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October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021

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The Greatest Hits of Communist Revolutionaries – Coming to America

by | Aug 12, 2021 |

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One of the areas where Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin disagreed was over how best to grow communism around the world. Both men believed that capitalist nations should be categorized based on strength, and that the Soviets should focus on destroying the weakest ones first, in a strategy that became known as the domino effect. Trotsky, however, felt that the best way to secure communism within the Soviet Union was to show military and/or revolutionary success abroad, by aggressively toppling states, to bring them into the Soviet fold. Stalin felt that the Soviet Union needed to focus first and foremost on internal security while taking a more opportunistic approach toward spreading communism through the rest of the world.

To put that another way, Trotsky wanted to focus Soviet armies fighting wars of conquest abroad, whereas Stalin wanted to focus the Soviet armies at home, where they could be used to crush any opposition that might arise from the Soviet people.

We now know that the foiled Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping was not the brainchild of violent right-wing extremists, but rather it was planned by the FBI, who then used twelve paid FBI informants to recruit whomever they could find, so that they could then arrest those people. The FBI and its informants planned the kidnapping, going so far as to pay for hotel rooms to allow the people they had recruited (who had no money) to participate.

Fourteen people have been indicted for the failed kidnapping, while the twelve FBI informants and their handlers have moved on to bigger and better things.

The full story of the foiled Whitmer kidnapping plot may sound to some like entrapment, but in truth, the FBI informants never told the fourteen people they recruited into the plot that they worked for the FBI, and it would only have been entrapment if the FBI had told the people they were targeting that they were working for the FBI. In other words, it is entrapment when you tell someone they are an informant, and then arrest them for their undercover actions.

Entrapment or not, the ethics of creating a crime that would otherwise never have taken place, and then recruiting people to commit it, is pretty low. I get going after a known hitman by offering to hire him, and then arresting him when he takes the bait, but going after people who are not criminals by creating an illegal plot and then talking them into joining – that’s pretty shoddy.

There would have been no kidnapping attempt had the FBI not orchestrated one.

Fast forward to January 6, 2021.

The evidence that the FBI may have had a role in orchestrating the January 6 capital riot is still somewhat sketchy (as it was until recently with the Whitmer plot), but a former DEA agent, who was arrested for joining the protest, claims that an FBI informant – who was also at the protest – invited him to attend.

I want to be very clear that where we have actual criminal activity, such as organized crime, violent white supremacist groups, or other legitimate criminal groups, I have no problem with the FBI infiltrating those groups, and using sting operations to take them down. That said, what happened with the Gretchen Whitmer case, and what it appears may have happened with January 6, involves something very sinister: the FBI created criminal conspiracies to then use as propaganda, making ‘violent right-wing extremism’ look like a massive threat, when in reality no such threat existed.

And I’m not even going to get into all of the violent left-wing extremism that rocked the nation for over a year, or the fact that left-wing extremists broke into the Senate chambers on multiple occasions to try and shut down the Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Barret confirmation hearings.

Suffice it to say that while violent left-wing extremism is bringing American cities to their knees (including the nation’s capital), all of the left-wing violence is being dismissed, while the FBI is doing everything in its power to create a false menace of ‘violent right-wing extremism.’

Why is the FBI working to make right-wing extremism appear to be the gravest threat our nation faces? We go back to the difference I mentioned between Trotsky and Stalin, with Joe Biden taking a page out of Stalin – the Biden Administration is taking the position that our military needs to be used to protect the United States from its own people.

Stalin did not actually use his military against his own people, but instead created the NKVD, which, in English, would be the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Nobody knows how many people were in the NKVD (or the KGB, which replaced it), but the numbers run well into the millions, and it was the NKVD that killed most of the 10-20 million Russians that were killed under Stalin.

Hitler modeled the Gestapo after Stalin’s NKVD, using it to round up and either kill political dissidents, or send them to concentration camps (where most of them died).

We have the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI. To quote a Mother Jones article from April 9th, 2021, “Though the Biden presidency is still nascent, the fight against domestic terrorism and extremism has been at the center of the administration’s work so far. Immediately after he was sworn in, Biden ordered his just-appointed director of national intelligence, Avril Haines, to work with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to put together a top-to-bottom assessment of the threat from violent extremists. That report, which came out last month, found that “newer sociopolitical developments,” like the pandemic and the rise of right-wing conspiracy theories, “will almost certainly spur some [domestic violent extremists] to try to engage in violence this year.” Meanwhile, the Justice Department has arrested at least 360 people in connection with the insurrection. And the Defense Department is engaged in its own efforts to address extremism in the military; in early February, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signed a memo directing commanding officers to conduct a one-day “stand down” to discuss extremism in the ranks with personnel.”

I quoted Mother Jones, a left-wing source, to show what the left is telling itself, but I could have used any left-leaning source, including CNN. Some of the things Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have said are even worse.

As the rhetoric about unvaccinated people, Trump supporters, right-wing extremists, and other groups continue to ramp up, with the Biden Administration calling such people ‘enemies of the state,’ and as Biden works tirelessly to convince the public that the greatest threat facing our country are the people who love it most, we can kind of see where things are heading. We are going to witness a political purge.

To see the kind of society these people plan to create, we need look no further than Critical Race Theory.

The ‘theory’ part of Critical Race Theory is not that America is a systemically racist country. Critical Race Theory is, rather, an offshoot of Critical Theory, which is the theory that if you can balkanize a people into separate groups with different identities and get all of those groups to think the majority is oppressing them, they will rip the country to shreds.

Critical Race Theory is nothing more than Critical Theory (which dates back 100 years) applied to the United States – the most racially (and culturally) diverse country on Earth. Critical Race Theory practitioners are not trying to build a ‘better’ or ‘less racist’ society – they are trying to get the American People to rip the United States apart.

Critical Race Theory has elements of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, which is interesting to note because, unlike Stalin or Hitler, Mao did not use a secret police. Mao, in fact, took power by getting different parts of China to eradicate the police entirely, replacing them with ‘community policing.’ The ‘community police’ just happened to be Mao’s revolutionaries. Whatever Mao enforced became law (as per Trotsky, passing laws is not necessary, as whatever is enforced becomes law, independently of what old men in hallowed halls may enact), and as Mao gained control over larger and larger parts of China, he mobilized his ‘community police’ into the Red Army, conquering the rest of China by force.

There is a big ‘defund the police’ movement in the United States, with calls to ‘end traditional policing’ and to ‘replace it with community policing.’ That’s not just a page out of Mao – it is quite literally the mechanism Mao used to take power, and then to kill between 100 and 200 million of his own people.

There was nothing secret about Mao’s killings. He did it in the open – he used his military.

Against this backdrop, we go back to our now ‘woke’ military being ‘taught’ that the greatest threat to the United States isn’t China, or Russia, or some other external threat, but the American people. Our military is being indoctrinated against ‘right-wing extremism,’ with the phrase ‘right-wing extremism’ being painted with the broadest of brushes.

Members of Congress are being accused of Right-Wing Extremism. The Republicans the House Minority Leader put on the January 6th Commission were removed by Nancy Polisi on the basis that she thinks those Republican members, including Jim Jordan, may be complicit. The results of that commission were written before the commission even started – anyone who would dissent with the pre-arranged results was removed.

The January 6 Commission is a sham that will be used to further demonize the Republican Party.

If the political left gets its way, there will not be a viable Republican Party for much longer. Look for Congress to use the commission to talk about removing Republicans from Congress. Look for the rhetoric against Republicans to continue to heat up.

In a future article, I will discuss how Climate Alarmism is a piece of all of this – being used as a bludgeon to make the argument that if we do not go communist, we are all going to die. All of this stuff is related, and if you want to know how much truth there is to the alarmist claims, just look to China, where the CCP is building at least one coal-powered power plant every week. Xi Jinping is not worried about climate change, and he has access to the same science we do. The difference is that he gets his science from scientists, and we get ours from CNN.

People may wonder what kind of communist revolution we are witnessing. Is it Lenin-Stalinism? Is it Trotskyism? Is it Maoism?

The answer is that it is a little of all of those things.

Communist revolutionaries study prior revolutions, and try to learn from them. Our revolution will be all of their greatest hits.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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Kent Colon
Kent Colon
2 months ago

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2 months ago

Frightening times ahead

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