The Blanket of Blindness Demands Truth

by | Jan 7, 2021 |

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The winds of change are howling at our doors. By luck, happenstance, or force of will, we have moved beyond the year 2020; what that means in the future is anyone’s guess. We have certain changes being forced upon us, and we have other choices to make freely. How we decide to move ahead is up to each of us.

To make those decisions, we have to put our realities into perspective. Some of the questions we need to be asking:

Were the 2020 elections stolen, or did the country purposefully take a headlong dive into the past: begging for higher taxes, lower economic growth, repressive business regulations, and great leaps towards socialism for all?      

Have we chosen to abandon the pursuit of the protection of life by rejecting conservatism at the presidential level, the congressional level, and going all-in for abortion at any point in pregnancy or even afterward?

Have we decided to open our borders and allow people from anywhere to enter our country unregulated while agreeing to supply healthcare, food, and shelter for all who come?

Have we decided that global warming, global freezing, or climate change is a done deal, and we had better get on the ball and regulate the hell out of ourselves to prevent it or at least pay the penalties for our behavior?

The bottom line is simple; if the nation legitimately voted for Joe Biden and all that comes with him, then we have made some significant choices about a host of topics that will determine our future. But if the election was stolen, and we do nothing about it, not even question it, then we have also made a significant choice to be ignorant. 

The vote is the single most powerful tool we have as Americans. If we give it up without a fight, then we have given up our freedom.

This election season has shown us a few things that I believe are essential to understanding our future.

Firstly, there are no real media options. It is all a partisan bunch of advocates for political positions bent on producing propaganda to move the masses one way or another.    

Secondly, our political class cares more about its own good than the good of the people they are supposed to represent. Both sides have left us in the dark, uninterested in finding the truth and more interested in just getting back to their own lives.

Thirdly, our courts, the repository of our opportunity for justice, have chosen expediency and their own reputations above the people and the constitution they have sworn to protect. 

How we respond to these realities will determine how we move forward. Acceptance of the status quo for the sake of peace is acceptance of surrendering our free will and ultimately, freedom. 

Fighting back carries its own set of problems, being ostracized, canceled, called names, and attacked at every turn.

As for me, I will accept that the country chose another direction if that’s what it did. I want to know for sure that’s what happened. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask. I am not a kook or conspiracy theorist, a hater, or a person who wants to disenfranchise others because I seek the truth no matter where it leads. I want truthful answers.

If Biden won legitimately, so be it, the people’s will was served no matter my opinion of the choice. But if the election was stolen and we do not find out, we have just stepped off the platform of freedom and gotten on the tyranny train.

We must look at things with an open eye and an open mind. If half the country does not trust the system, that is an invitation to anarchy; you know the saying “No justice, No peace,” that’s where it comes from, a feeling of injustice. 

If we are to find harmony, we must be confident that our systems and institutions are honest and fair. If we think they are not, then it is just an exercise of futility. 

Biden may have won fair and square, and there may also have been a tremendous amount of fraud that tipped the scale in his favor. We would all be better off knowing the truth. We can live with the truth; we cannot live with a lie, at least not for long, because one lie leads to another, and that house of cards cannot stand.

We have to ask ourselves some hard questions, get out from under the blanket of blindness many people seem to be under, and demand the truth. To do less is to devalue our freedom and the legacy of all those who came before us. It is also a betrayal of those who come after us, who count on us to secure the liberty of a free people.

Lt. Joseph Pangaro

Joseph Pangaro is a retired Police Lieutenant from the Township of Ocean, Monmouth County, NJ. During his 27 year career, Lieutenant Pangaro served in many capacities. After nine years as a patrol officer, he was transferred to the detective bureau, where he served 12 years. During that time, Lt. Pangaro prepared and executed hundreds of search warrants, testified in numerous high profile criminal court cases, and excelled in the area of criminal investigations, including; homicides, sexual assaults, drug crimes, fraud, burglary, juvenile investigations, economic crimes, vice crimes, quality of life crimes and other crimes of violence. He has acted in undercover capacities and worked with numerous local, county, state, and federal agencies. Joseph Pangaro served as a sergeant in the detective bureau, supervising a group of highly motivated and active officers in the unit and the “Quality of Life” unit.

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