The CCP’s ‘Long Game’

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In the sport of golf ⏤ golfers often refer to what they call their “long game.” It generally refers to golf shots that are made from the tee box, or from at least one hundred yards away from the green. After a few years of trying to play the game of golf, I finally gave it up. I had trouble with my long game, my short game, and putting on the green. I was fairly adept at driving the golf cart; I could at least keep the cart on the cart path. In fact, the only part of my game that I was any good at was enjoying a cold beer at the ‘19th Hole’.

Few people ever reach the stature of a Tiger Woods or a Jack Nicklaus in the sport of golf. Most are ‘hackers’ like I was. They go out every weekend shooting ‘bogey’ after ‘bogey,’ hoping to improve their game though they rarely ever do. For the average hacker, you reach a plateau and stay there. They will celebrate making ‘Par’ on a hole, and are ecstatic over the extremely rare ‘Birdie’, or the even more rare ‘Hole-In-One.’ Both of which call for a round of drinks at the 19th Hole so that the experience can be relived over and over, and everyone there can be regaled with your prowess on the golf course.

But when it comes to world domination, no one’s ‘long game’ has ever come close to that being played by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP must be recognized as the premiere ‘long game’ player on the world scene. Way back during the administration of then-President Richard Nixon and his foreign policy opening to Communist China, our two countries’ vision of that foreign policy endeavor was quite different from the very start.

In America, we viewed it as a potential economic boom, opening up opportunities for businesses to reach the potential billions of new customers in China, which up to that point had been off limits to American products and services. We also viewed it as perhaps a chance to influence the Chinese people and their government by exposing them to the Capitalist, free market system.

Improving the lives of the Chinese people, and also opening up America as a customer to Chinese products and services was a win-win situation for both countries, in our view. However, the view of American politicians and government officials differed a great deal from that of their Chinese counterparts.

The Chinese Communist Party viewed this new relationship as a win only for the CCP. An opportunity to infiltrate America and work towards our ultimate destruction. While in America, we looked at the Chinese only as a ‘rival,’ the CCP never changed their view of the United States as their mortal enemy.

In short order after the Nixon trip, the CCP began to flood America with college students, business representatives, government officials, technical consultants, and ‘tourists.’ In other words, Chinese Intelligence Officers under the control and direction of the CCP. All operate with very specific instructions. “Steal American technologies”, and “spread disinformation, sow political dissension, and undermine American institutions and society.”

Undermining traditional American values and morality has been a high-priority target of the CCP. Just keep adding letters of the alphabet to the protected classes, and before long, an entire generation has become corrupted.

Declare a phony “climate emergency,” and those weak-minded and easily influenced will jump on the bandwagon. Undermine authority by starting a war on the police. Denounce and undermine law enforcement’s efforts to keep a lid on what has become a volatile society, making Americans go to war with Americans. Encourage spending our country into massive debt that we can never repay, leading to our eventual bankruptcy. And open our borders to a flood of illegal aliens who will severely stress American social safety nets. ‘Wokeism’? Just another tactic planted and nurtured by the CCP to create division within our country.

The United States of America has been under a systematic attack from within our own borders for decades. Long before the Nixon Administration’s outreach, but it kicked into overdrive after Nixon’s trip to China back in 1972.

All of our institutions have been infiltrated by the Chinese. Our news media, entertainment industry, educational institutions, sports, the business community, military, and many of our politicians have all been targets of covert influence operations conducted by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese ‘long game’ has been very impressive. They have recruited good little Marxists throughout American life, including at the highest levels of our own government.

Which makes one wonder just what Barack Obama meant back in 2008 when he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

Image: Reuters

D.W. Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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