The Elon-12 Chronicles, No. 5: I Disappeared Myself Into Madness

by | Apr 18, 2022 |

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Why am I feeling more determined right now? Maybe it’s remembering more about her and the two days we had together before we were snatched apart. Yes, I remember that now in more detail, how they tore us right out of each other’s arms. Oh, God, that’s what I am always glimpsing in the darkness of this damned place — her face as she is being pulled away from me. She is looking at me with an expression of…I dare not name that wonderful expression on her face for fear you will think me foolish…for fear I am being foolish and even stupid for how I feel about her and imagine us.

I swear to you, this cold black room lights up when I imagine her, and then when I glimpse the fleeting image of her face, it grows dark in here again, all around me again, as she recedes. She is a vision so bright she gives me light in the darkness in a room with no window and no lights turned on — and if that seems crazy to you, then you are missing the most important point of all. It’s the point I missed my entire life until spending two days with her…

I know until now, I’ve been thinking and writing like a crazy person. And now I’m facing myself, and that’s lifting the insanity I’ve been enveloped within. I have so betrayed my values as a physician, and so betrayed my patients, their families and friends, and the whole of society. My mind couldn’t stand it, and so I lost it.    

No, I’m not the victim of some mass psychosis. They didn’t hypnotize me or make me crazy with newfangled propaganda. They threatened me with losing my identity — my career as a doctor, even my medical license — and I clung to that identity at the expense of my honesty and honor. Then in shame and confusion, I disappeared myself into madness.

I blamed the Elon-12, that nanotech creepy thing inside my brain and mind. I told myself it was making me come apart emotionally. Then I blamed my condition on what they are doing to me now — it feels like for months and months. I blamed my condition on everything and anything…except myself. I know it now: Responsibility can have no “ifs, ands, or buts” because for every one of those excuses we lose a piece of ourselves.  

So it’s not the nanomachine, the Elon-12 inside my head, and it’s not being locked up in solitary. It’s not a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign that drove me out of mind.

Maybe you have felt this yourself, but it feels new to me. I feel remorse, an unspeakably deep and torturous regret. Not irrational guilt, but a genuine remorse rooted in the reality of what I have done.  

Do any of you know or share my feelings? It’s as if I am making myself clear to myself for the first time. It’s so easy to blame circumstances for how we conduct ourselves — but I chose to betray everything admirable about being a physician, a healer, a good human being.  

I could have refused to go along with jabbing my patients, making them into GMO experiments. I knew better, but I dreaded being fired from my clinic and hospital. If I dared to say or write anything about our betrayal of our patients, I’d never again be named a Best Doctor. Yes, that’s how shallow I became; I did not want to go out of favor. 

More terrorizing to the core, I saw what they did to my colleagues who dared take a stand. They destroyed them professionally. So I sold out. I corrupted our sacred patient-physician relationship—our pledge to do no harm and to inform our patients about the dangers of any of our treatments. I told lies that there are no effective treatments for COVID. I refused to give lifesaving treatments when I knew they were available. 

You see how clear my thinking has become. 

What is making me change so drastically? Maybe I’m just sick of hiding from myself, huddled inside myself here in the dark. They say there’s nothing worse than solitary confinement in total darkness, but I think it gave me comfort — that and my craziness gave me comfort. Now I do not care how uncomfortable I become. I will no longer let them shred my soul. 

It’s more than remembering her that is reviving me. I confess to still being governed by my circumstances. In a confinement so total, no one can spiritually escape entirely from captivity. The soul cannot insulate itself from life. In the last few weeks, they have given me a bit of light, and turned on the dirty bulb in my ceiling for a few hours a day some days. They’ve even left a pad of paper and pencils that they take away when they turn out the light again. I have to shove it back under the steel door. Maybe this is their way of getting me to write the confession I refuse to them. Maybe they hope I’ll write something to incriminate myself or even her.  

Knowing I have the chance to write when they turn on the light and shove the pad and pencil under the door, I store up my thoughts in my head until I feel like I will burst with them. Then, the minute the light goes on, I start writing down all that I have crammed into my memory since the previous day. It’s almost like a purge. 

I wish I could get a note to her. I hope she can forgive me. I want to say to her, “You do not know how bad I am.”

I do not try to forgive myself. How can anyone forgive himself for silently participating in mass murder? Giving those injections. Refusing to give lifesaving treatments. Not even letting our patients or friends know the truth.  

I have asked God for forgiveness, but so far have heard nothing in return.

Listen to me, all of you, starting with my colleagues. We have been committing crimes against ourselves, our patients, and humanity. Stop everything else you are doing. Forget about the forgiveness stuff I’ve just been mumbling about. Work on facing the truth, and that in itself will begin to set you free. That’s the change in me. I’ve made a decision to face the truth about myself. 

All of us have sacrificed something of our integrity to the masters of COVID-19. All of us must face that truth! I am a medical doctor, and I knew better — and I let them stick experimental codes of RNA and DNA into my children to force their bodies to make a deadly spike protein. I let them inject a billion chemical contraptions into the arms of my children — nanotech monsters invisible to the naked eye and much more dangerous to them than COVID-19 itself. The only deaths of children caused solely by “COVID-19” are from the jabs that inflict a variant of COVID upon them. What punishment could possibly fit a father allowing such a thing — infusing hordes of genetic timebombs into my own children, now ticking away inside them?

What must I do? What must any of us do — to make up for this cowardly sacrifice of our own children?

I am beginning to understand. This is no longer about how bad I am or whether I can be forgiven. This is about one thing and one thing only. Now that I have faced myself, what am I going to do about it now? Now is all that matters! 

They have turned the light off.  

I must shove my notes and two pencil stubs back under the door.


These anonymous Elon-12 Chronicles are being actively extracted from heavily encrypted and somewhat corrupted files hacked from a federal site maintained by Homeland Security.

As we all know, Elon-12 implants and other technology not only empowered the human brain with AI, but also changed the human experience of time and reality. If these chronicles seem to come from the remote past, they could as easily have originated in the future, or both. Because of how Elon-12 reshaped our sense of reality—physical, psychological, moral, and spiritual—we can only hope that our brains, if not more advanced as planned, can at least be restored to a semblance of wholeness.

With the hope of reclaiming our individual integrity, we dedicate our work on these documents to humanity. To protect our mission, we must, like the as-yet-unidentified author of the chronicles, remain anonymous.

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