The Decline of the American Republic

by | Apr 12, 2021 |

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It gives me no pleasure to point out to Americans that “I told you so” in numerous published articles and even a greater number of radio talk shows, during four years of the Trump administration, regarding what the future of the USA will be if any Democrat is elected to the presidency.

I gave many warnings that the USA will be called the USSA (Union of Socialist States of America) and that her enemies will circle over her like vultures waiting to pounce on a dying creature. In most of my articles, I asked Americans to make their decisions not based on emotions, perceptions, or what the media tells them but on simple logic based on facts and reality. In every article, I pointed out very modest arguments to be considered; not a single one of them needed a genius to figure it out.

If a prophecy is to foretell the future successfully, then I have succeeded well beyond my imagination. Let me share some of them with you to prove my claim. Let me point out to you what Trump wanted to achieve and how the Democrats and what the fake media did to obstruct him:

  1. Securing the USA’s borders so that illegals, criminals, sick people, and terrorists cannot easily come in undetected.
  2. Stop giving aid and comfort to illegals above those of American citizens. Biden and Democrats will have ‘open borders’ despite the reality that no nation is ever sovereign with open borders.
  3. These illegals will compete for jobs, medical health, education, housing, and benefits paid entirely by legal tax burdened Americans, which will require spending hundreds of billions of dollars that future generations of Americans will need to service.
  4. How is it morally and judicially acceptable that while millions of people worldwide apply and go through years of processing and tens of thousands of dollars in expenses to become LEGAL Americans, while ILLEGALS can walk across the border with total impunity and become a burden immediately on taxpayers?
  5. Biden and Democrats tell Americans and the world that they are compassionate, really? Why not start your compassion by taking care of your own citizens who have no homes and veterans who served the nation? After all. Charity should begin at home.
  6. Investigating any and all people coming from Muslim states that support terrorism. This has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Islam or xenophobia nor the red herring – repeated incessantly by both Democrats and their Muslim allies in the USA.
  7. To make sure that America’s allies in NATO share in their own defense, instead of leaching off American taxpayers, the same for Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and others.
  8. Stop giving hundreds of millions of dollars to states who actually hate America and support terror, such as Pakistan and the Palestinians.
  9. Bring as many troops from outside the USA back home.
  10. Stop the terrorist Ayatollah’s Iran regime from ever getting an Atomic Bomb and its delivery system (Biden has every intention to let them, which will contribute to starting a war).
  11. To renegotiate economic agreements with Canada, Mexico, and China to a fair level to stop being one-sided to the USA’s detriment.
  12. To remove failed Obamacare and replace it with a more market-competitive system.
  13. To allow schools’ parental choice and change the curriculum to reflect more patriotism and capitalism than globalism and communism.
  14. Bring back industries to the USA instead of sending them to Communist China and others’ cheap labor.
  15. To make the US Energy independent so that no nation on Earth can hold her ransom politically or economically.
  16. To keep promises made to the American people, allies of the USA, and her enemies, so that there are no ambiguities.
  17. Under Trump, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have had the greatest number of employed and off benefits in the last 50 years. Why vote in Democrats who will reverse this by increasing taxes and the minimum wage?

Most of the above had been achieved under Trump, despite all attempts by Democrats and their media stooges to derail them, until China unleashed the Coronavirus to destroy America’s economic and job successes. How can any logical and patriotic American fault any of the above?

Why would any American fall for the current blatant lies of Joe Biden, Pelosi, and the fake media that Trump was late in confronting the Corona pandemic when it was the Democrats, who were deliberately misleading and totally removing the attention of the American people with the Impeachment charade in December 2019, the very month that China released the Corona Pandemic upon the world?

After all, within hours of President Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China on Jan. 31, top Democrats and media figures immediately derided the move as unnecessary and xenophobic, but they are now beating a hasty retreat from that position as the Coronavirus continues to ravage the economy and cause scores of deaths.

Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown on 24th February 2020 (without masks) because of the narrative the Democrat Party continues pushing that Donald Trump and Republicans are racist and prejudiced. Democrats thought Donald Trump’s closing down travel from China as a measure to protect Americans from the Coronavirus was a good opportunity to carry on that falsehood.

Neither Donald Trump nor Republicans made any comments about Chinese Americans or Chinatown. Neither Donald Trump nor Republicans discouraged anyone from going to Chinatown.

The degrees of hypocrisy, duplicity, and mendacity exhibited by both Democrats and the media are beneath contempt and beyond the pale. After almost five years of such blatant and egregious lies, one must come to the following conclusion:

Question: When can anyone know if Democrats or the Media are lying?
Answer: When they are moving their lips.

Watching senile Joe Biden self-destruct in every single interview is totally acceptable and logical from the point of view of the Democrat Party. They are, after all, staking all their hundreds of millions of dollars and the fate of the USA on the hope that if Joe Biden is elected for the presidency, he will be the Trojan Horse that will lead to the actual presidency of Socialist Kamala Harris.

I do not doubt that Joe Biden is willing to be the sacrificial lamb for removing Trump and the Republicans from power, to start the road to achieving the dream of Globalists and leftists to create the United Socialist States of America. Will there be enough wise, patriotic, and rational Americans to prove them wrong in the upcoming election and save the Republic and Western Civilization? We have to wait and see.

IQ al Rassooli   (End of quoted article.)

Can any reader point out a single untrue item I had listed or predicted?

If we assume that this election was fair and that most Americans decided in their infinite wisdom to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

The die is now cast, and the price for their decision has to be paid in trillions of dollars that will burden future generations, as well as the utter geopolitical failures that Biden is presently bringing about.

Joe Biden is deliberately destroying each one of Trump’s achievements, not because they are wrong, but only out of pure spite and vindictiveness, without a second thought regarding their disastrous ramifications for the American people the security of the USA.

Joe Biden is no Donald Trump, and Tony Blinken is no Mike Pompeo:

Instead of meeting Xi of China eye to eye, clueless and spineless, Biden blinked and sent instead his Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, to meet their Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday 18th March 2021 to be outclassed, chewed up and humiliated by them, who treated them with contempt.

After all, the Chinese did their homework, using the self-hating Democrats, Biden, and Kamala’s repeated mantra – for four years under Trump – that America and Americans are RACIST.

The Chinese turned the table on Blinken, telling him, “How dare you lecture us about human rights when you fail miserably in the USA?”

Then, on Friday the following day, the self-proclaiming ‘athletic’ Biden slipped three times going up the Air Force One stairs.

Let me tell you Americans what your criminal fake news will not share with you:

That after these two calamitous failures, this administration is the laughing stock of all her adversaries around the world.

Calling Vladimir Putin a “killer,” meaning a murderer, was utterly stupid, undiplomatic, and counterproductive, allowing the Grand Master Chess player to answer Joe with: “It takes one to know one.”

Trump was perfectly correct to close the saga of Afghanistan. Biden is stupidly and unnecessarily putting American soldiers’ lives in jeopardy because the Taliban will most definitely take over and turn Afghanistan into a Fundamentalist Sharia-compliant, 7th-century Arabian state.

Western leaders have repeatedly been failing to understand that according to Sharia, Democracy is Islam’s worst enemy.

In the Middle East, the Ayatollahs keep repeating their mantra to exterminate Israel and its nine million citizens. Yet, not a single nation among 194 has had the morality, decency or spine, to tell the world that the UN must remove Iran from among the community of nations since its declarations are against the UN’s very soul and charter.

While the terrorist Ayatollah regime continues its aim for nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them, Biden is rewarding them by relieving Trump’s sanctions against them; thus, Joe is treasonously aiding and abetting the enemy not only of Israel but of the USA and the Sunni Arabs; just as he and Obama did previously.

Israel will unilaterally attack Iran’s nuclear assets in the next few months, if not earlier, since her very existence is at stake.

Biden believes –  without an iota of logic – in a Two-State solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict, while completely ignoring the charters of the PLO, Hamas, and Muslim Brotherhood that clearly state that there will only be ONE Muslim state in the Holy Land. Yet, in his warped mind, he expects Israel to commit suicide willingly.

A strong America will always be able to avoid war. That is exactly why Trump had no wars under his watch. A weak America under Biden will assuredly bring about war.

My predictions are not based on divine revelations or personal perceptions but entirely upon conclusions arrived at, based purely on evaluating facts and reality as they exist today. I judge humans not on what they say or look like but exclusively on their deeds and achievements.

On all these scores, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fail the standards abysmally.

Can the Fall of the American Republic not be far behind?


Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must-read for those who really want to know the facts.

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Morris Rashty
Morris Rashty
9 months ago

No one can argue with facts. You just need to read every point and check the facts and don’t ask anyone but only your brain. You need to be honest with yourself though and hopefully you will make a better judgment in midterm election and save the USA.

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