I know, see no self-control by those in power, evidenced by the U.S. government inability to admit industrialization’s contribution to global warming, ozone layer depletion, the treatment of Blacks as inferiors in Brazil, the Whites and Hispanic empires. CRT should be designed to tamper down on the possible repeat of, and continuance of such ills, by injecting humanity into the education system. Prevent future possible genocidal coronaviruses directed at specific races of people, by reaching that one or two White misrecreants, at an early age. Can you help?
We have come to a place in history where White society praises the Black athelete, but displaces and destroys the Black community through gentrification. This is not integration, but genocide. Can CRT help?  

I am 75% Black, 25% White, according to One my White forefathers was Edward Burleson himself, a vice president of Texas around 1840. Or, perhaps his brother Joseph, big time slaver in Bastrop county. A bible in one hand, and a Colt six shooter his other hand. Known Indian killers (in retaliation only) and revengers of the Alamo. Too late for CRT to help there.   
Another one of my White forefathers lived in Vermillion parish Louisiana, and so I am related to many Whites in Louisiana, Y-DNA match. A lot of the Black ex-slave women (and concubines) who lived past the Civil War told their grandchildren which Whites raped them during slavery, and who their biological grandfathers were. These are ‘absolutes’, that even Thomas Jefferson knew about, and and Y-DNA tests confirm. Hello Sally Hemmings six mulatto offspring of Jefferson. CRT’s purpose, ‘hopefully’ is to help stop history from repeating itself in a negative way, as history seemingly does every day.  Are there alternatives to CRT? For certain. Help us find them. 
Some historians say that 40,000 to 68,000 ex-slaves who came out of the cotton and sugar cane fields, and fought for the North during the Civil War, lost their lives from 1863-1865. Many Confederates didn’t take Black prisoners of war. The insertion of ex-slaves into the Northern army by Lincoln in 1863, may have tipped the balance of the war away from the Confederacy. And saved the nation.  Don’t let the sacrifice made by many Whites and Blacks who lost their lives during that war, be a sacrifice made in vain. Some of the fruits of life that you enjoy today, is because of their sacrifice.  But, most of the fruits of life that you enjoy today, is because of Jesus’s sacrifice on a cross, on a hill called Calvary outside of Jerusalem, 2,000 years ago.  That sacrifice, held back God’s judgment/punishment of mankind. No greater love. Go to church, and help the church in a positive manner, the body of Christ inside of time, needs you!  Don’t let your life, be in vain.  

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