September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

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The Democrat Communist Globalist Agenda

by | Jan 24, 2021 |

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Are you ready for America’s new normal? Turning love thy neighbor to hate thy neighbor? Communists are trained to hate. Now out in the open, we can see Democrat/ Communist/ Globalists, aka Leftist elites, hate God, hate Christians, Jews, Christianity, and Judaism. They hate America’s exceptionalism, individualism, and patriotism, and they hate the mention of the treasured values that made America great. They want us to be a collectivist country governed by socialism rather than individual liberty. Basically, they hate America, Americans, and everything we represent. They want us erased.

“Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda. Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.”  — John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) January 9, 2021, Obama’s corrupt communist CIA director. 

To understand what is going on, you have to know certain facts about January 6:

  1. The  Democrat/ Communist/ Globalists/ RINOs (DCGR) could never allow Trump to show evidence. They need a distraction. According to the FBI, ANTIFA had it under control and planned to create mayhem in the capital city. The plan started on January 1. 
  2. The Rally was totally separate, but the DCGR needed a distraction. There may have been Trump supporters inside the capital but notice how the group is blamed in mass. They are being blamed for the things the DCGR’s already did. 
  3. Communists don’t value life; if people die for the cause, that is OK because it advances the cause. 

Why do the Republicans let them get away with the abuse of power we are experiencing? 

Mostly because republicans think they are immune to repercussions. Look how fast they ditched Trump and begged for forgiveness. They are basically spineless. Communists call patriots fascists. Do they even know what fascism means? The merger of state and corporate power is technically defined by the word “fascism,” which defines the Democrats to a tee. Paid off by Tech and Wall Street, Democrats and Republicans sit on their hands unless demanded by Tech and Wall Street to write laws to screw the American people.     

Republicans have been trained not to fight back. They’re taught that confrontation does not lead to any good results. Fighting and violence they feel bring more fighting and violence without good results. When you are fighting an enemy that only understands confrontation⏤stepping back gives you a disadvantage instead of an advantage. This is one reason why they despised President Trump. Trump does not back down. He has been the inspiration for millions to fight for what they believe, to fight for America and Americans. Therefore are we going to back down?

The biggest problem is that we view the Democrat/ Communist/ Globalists as sane and rational. We look at them and fight them as though they were like us. Nothing can be further than the truth. We must look at them for who and what they are: Democrat/ Communist/ Globalists who despises everything America stands for. We CAN NOT fight them as though they are sane and rational. Remember, they are communists. They have NO value for human life. Only the group is important and if you sacrifice enough people for the betterment of the group, so be it. Remember what Komrad Nancy Pelosi said, “People will do what they do.” Communists want the earth depopulated from its useless eaters. That would be anyone who disagrees, is elderly, disabled, or under the working age of 10.

Can you live without another shirt from China?

You can not fight them using logic. It doesn’t work. It would be best if you fought with the same tool they use. Money and votes. Stop buying their stuff. They hate you. STOP FEEDING them. 

These corporations only stay in business because we buy their stuff. Facebook, Twitter just dived because patriots (the new domestic terrorist) moved their business. Vote with your wallet. Get your kids, grandkids out of government indoctrination centers, aka schools. Start a “church” school like the old days when learning how to think was more important than telling what to think. There is a reason why 47% of Americans are functionally illiterate ON PURPOSE. After all, unintelligent people require less from their government and ask fewer questions. 

How do they get people to believe them? 

They lie. We know communists have no truth except the truth they create at the time. The truth changes to fit the situation. We all know we heard Joe Biden call what went on in the capital domestic terrorism.

Joe calls DC domestic terrorism. What is he calling the summer riots? Peaceful Protests? We have to show the people we know what they’re doing. We have to be smarter than them, and we have to fight back. 

All of us need to start addressing the lies and not let them stand. Be the annoying fly on the wall and constantly tell your legislator. Make them accountable. 

We know that Communists love violence; after all, that’s another life; who cares. They believe there are too many humans anyhow. Communists follow a path called psychological projection, which means they put their evil deeds on their opposition. Why? By blaming others first, when the infraction is new, they can say, what’s the big deal the GOP, Patriots, etc., did it first. They are normalizing the infraction.  

Instead of us saying nothing, which is what we do 95% of the time, we have to fight back and say, NO! That is not the truth. Take photos of everything you see as proof. Send to any accepting site or media outlet so that we can get the truth out. Remember, we are not alone. There are 80 Million plus of us.

We know that they will now be blaming Trump for everything they can think of. They are scared. We must use their own words and videos when describing actions. Show the pictures of the rioting and repeat their words. My favorite was the commentator, who described the fires as mostly peaceful. You can have fun with that. This is not to minimize any of the damage to hard-working Americans. Remember, they are communists and despise the middle class. The middle class represents thinkers, doers, and all things in competition with communists. 

This DC Riot was too organized to be spontaneous. I believe paid communist operatives initiated it. We may never know the whole truth. Once Trump left, there will be no accountability. We know they are going to blame us. I listened to the speech. POTUS did not never once in the transcript of his speech said go riot. This staged riot would have happened whether or not Trumpsters went to the capital because they could not let the evidence be seen. Once in that safe room, I bet mega-donors told the GOP to vote for Joe or no more donations. 

We have the right to assemble peacefully; everyone knows that. They do not have the right to riot but remember what I said; they are Communists. Chaos and violence thrive under Communism. I bet it will take only a few minutes where based on the riot, China Joe will call for gun bans. Eliminating the disclosure of massive amounts of evidence along with gun bans was the goal of the riots. We must fight this and NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS. Otherwise, mission accomplished. 

We also know we have a group of people who are taught, triggered, and paid to be agitators filled with hatred of anyone or anything opposing them. They will do anything to make us look bad. The ends justify the means was their teaching. So snuffing out all competition, like the middle class, excites them to add more fuel to the fire. Add that to psychological projection, and you can see they are projecting what they are doing onto us.  

When they project their lies, we must go on offense, not defense. We must demand evidence. Whenever I ask where to show me the evidence, I get no response. They repeat themselves and start yelling. Why? Because they have no evidence. But if no one points it out, no one knows. This is just like voter fraud. I see nothing. I hear nothing, so there is no evidence. 

Just imagine for one minute if we had a real government that had some social party differences but negotiated deals for a better life for Americans. Imagine under President Trump, the wealth we would have created, the freedom, liberty, and happiness that the American dream would bring. 

A strong country is strongest when its people are strong. Trump understood that and was able to bring that message to the American people. For that, he was hated. It’s time. It’s up to us; we have to answer now. We cannot let them continue the lies without answering back. We cannot allow them to continue to call us liars. We must call out their projection. We must not allow them to create their new normal, which was previewed by the 2020 Summer of Love. 

We have a lot to think about. Based on the Communism of the past, American opposition to CCP and Big Tech will be empty words. They are vicious and cruel. Children and the underclass are their targets. The ends justify the means. Winning is the only acceptable outcome. 

Thank you, President Trump. You showed us the way. You taught us to fight for our dreams. You helped us remember that a person’s actions and values are more important than their looks.  You helped us to Make America Great Again, and we will fight to keep it that way. 

Is America worth saving? 

I will not comply, will you?

Karen Schoen

Patriot, Talk Radio Host, Marketing Consultant, Journalist, Advocate and Citizen Lobbyist, and Public Speaker -

Former candidate for Florida House, director of the Panhandle Patriots, and an advisor to Florida Citizens Alliance. My life and work experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of education and its effect on our students, economy, and country. My focus as an educator is connecting the dots. My business experiences in marketing brought me to multiple industries like telecommunication, insurance, real estate, mortgages, financial, fashion, Wall Street, Main Street. Here I learned that everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everything has a plan. All plans are based on lies. I believe that applying the knowledge is power. You can be a champion or a victim; you can’t be both. Ask yourself: Is America worth saving? If yes, then what will you help save the republic? Doing nothing is affirmation.

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