The Global Western Cabal End Game

by | Jan 25, 2022 |

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I keep hearing that behind the scenes, Barack Obama is secretly running the United States. While I don’t doubt that Barack Obama still has a lot of political pull, I think calling him the behind-the-scenes leader misses the point. Our country is not run by a person, but by a globalist, Western cabal. This cabal has two core beliefs:

1) The world lacks the natural resources to support the world’s population at anything resembling a Western lifestyle (they believe trying to do so would cause cataclysmic damage to the Earth’s environment), and…

2) Any system in which people other than the ‘moral and intellectual elite’ get wealthy is inherently and irredeemably corrupt.

In free markets, the wealth goes to those who produce the things other people want instead of to the ‘moral and intellectual elite,’ and as a result, the cabal has a natural hatred of free markets. Free markets also grow over time. The cabal wants a ‘sustainable’ economy, which is one that does not grow and that perhaps even shrinks to whatever they consider a ‘sustainable’ size.

Trump, being a capitalist, is the antithesis of the cabal, which explains the level of hatred they had for his Presidency.

These people believe themselves to be the rightful owners of the wealth they take, and view the systems from which they take wealth as irredeemably corrupt. To them, using corruption to weaken a market economy transfers the wealth of that economy to its rightful owners while also working to weaken the market economy – it’s a win/win.

Once we understand that there is a globalist, Western cabal, suddenly many of the stories we have seen over the past ten or twenty years make sense. Was the Arab Spring, for example, a spontaneous uprising for Democratic Values, as we were told at the time, or an operation put in place by the global Western cabal to destabilize the Middle East, and to cause the largest migration of people in human history from a culture that was entirely incompatible with the culture the migrants were migrating into.

The Western globalist cabal overthrew Gaddafi in Libya, started the Syrian war, created ISIS (and then defeated it after losing control over it), overthrew two governments in Egypt, gave Iraq to Iran and Afghanistan to the Taliban (and nominally to China). Are we supposed to believe that none of these events were coordinated or planned? Really?!?

We have destroyed the Southern border of the United States. This is but one prong of a systematic attempt to destabilize the United States. Critical Race Theory is another prong, teaching the American people to hate their own country, in spite of the fact that it is the richest, most prosperous, and least racist nation in human history.

Nothing is truly new. WWI destroyed an entire generation of French men, with just under two million French dying during the war. Understandably, the French became pacifists between World Wars, teaching the next generation of French such things as ‘it is better to speak German on your feet, than to speak French on your knees.’ The French students taught that all war is evil, and that in war, the defenders are just as evil as the attackers; that if attacked, the only viable strategy is to immediately surrender. The French were taught that their colonialist past made their nation irredeemable, and that it would be best if France no longer existed. Is it really surprising that when the Germans invaded again, most French units either fled or surrendered upon first contact with German troops?

Now we ‘teach’ generations of Americans that our country is irredeemably evil, and that the greatest threat to our nation is our own people. Does the FBI investigate Islamic terrorists to stop the next 9/11? Of course not – they are too busy investigating parents who object to seeing their children taught that they are evil. We’re doing what France did – the result will be the same.

Wealth is a problem to the cabal (except, of course, their own), so when we look at how Obamacare made health insurance far more expensive (for those who do not have subsidies), while also creating deductibles so high nobody can afford to use their insurance – that was by design. People will spend whatever it takes not to die, so unaffordable medical care reduces the wealth of the American people. 

China and Russia are both on board with weakening the Western World, and, as such, are working with the Western globalist cabal, but neither China nor Russia have the same end game as the Western globalists.

Nor is the Islamic World on board with the Western global cabal. Fortunately, the Islamic World is not unified, but it is a player in all of this. With the United States parking its fossil fuels on the sidelines, suddenly the Middle East can make money hand over fist again. Much of that money will be spent funding terrorism against the Western Powers – further destabilizing the West.

Eventually, the terrorists will get a nuclear or biological weapon. 

Is climate change real? Of course, it is – the climate has constantly been changing. Is the specter of climate change alarmism real? No. And here is a secret:  the cabal does not believe global warming to be a threat. To the cabal, the real threat is wealth, and the desire for natural resources wealth creates. Global alarmism is but a vehicle to limit access to affordable and reliable energy, without which wealth is impossible.

The cabal is using unaffordable and unreliable energy to make you poor.

Does Covid-19 fit in with the Western globalist cabal? It has killed people all over the world and reduced the world population. It has weakened economies (and particularly in the Western World). Covid acclimatized the public into viewing the government as the provider of things, and through that, Covid has radically weakened market forces. Covid has allowed leaders to lock their subjects in their homes, preparing them for totalitarian control. The timing of Covid was also perfect for getting Donald Trump out of office. We know we funded gain of function research, so we know our own government was involved. Covid has the cabal’s fingerprints all over it.

The pandemic is becoming permanent, even as it ends. Why? Because we did not pass the cabal’s election laws. Had we allowed the cabal to make fraud the norm in every state, then they would have been able to throw future elections even without a pandemic. We did not pass those laws so now the pandemic is permanent.

How stupid are the people of the West? We are stupid enough that the globalist Western cabal can tell us that we had the freest, fairest, and most secure election in our history, while simultaneously bragging in Time Magazine about how a ‘well-funded cabal’ successfully rigged the election.  

The same people who tell us they are not cheating elections simultaneously tell us that our people and our institutions are hopelessly ingrained with white supremacy. If both of those things are true, that would mean the global Western cabal wants to let a bunch of white supremacists decide who should run the country.

Let’s be honest. If our societies are baked in white supremacy, then we would run as far away from democratic processes as we possibly could. CRT is completely incompatible with democratic means. If CRT is true, then the people of America and other Western societies need to have authoritarianism shoved down their throats, as the people in those countries are not worthy of having a vote. The only way democracy can be of value is if CRT is false, so when someone tells you that they believe in CRT and that they also believe in democracy, you know they are lying – only a Klansman could believe in both things at the same time.

The truth is that CRT was designed to weaken the Western World. The truth is that our democracy is dead. Whomever the leader of your country is, you can rest assured that they were not elected.

If you live in the European Union, note that the EU does not even pretend to be a democracy. All of its leaders are appointed – none are elected.

I’m sorry, but Joe Biden did not get 81 million people to vote for him by running a part-time campaign from his basement. The notion that he did is absurd. Yes – he got 81 million votes, but they were not cast by anywhere near 81 million voters

Many Americans still think 2020 was a valid election. My message to them is that Bob Dole will vote Democrat in the next election. How do I know that? Because he’s dead.

So what is the end game? The Western globalist cabal wants to rule the world as a totalitarian communist state where the people get only the bare minimum they need to survive, and where the cabal lives in opulence and wonder. China wants to weaken the Western world, and then rule over it (along with the rest of the world). I believe Russia’s ambitions to be more regional, but they want to expand their power base as well.

All of these groups want control. They differ only in what they want that control to look like, and in who they want to be in charge.

Eventually, the Western World will have been weakened enough to compel China and Russia to break off and pursue their own agendas. In the case of Russia, that’s rebuilding their former empire. In the case of China, it is to destroy the Western globalist cabal, and to rule the world.

The only way to avoid a major world war is to stop the Western globalist cabal before a world war breaks out, returning this nation to a free country of free people living in free markets.

In other words, the only way to avoid a major war is to go back to what made this nation great in the first place.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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Jack Bergeron
Jack Bergeron
3 months ago

I agree. What these elites don’t seem to realize is there own well-being is dependent upon a productive, healthy and happy society. Henry Ford realized in order for his car company to be successful he needed workers who could afford the products he was producing. Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple receive an immense portion of their revenue from advertising. Destroy the economy and sales will dry up along with advertisement revenue.

Would anyone whose ancestors were brought here as slaves be better off today if it never happened? Would they rather be here today or back in the homelands of their ancestors?

If we continue on this course the end result will be mutually ensured destruction, but not necessarily from a nuclear holocaust.

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