September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021

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The ‘Brain Trust’ Behind Joe Biden

by | Aug 5, 2021 |

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If you’re thinking that it’s Kamala, Bernie, Elizabeth, AOC — maybe even Nancy – who create President Biden’s tele-prompted messaging and pocket crib notes, you might be somewhat right.

But there are also some other key but far lesser-known people in Joe’s inner circle, along with some loyal Obama holdovers, who continue to keep Barry in the loop.

I’ll briefly summarize a few of them:

White House Domestic Policy Director Susan Rice:

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has described Susan Rice as the real Oval Office leader and “shadow president.”

Rice was first vetted to be Biden’s presidential running mate despite her famously disingenuous media responses as the Obama-Biden U.N. Ambassador regarding the immediate aftermath of the 2012 militant attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya which claimed the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Later serving as White House national security adviser, Rice attended Jan. 7, 2017, Oval Office discussions among then-President Obama, Vice President Biden, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and FBI Director James B. Comey which reportedly addressed how to continue the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump associates going forward.

Then-Vice-President Biden was noted their having suggested justifying investigations of incoming Trump Security Adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn based upon an obscure 1799 “Logan Act.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain:

Ron Klain, who previously served as Vice President Biden’s Chief of Staff — now as President Biden’s Chief of Staff, is a seasoned political lobbyist and tactician who plays a key role in setting Joe’s day-to-day activities . . . the latter role being arguably one of the easiest tasks in Washington.

Klain is highly trusted by Biden, having also worked on three of his presidential election campaigns.

Ron Klain also played a key role in coordinating the Obama administration’s response to the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak.

And while not directly involved in the White House response to the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic, Klain commented on it saying that “a bunch of really talented people” worked on, but “did every possible thing wrong.”

“Sixty million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time and it’s just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history,” Klain said. “It had nothing to do with us doing anything right, it just had to do with luck.”

Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed:

Bruce Reed, who succeeded Ron Klain as Chief of Staff for Vice President Biden, now serves under him in still one of the most powerful positions in a presidential administration.

Reed, the son of a former Idaho state senator and environmental lawyer, began his career as a speechwriter for then-Senator Al Gore, policy director for then-Governor Bill Clinton at the Democratic Leadership Council, and deputy campaign manager for the policy of the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign featuring climate change issues.

Although Biden trusts Reed for past years of service, liberal groups have strongly opposed him as a “deficit hawk,” criticizing his past support for cutting entitlement benefits such as social security. Based upon the proposed $6 trillion Biden/Democrat budget blowouts, Reed’s opponents are decisively winning.

Deputy Assistant to the President, Stefanie Feldman:

Deputy assistant to the president and senior adviser to the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Stef Feldman, is a key figure in squelching all of Bruce Reed’s hopes of controlling profligate spending and debt.

Since Biden’s November victory, Feldman has helped plot his administration’s climate-related executive orders, including the re-entry of the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement, and halts to the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling on public lands and waters.

Feldman is presumed to be a major player in framing the $2.3 trillion Democrats  “infrastructure” plan — a repackaged Green New Deal with more than 90% of that “green” going to projects that have little or nothing to do with improving roads, bridges, and airports that most of us assume that term would properly suggest.

Counselor to the President, Steve Ricchetti:

Steve Ricchetti, another former Biden vice presidential chief of staff, has been a long-time lobbyist for major drugmakers, the American Hospital Association, the health IT company NaviMedix (now NaviNet), AT&T, General Motors, defense contractor United Technologies, and numerous other corporations.

In 1998, Steven and his brother Jeff opened a lobbying firm that they later sold to the high-powered Podesta Group when John Podesta was White House chief of staff.

The following year, Ricchetti became deputy chief of staff, the top assistant to Podesta.

Ricchetti was on the board of the Center for American Progress, which John Podesta founded in 2003. He was also reportedly so close to Hillary Clinton that he was known as “Rodham Ricchetti,” a reference to her maiden name.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan:

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan succeeded former Obama Deputy Secretary Advisor and Deputy Secretary of State, now Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, as Biden’s pick for the post.

Sullivan is best known for having initiated secret talks with Iranian officials that led to the disastrous 2015 “Iran Nuclear Deal.”

The Biden White House dispatched Sullivan to negotiations in Austria in an attempt to resurrect some sort of understanding with Iran Ayatollahs.

“There’s still fair distance to travel to close the remaining gaps, and those gaps are over what sanctions the United States and other countries will roll back,” Sullivan said. “They are over what nuclear restrictions Iran will accept on its program to ensure that they can never get a nuclear weapon.”

What restrictions “will they accept”?

How about not asking them, and as foremost strategic analyst, Nancy Reagan succinctly put it, “Just Say No,” and then really mean it?

Image: UPI Photo


Larry Bell is an endowed professor of space architecture at the University of Houston. He founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) and the space architecture graduate program. He is the author of several books, including "Reinventing Ourselves: How Technology is Rapidly and Radically Transforming Humanity" (2019), "Thinking Whole: Rejecting Half-Witted Left & Right Brain Limitations" (2018), "Reflections on Oceans and Puddles: One Hundred Reasons to be Enthusiastic, Grateful and Hopeful” (2017), "Cosmic Musings: Contemplating Life Beyond Self" (2016), and "Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom" (2015). He is currently working on a new book with Buzz Aldrin, "Beyond Footprints and Flagpoles."

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1 month ago

He went balls up today.
Why are you pretending he’s still alive?

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