The Dis-United States of America: 12 Barometers of Trouble

by | Jun 29, 2020 |

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Like millions of other patriots, in one capacity or another I have fought for and served this Great Nation for nearly the entirety of my adult life. My family, friends and professional colleagues know me as a person of common sense, not easily ruffled and by no means a “conspiracy theorist” nor a “black helicopters guy.” I’m a professional, a loyal husband, and a father to four children who have grown to become productive adults in the law enforcement, first responder, forensic, and business communities. I bleed Red, White, and Blue; I believe in our Democratic Republic and what it stands for and I take a knee for no man but God and our Lord and Savior.
While it truly pains me to write this column, my forty-five years of extensive and diverse law enforcement education, training, and experience, along with what I have been witnessing and extensively writing about forces me to report to you this singular and critical observation – The “United States of America” as we have know it, is done. What we have now are the “Disunited States of America.”
Now before you and members of the “Cancel Culture” push back on me for making this observation, consider the following set of circumstances. What has happened and is happening to America did not occur overnight. Politicians and media pundits who emerge from their caves of isolation and ignorance will occasionally attempt to beguile us with their trite “Wake-Up calls” when referring to sudden “alarming events.” They paint our chaos, riots, lootings, burning of businesses and churches and the vandalism and tearing down of historic statues as “aberrations.” This is not only a mindset of pure ignorance, but in some cases an attempt to assuage us into thinking that there are only a few “disgruntled anarchists and criminals out there” who seek to chip away at the foundations of the American Democratic Model of Freedom. In reality, such is far from the truth and don’t you fall for it for one minute.
Intelligent historians and military experts have long said that America will never be vanquished by our adversaries invading our shores. America can only be defeated by other “Americans.” While the history of the Great American Experiment in Democracy” was born out of conflict and the blood of American patriots, we as a democratic nation are too grounded in the “democratic process” and the peaceful transition of power to enter haphazardly into a national civil war, fighting over the soul, values and a specific political ideology. Our external, historic enemies have known this for years, so instead of breaching our shores ala a Normandy-style invasion, they have patiently planned and successfully executed a multi-phasic design to destroy America from within. Their strategic plan involves Americans versus Americans. 
Those ignorant of U.S. history and Marxist, Fascist and National Socialist writings and ideology either don’t see what is happening, or don’t want you to realize what is slowly but surely happening across our country. The phased plan involves disinformation, disillusion, chaos, and “normalization” in America. Let me explain.
Disinformation and disillusion – begins within our educational system from elementary school through universities, where our children and young adults learn the “fake” revisionist history of America absent real facts, the totality of the evolving American circumstance, the intents of our Founding Fathers and the context as to how and why America evolved into a Democratic Republic. They are not taught how Africans sold other Africans into slavery; only that some regions of the evolving nation became slave states and that some of our Founding Fathers had slaves. They are never told that some Blacks in America also owned or traded in slaves, or that historically, nearly all nations of the world practiced the slavery trade. They have no idea what Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation is and make no connection between that pivotal document and the Juneteenth celebration. They are ignorant, or silently tolerant that the largest slave nation in the world remains to be Saudi Arabia with over 20 million indentured slaves of all races. This observation in no way seeks to excuse nor mitigate the horrors of slavery; it simply serves to bring appropriate context to light. 
Our educational system is designed to continuously remind ignorant and impressionable young students, absent context, and facts that Americans are bad people. We are conquerors and oppressors, we were slavers, we are racists, we are selfish, we are uncaring. 
Our nation’s history of conflicts for freedoms for ourselves and other nations has been so subverted, buried or completely erased from revisionist history that students today do not know when or what issues brought about the Civil War, or even when that internal conflict took place. Likewise for World Wars I, II or the Korean Conflict. They have no idea that millions of Americans not only fought for American freedoms, including people of color within our nation, but went forth to foreign shores to fight and die so that others could be free from oppression.
The striking evidence of the ignorance of our children and young adults’ knowledge and understanding of our own history is in our faces right now as we see youthful protestors easily encouraged, manipulated, and directed by sly avowed Marxists, Fascists, leftist National Socialists, and anarchists to deface, and tear down statues of our Founding Fathers. Statutes and monuments of Abraham Lincoln, whose Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves and was a direct cause of his assassination, and the famed Massachusetts 54th, a black Union Army regiment who fought for their own freedom in the Civil War have been horribly defaced. 
In league with disinformation is the disillusion component. The newly formed “Cancel Culture” stresses that it is bad to be “nationalists,” proud of our nationalist heritage as a free people.

The terms “America First” and “Make America Great Again,” have been hijacked by the Marxist-inspired “New Progress Left” and New National Socialists, to now mean “White Nationalism.” 

Every Marxist, Fascist, or National Socialist movement must have a “class struggle” component. Therefore, The terms “White Privilege,” “systemic racism,” “economically disenfranchised,” “the elite rich,” “Eat the Rich,” and others are deliberately inserted in the rhetoric of protestors and placating politicians. The objective to create the division and separation of Americans by Americans is key if America is to be upset. Race verses race, and rich versus poor, exacerbate our historic political divisions. 
We no longer have political parties with opposing views on how America should best be run for the benefit of its people. We now have drastic divisions in ideology and mindset where each side is seen and treated as “the enemy” and no bi-partisan compromises can ever be reached on the most important issues affecting all Americans such as our national safety and security; our military, our borders, our economy, our infrastructure, our health system, our criminal justice system and others. 
Since our educational system amazingly no longer teaches civics, our children, young adults and incredibly our own dysfunctional elected politicians have little to no sense as to how local, state and federal governments function, what our civil rights are and are not, where our freedoms come from, the Rule of Law, who protects and enforces our Rule of Law, and respect for authority. This intended plan for ignorance is critical at the phases of disinformation, disillusion, and later chaos.
Our nation’s enemies know that it is easy to destroy what you don’t know or understand when you have a willing, uninformed, disillusioned internal army to do your bidding. The civil unrest and in fact armed rebellion and insurrection that we are all seeing today was sewn over the past forty years. We allowed strangers who do not share our values to educate and mold our children because we were to disengaged in working hard to feed our families. This is our fault and we need to “own” that.
Chaos – A Democrat strategist once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Crises can be small or large, but with the right fuel available, small crises can easily be manipulated so that they ignite and explode into conflagrations. As I wrote in my popular book, The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” in the “Hands up; don’t shoot!” officer-involved shooting of black adult Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO in 2016, the “Hands up; don’t shoot!” scenario never factually happened. It was an admitted lie by Brown’s co-conspirator, which was quickly seized upon by the avowed Marxist, Black Nationalist, militant group Black Lives Matter organization and then marketed, monetized, and distributed worldwide by a complicit and supportive liberal mainstream media. As a result, there were protests, widespread civil unrest and in the City of Ferguson’s case, mercenaries directly funded by identified, organized third party actors and agitators ransacked, looted, and burned down black owned businesses. 
The most recent sparks that have ignited a national powder keg have been the officer-involved deaths of blacks George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. Again, both deaths were immediately seized upon by Black Lives Matter, the Fascist group Antifa, and anarchists, resulting in the deaths of more innocent people, the murders of and injuries to, hundreds of law enforcement officers, the vandalism, looting, and arson destruction of scores of businesses, government buildings and police stations across the country.
Exacerbating the chaos is our nation’s current bout with coronavirus, which has affected millions and hospitalized, and killed hundreds of thousands of our citizens. COVID-19 has halted our once-thriving economy, sent our historically high minority employment numbers into a downwards tailspin, and has physically isolated Americans with “Stay In Place” edicts and orders (SIPs), which have challenged the civil rights of millions of our citizens.
Never in the past 160 years of our nation’s history since the advent of our pivotal Civil War has there been so much division in our governments, between our politicians and our citizens. The mere mention or appearance of our President, other political figures, media pundits, athletes, or celebrities on our various forms of news and social media brings forth a torrent of vicious rebukes and upon occasion, death threats. The self-created, self-important “social media influencers” and fake “social justice warriors” have formed a “Cancel Culture” that seeks to shame and destroy anyone, or corporation who disagrees with what they state the national politically correct rhetoric, or mindset should be.  
America has become beset by the violent rhetoric and actions of Marxist Black Nationalists like Black Lives Matter, Antifa Fascists and New National Socialists who threaten to “burn down” our Democratic system of government, the Rule of Law and the very infrastructure that have historically protected Americans and previously prevented us from being overtaken and ruled by oppressive Hitleresque, Stalinist and Maoist dictators. 
Our federal, state, and municipal “leaders” in ever-growing numbers are so weak and dysfunctional that our federal government has become permanently hamstrung and is nearly ineffective in moving our country forward. Despite the good intentions and actions of some American Patriot politicians from both sides of the isle, their voices are largely drowned out by the angry mob and those corrupt, unethical, and power-hungry politicians who placate or openly support and encourage the mob.
The Deep State and covert transnational criminal enterprises such as convicted felon George Soros’s Open Society and his uber-secret Tides Foundation successfully conspire to subvert America’s progress for their own selfish gains by obstructing the current administration and funding the revolutionary actors I have just described. 
The current American landscape that the political actors and urban terrorists have created is surreal and is reminiscent of Italy under Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s – 1940’s. Good Americans are afraid to speak their minds amongst friends and work colleagues. People today worry about posting even the most innocuous comments on social media for fear of being shamed, unfriended, disowned, fired, or have their lives and those of their families threatened. The residences of the “politically incorrect” are set upon and vandalized under cover of darkness by masked mobs. The windows and walls of businesses, police precincts and government offices are vandalized with death threats and smashed as in the time of the Nazi’s Kristallnacht. 
People who believe that one has to be a white supremacist to be a National Socialist are indeed uninformed and naïve. The acronym NAZI is German for “National Socialist Workers Party.” Adolph Hitler was a socialist who happened to be a white supremacist, not the other way around. Any student of real history knows this. America is now full of “New National Socialists” and Fascists of all races and colors. We have now become who and what we once fought against.
The flames of revolution are fanning in America’s major cities, predominately managed by left-leaning politicians supportive of a constituency favoring radical changes in the very fabric of our Democratic “identity.” Like dominos they fall; New York City, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Oakland, all the way to our nation’s capital Washington, DC. Police are ordered to stand down, “Autonomous Zones” are established and the cycle of chaotic violence begins anew. Police figuratively are now the ones pleading “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Their weak mayors and puppet police chiefs have disempowered them to the point where they have been forced to abandon their own precinct stations. Police no longer respond to violent crimes in progress and must embarrassingly rely on the pity of armed civilians to escort them in and out of the very neighborhoods they formerly protected. Obviously, if the police cannot protect themselves, they cannot possibly protect us or our Rule of Law. This is pure insanity. 
In the very seat of American government, an autonomous zone was created and occupied in Lafayette Park, directly across the street from the White House. Statues were defaced and toppled.

As a defiant “in you face” insult to our President, a plaza facing the President’s White House windows is painted in large letters in the name of the Marxist Black Lives Matter separatist organization with the full approval of the district’s mayor. Keep reading for the 12 Barometers of Trouble:

12 Barometers of Trouble and An Approaching Storm

    1. Our Congress and Senate consistently canceling out each other’s legislation.
    2. Government’s inability to destroy The Deep State and prosecute its actors.
    3. The so-far successful plan of the Black Lives Matter movement and its political supporters to disenfranchise, distance, defund and dissolve law enforcement who protects and enforces our Rule of Law.
    4. Government’s ineffectiveness to tear down our two-tiered justice system which protects the political ruling elite at the expense of common citizens.
    5. A newly developing, destructive “Restorative Justice System,” which releases violent felons back into society, establishes “Zero Bail” as a norm, and provides no behavior modification of nor penalties for law breakers, including gun violence predators.
    6. Ever-increasing gun, ammunition, and tactical equipment purchases by registered gun owners in response to safety concerns and restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights.
    7. Increased requests for concealed carry permits and a significant upsurge in people visiting and practicing at local gun ranges.
    8. Significant increases in troubled urban city law enforcement officers retiring and/or laterally transferring to safer and more welcoming jurisdictions.
    9. Significant drop in citizens applying for law enforcement jobs.
    10. Disengagement – Polls historically find that 20% – 24% of Republicans and conservatives do not vote in major federal elections. These days, elections are won by single-digit percentages.
    11. Federal, state, and local governments’ inability to rapidly address violent civil unrest and acts of domestic terrorism.
    12. Mass exoduses from liberal and politically oppressive cities and states for safer and more welcoming cities and states.

The Advent of “Political Zones”

I pessimistically prophesize that no matter which party wins the Presidency and Congressional and Senate seats this coming November, we are far too gone now to maintain our valued title as “The United States of America.”

Our nation’s current architype is increasingly becoming friend against friend, children against parents, brothers against brothers, politicians against politicians, race against race, poor against the rich, and even states against states. Does this new phenomenon portend America’s next antebellum period? 
Idealistic politicians seeking to motivate and encourage us to stand together, while well-intended are blind to the barometers of change. While we will continue to fly a flag that symbolizes 50 stars of our “United States,” in reality, it is a quickly dying dream. If there is clearly no one or things that can unite us, then we are sadly left to experience a new reality paradigm of “political zones.” 
The recent establishment of “autonomous zones,” in Seattle, Portland and Washington DC created and inhabited by leftists, Marxists, Fascists, separatists, and anarchists albeit temporarily successful, points towards a new model that cannot be ignored. Police were removed, armed insurrectionists immediately filled the void, quickly establishing draconian “stop and frisk” check points, business owners were extorted, and neighborhoods and police stations were looted, vandalized, and burned with the tacit approval of city leaders, while state and federal authorities stood by and did nothing.

Overnight, the “United States of America” became Venezuela, Cuba, China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union. That is not the United States I and my family and friends want to live in. And we won’t!

Consistent with my 12-point barometer, I foresee the mass exodus of good American citizens and patriots out of these oppressive and unsafe political zones to more welcome and hospitable political zones where they can live freely and safely sans oppression. Conversely, those desirous of a Marxist, Fascist, or separatist utopia will gravitate to those zones which support that model, filling the void of families and businesses who have left. 
Given the current divisive political atmosphere, it is highly unlikely that leftist, socialist politicians will be voted out of office. They are ensconced, supported by “give me everything for nothing” supporters and funded by covert, anti-democratic organizations. 
Based upon my experience and observations, if we continue down our present path, America’s future as a unified nation is bleak. We will be living a charade existence as a “unified” nation that will quickly degenerate to a Third World system of government. American patriots will not tolerate this. They will quickly come to the realization that money isn’t everything and family, freedom and personal safety come first.  
What course will you chart for America?
Only Americans and not politicians have the ability to chart our nation’s future course. Will we re-engage and use the power of our vote to defeat the internal and external actors and insurrectionists who openly seek to “burn down” the American Experience and create a Marxist and Fascist-inspired draconian Third-World government ruled by benevolent dictators? Or will we disengage and allow politicians like those we have seen in Seattle, Portland, NYC, and Washington DC to acquiesce, enable and ratify that form of oppressive government. It is time for American Patriots to regain control of our sinking ship. If not, we will soon become a ship of fools.

Dr. Ron Martinelli

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and retired police detective with the San Jose (CA) Police Department. Dr. Martinelli directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations & Independent Review Team and is the author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police.”

The Show: A Thread of Evidence deals with real crime stories, their victims, violators, cops, and forensic investigators who solve those crimes and bring the bad guys to justice. Go out onto the mean streets, visit the crime scenes and work in the forensic lab with your host nationally renowned forensic criminologist and investigator, DrRon Martinelli.

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Kevin Fagalde
Kevin Fagalde
1 year ago

Ron, I appreciate your voice of reason and am hopeful that people wake up to what’s happening!
Everyone needs to vote to protect our freedoms and preserve liberty, save our great nation!

Sam Walter Shabatura
Sam Walter Shabatura
1 year ago

Ron, Excellent article and on point. Its time for all silent patriotic Americans to be vocal and involved. I’m a first generation American. My family was persecuted and escaped the tyranny of a socialist regime. If we don’t stand up to this lunacy we will certainly be a true 3rd world nation very soon.. WE need to keep our traditions and culture as Americans.

1 year ago

Thank you for your article, Ron. I sincerely doubt that it will be read or considered by those who need to read it the most. My recent experiences are such that as a nation, we’ve gone beyond the ability to have discussion and rational debate. People are willfully ignoring rationality in favor of their favored and emotional reaction. Because all of this stems from a deeply broken spiritual condition, nothing short of severe intervention will have much effect. And this is both the scary and awful truth of our situation – bloodshed is not only imminent but I fear *required* to shake a lot of them out if their trance.

Phil Flores
Phil Flores
1 year ago

Dr. Ron, I am proud to call you friend. You are an undeniable voice of calm and sensibility. You posts and commentaries are sound and vivid. One only needs too read with an open mind to see what is happ[ening to these United State. It is clearly not the United statess I was born in or grew up in. I have witnessed the demise of a once great nation. I fear your words are true and we are about to lose everything we cherished in this country.
Please keep writing. I look forward to your sage words .
Phil Flores Retired SJPD

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