The Declaration of North America Feeds the Globalists NWO to End US Sovereignty

by | Jan 16, 2023 |

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On January 10, 2023, the Declaration of North America (DNA)1 was issued by the three presidents of North America: by Joe Biden, a puppet of the globalists who is destroying the integrity and sovereignty of the United States in the interest of the globalists and Xi Jinping; by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another treacherous stand-in for the global gods; and the President of Mexico, Obrador, a third puppet of the international Cartels and their globalist allies, including Communist China.

No Wall, No America

One of the most telling sections of the agreement for the “New North America” (our words) is their attitudes to migration. Basically, the three presidents want what sounds like unlimited migration, and of course, most of it will be clamoring to come to the U.S.:

Since June, Mexico, the United States, and Canada have collectively welcomed record numbers of migrants and refugees from the Western Hemisphere under new and expanded labor and humanitarian programs. Today, we arm our joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration…  This includes assisting host communities and promoting migrant and refugee integration; providing protection to refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants; strengthening asylum capacity in the region; expanding and promoting regular pathways for migration and protection; addressing the root causes and impacts of irregular migration and forced displacement; and collaborating to counter xenophobia and discrimination against migrants and refugees.

If you’re wondering exactly what they are getting at, that was answered at the press conference following the meetings when Mexico’s president generated multiple headlines like this, “Mexican president thanks Biden for not building ‘1 meter’ of border wall.”2 During the post-summit press conference, President Lopez Obrador said he was grateful toward President Joe Biden for being the first U.S. president “in a very long time” who “has not built even 1 meter of wall” between their respective countries.

People need to stop believing that Biden and other officials are making mistakes or blunders rather than making decisions on behalf of globalism to weaken America and favor other countries at our own expense. The invasion over our southern border is no mistake. The progressive U.S. government wants to flood the nation with grateful illegal immigrants who will make the progressives the dominant American party for eternity. In the meanwhile, they will be softening up the nation with domestic strife, one of those crises too good to ignore.

No wall to protect America turns America into a nation that can no longer support itself — a nation with a growing population that sends much of its earnings back to its desperate families in their countries of origin, that increasingly has little identification with American traditions and little understanding of its founding documents, and that lacks the education to increase our prosperity rather than draining it.

No wall, no America, and welcome to a Declaration of North America in which America can no longer lift up its neighbors but instead gradually — or rapidly — sinks into a condition worse than ever imagined, dragging the world further down with us.

The Overall Vision For North America

Here is the final paragraph of their agreement:    

Looking forward  

The commitments made during this summit are rooted in a shared vision for a more equitable, just, inclusive, resilient, secure, and prosperous North America and a shared responsibility to achieve more equitable outcomes responsive to the needs and aspirations of our citizens. As we work to implement these commitments in the upcoming year, we seek to model a democratic and sustainable path based on trust to promote inclusive prosperity and security. Mexico, the United States, and Canada look forward to building on this progress at the eleventh NALS (NALS XI) [North American Leader’s Summit], to be hosted by Canada.

For those unfamiliar with globalist pronouncements consistent with progressivism, these are the kind of ideas promoted by the United Nations and WHO, by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab through the World Economic Forum, and increasingly implemented through the Great Reset.

The opening sentence of the above quote is full of code words that signal collectivism in contrast to individual freedom or political liberty. Here are the code words in bold:  “a shared vision for a more equitable, just, inclusive, resilient, secure, and prosperous North America and a shared responsibility to achieve more equitable outcomes responsive to the needs and aspirations of our citizens.”

This stuff is not borrowed from the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights with its emphasis on personal responsibility and individual freedom. There is nothing in this summary or in the whole Declaration of North America about respecting individualism, individual freedom, and political liberty. There is nothing about freedom as the engine of progress. There is nothing about increasing freedom of opportunity rather than empowering leadership to provide or lead the progress. And there is nothing about the inviolability or inalienability of individual rights because they are from “God” and “Nature’s God,” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Three Power-Hungry North American Presidents Are Not About to Set Us Free

Governments and their leaders cannot guarantee an “equitable, just, inclusive, resilient, secure, and prosperous North America and a shared responsibility to achieve more equitable outcomes.” Their predations have always led to the horrors of Communism and continue to do so around the world, from Cuba and North Korea to China.

In fact, one could search for an almost infinite amount of time and never find anything in documents produced by the UN, the World Economic Forum, or the Chinese Communist Party that even echo the principles in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which utterly reject authoritarian and totalitarian governances or empire building.

We shall very consistently find that the globalists, whether coming from the left or the right, are more interested in promoting collectivist ideas than individual freedom and republics or constitutional democracies. That is because the globalists seek wealth and power by monopolizing wealth and power, which they can more easily do through authoritarian or totalitarian governments than through ones that protect their citizens and are ruled by laws instead of people.

Freedom attorney Todd Callender alerted us to The Declaration of North America (DNA) on January 14th, and we thank him for that. He wrote in his email, “This is Biden’s declaration that the United States no longer exists –- it is the end of US Sovereignty.” And it’s only one of many ways that Biden is very intentionally giving away our sovereignty, as demonstrated by our efforts to alert people and to work against the government’s attempts to give up our healthcare system to the World Health Organization.3

The evil is unleashed. There is no way to deny its specter anymore. It is more akin to a fog of war or perhaps a cloud of toxic particles descending on humanity. It’s happening now. Freedom is the oxygen of humanity, and they are sucking it out of our lives. We will soon be asphyxiated by global totalitarianism.

There Are Important Reasons to Hope

If the state protects individual freedom and political liberty, it comes as close as any government can to unleashing the creative powers of free people — people who have made more progress for humanity since the founding of America than all of previous history in which the vast majority of people lived under stultifying tyranny. But first, we must face the enormity of the current challenge to America as the Land of the Free, and we must understand its strategies. Then we can fully appreciate the steps we must take to defend, restore, and advance freedom in this nation and throughout the world.


3 See our website, which includes columns we have done on America Out Loud about ongoing government efforts to give over control of our healthcare to WHO if its Director-General subjectively deems that there is a possible or suspected, and even unidentified, threat to global health evolving in the country.

Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin

Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin have been married and working together for almost 40 years. Peter is known as "The Conscience of Psychiatry" for his many decades of successful reform work in mental health. He has published more than 20 medical and popular books, several coedited or coauthored by Ginger, including the huge bestseller Talking Back to Prozac. He has written more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and testified in court more than 100 times with many cases related to drug company and medical malfeasance. The couple has now turned their attention to the misuse of science and the suppression of freedoms surrounding COVID-19 and its origins by those they identify as "global predators."  

Peter and Ginger have written the bestselling new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko. The book is available everywhere.

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Rogier F. van Vlissingen
20 days ago

It is depressing to see how elected leaders worldwide sell out their countries and aren’t brought up on treason charges. A bunch of guys who need to stand on a stack of dollar bills to proclaim their importance are simply doing a bureaucratic takeover of the world without firing a shot. The EU was the first, best example of that, a bureaucracy that overwhelmed the institutions of the members states and destroyed them from the inside by turning the elected officials against the populations by having them pass laws and regulations that gutted sovereignty and independence. Yes, Prime Minister! was the model for a worldwide bureaucratic takeover. Does nobody care anymore?

Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell
20 days ago

it’s a mistake to attribute this motive to any national government. the impelling force behind this consolidation and the censorship of information further contemplated by the WEF is the global central banking system, they have the money and the motive. the central bank is of course controlled by the world’s wealthiest individuals. they make trillions by ratcheting the market up and down and have gradually consolidated control over most world governments which are members of the world bank and imf except for north korea. they are at the nexis of CBDC. they do this by asassination, Ghadafy, war (iraq) and predatory lending first causing global inflation using globally coordinated “easy money” policies and them by shorting the market while they are raising interst rates. David Malpas was chief economist at Bear Sterns from 1983-1998 and they were forced into a sale to JP Morgan Chase in 2008 for 6% of their previous market value. Why is David malpas now the President of the World Bank Group. Does the world banking system reward incompetence or is it just a continuing scam. Same BS as with SBF.

Doreen Hutchins
Doreen Hutchins
Reply to  Craig Campbell
17 days ago

Craig, thanks for helping to connect some dots. I have been trying to understand how the UN, WEF, WHO, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, Wall Street, Corporate America, Bill Gates, and other billionaires are connected. It’s scary, but I am getting a clearer picture of the scam, the crimes against all humanity. How do we proceed to a Nuremberg Trial 2.0 ? Any ideas how to save the world from these psychopaths?

Last edited 17 days ago by Doreen Hutchins
15 days ago

where is the signed document these men signed? all I find are the press releases regarding the document.

Reply to  ron
15 days ago

Whatever Biden does should not be accepted and should be undone he’s not legit he scamed his way in and nothing he does should be official

Patricia Anthone
12 days ago

As used by proponents of ever-more centralized control, EQUITY means forcibly-contrived statistical parity among competing factions. Such a pursuit requires totalitarian control.

Replacing Western Civilization’s foundational respect for the EQUAL standing of each (a natural constraint on the exercise of authority) with the marxists’ concept of Equity establishes a near limitless authorization of unaccountable governmental power.

Last edited 12 days ago by Patricia Anthone

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