The Feasibility of Gene-Engineered Mosquitoes Spreading Gain-Of-Function Viruses as CCP’s Novel Bioweapons

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It’s well known that mosquitoes can spread certain viruses. However, have you thought about novel bioweapons using mosquito-borne viruses through mosquitoes? One animated video on YouTube elucidates a bio-attack against kids and adults, which is caused by gain-of-function viruses transmitted by gene-engineered mosquitoes (the English subtitles by @nuomt on Twitter).



The video is created by a CCP-supporting company ( It also circulates in media throughout China. Without CCP’s instruction or approval, such content can’t survive, and the company would be shut down due to strict censorship and punishment. Therefore, is it sci-fi or feasible in reality for the CCP regime?

Technically, the feasibility of the novel bioweapon described in the video requires three essential factors:

1. Gain-of-function mosquito-borne viruses;
2. Mosquitoes with lab-acquired viruses;
3. Amplification of gene-engineering mosquitoes.

First, let’s take the Zika virus as an example. According to WHO, the Zika virus poses a global health threat with established Aedes aegypti mosquitos (AKA yellow fever mosquitos). It is a cause of microcephaly in the infant, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and even death.

In 2017, one article titled “A single mutation in the prM protein of Zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly” was published in Science magazine.  ( In the article, a group of Chinese researchers from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the China Academy of Sciences have successfully enhanced the neurovirulence of a low-virulent Zika virus strain by a generation of certain identified single amino acid mutations using human cells and mouse models.

Note, the principle investigator Cheng-Feng Qin is a leading military virologist who is also deeply involved in the development of the COVID-19 virus. This work is sponsored by multi-Chinese national grants and awarded by Beijing Government in 2020 ( It shows the feasibility of gain-of-function mosquito-borne viruses in China.

Second, one article titled “Aedes mosquitoes acquire and transmit Zika virus by breeding in contaminated aquatic environments” was published in Nature Communications by another group of Chinese scientists in 2019 ( It demonstrates that Aedes mosquitoes can be infected by the Zika virus when breeding in urine or sewage containing low concentrations of the virus. The CCP government-sponsored project suggests the feasibility of mosquitos with lab-acquired viruses.

Third, in 2012, the world’s largest “mosquito factory” was built in Guangzhou by the CCP government with Dr. Zhi-Yong Xi, a leading scientist of gene-engineered mosquitos. As a professor at both Sun Yat-sen University in China and Michigan State University, Dr. Xi has developed a combined strategy to reduce Zika and Dengue virus by eliminating mosquitos: To infect male mosquitos with Wolbachia (a type of bacteria co-existing with 20-75% of all insect species), then mate with females to cause infected and unhatched eggs (

Additionally, low-dose radiation is applied to further sterilize females. The factory could produce 5 million gene-engineered mosquitos per day  ( Although the potential risks involving eco-system imbalance (, similar mosquito factories have been established in Brazil, Mexico, and other countries, with collaborators like WHO, International Atomic Energy Agency, Bill Gates Foundation and US Agency of International Development. According to Dr. Xi, over 90% of the researchers in this international project are from China, while the CCP government is the largest sponsor (

It indicates that CCP-dominated gene-engineered mosquito factories are all over the world, with a very strong capacity for production. The three factors have been accomplished by multiple Chinese military-civil fusion projects with CCP’s tremendous support.

Therefore, what is the motive to promote the video? One reasonable possibility is to engage in cognitive intervention. Remember the principle of CCP’s propaganda: To blame America for everything. What if mosquito-borne viruses are weaponized by CCP?

Will Xi Jinping consider deploying it, like the COVID-19 virus, to damage the world? If so, according to CCP’s logic, it would be better to brainwash people gradually in advance!

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Dr. Li-Meng Yan

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a medical doctor, Ph.D. virologist and independent coronavirus expert. She was educated at two top medical schools in China, Southern Medical University and Central South University. She was also a Post-doctoral Fellow in the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Because of her extensive professional network and scientific evidence, Dr. Yan has the distinction of being the only Chinese insider in the west with firsthand knowledge about the true nature of the virus as well as the CCP’s deceptive methods used to disguise their international bioweapons research.

Since escaping from Hong Kong on April 28, 2020, she has been interviewed four times by the FBI, including an FBI virologist, and each time she has been deemed credible.

Dr. Yan had spent five years researching influenza vaccines when, in January 2020, she was asked to investigate the ‘Wuhan Pneumonia’ that was sweeping that city. With that, she became one of the first scientists outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology to analyze SARS-CoV-2. From her WHO H5 Reference Lab at HKU, she determined conclusively that the virus was engineered in the lab to be an unrestricted bioweapon. She also determined through her investigation that the spread of the virus in Wuhan was not the result of a “lab leak.”

Recognizing the great danger posed by the virus and the CCP plot to cover up its nefarious activities, Dr. Yan fled to the United States to reveal the truth to the world. Since coming to America, Dr. Yan has been the primary author of three research reports detailing the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2. Her other accomplishments include a patent-pending universal influenza vaccine as well as highly recommended articles on SARS-CoV-2 in Nature ( and The Lancet Infectious Diseases (

Dr. Yan has attracted worldwide media attention, being interviewed by major news outlets in India, Spain, Japan, Italy, and across Asia. Examples include The Washington Post, FOX NEWS, NEWSMAX, The John Bachelor Show, The Daily Mail, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and ITV in the UK.

Listen to Dr. Li-Meng Yan's show at 4 pm on Sat and Sun, and also available on podcast. You'll hear Dr. Yan's views on the latest news and interesting topics, as well as exclusive intelligence about CCP, and the World Geo-Political situation.


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Leo Le
Leo Le
16 days ago

Hello Dr.Yan,
Thank you for your information.
I have found Bill Gates’ blog ” This factory breads 30 M mosquitoes per week. Here’s why”

In my mind, “mosquitoes factory” are out of his field. Why he (Bill) wrote the article and post out? Did he really to fight against dengue and other deadly viruses?
I hope you read through Bill’s Blog.

Thank you again.
Have a nice day.

p. gutierrez
p. gutierrez
14 days ago

You need to read the WHO and FDA websites regarding genetically bred mosquitoes. China has more to fear from the WHO and FDA, than we have to fear from China.

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