The Legacy of Leftism: Dysfunctionality Promoted as Aberrant Normalcy

by | Jun 17, 2022 |

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Children embrace the present as the stillness of passing days. Hours and days mean nothing to children, as days turn into weeks that become months. 

Children experience life and time as an elongated present-moment. For small children, life is felt as a forever present, a string of nows that resemble the gentle harmony of a tone poem. This is one of the staples of innocence we must protect.

In turn, planning, invocation of things to come, and projections about tomorrow set the standard approach to life of responsible adults. Adults can capture the meaning of passing days by reflecting on the past and what the present means to their future. For adults, a measure of innocence and nobility can be retained in this approach to life, as long as they keep from looking at life through an ideological lens. This has been a time-proven norm for well-grounded persons since time immemorial.

Dysfunctionality Rules Postmodern Life

On the other hand, ours is anything but a normal time. For one, the speed of life is frantic and destructive of any chance that even thoughtful people may have to cultivate nobility. Only the most thoughtful and vigilant people can partially escape becoming tainted by the dehumanization that defines postmodern dysfunctional life. 

In addition, nihilism has eviscerated the idea of normalcy in the eyes of people who promote moral/spiritual aberration as the norm.

The problem is compounded and promoted by the administrative State that is a sadistic slaveholder, displaying the totalitarian impulse of sociopaths, psychosis brought on by cannabis and other narcotics, and conditioned by Marxist envy and resentment. 

Welcome to the postmodern brave new world, a time when dysfunctionality is touted as normal domestic policy and sold to the unsuspecting as the refusal to abide by what detractors of normative morality consider to be Christian values. This is the old adage of taking out one’s eye in order to see an enemy blind. This is the aberrant moral/spiritual dissolution and cultural desert that is our lot to live today.

In our sadistic age, enjoyment of the stillness of passing days is a threat to globalists – internationalists they used to be called – whose singular, obsessive compulsion is to exert control over the human person. 

Millionaire and billionaire globalists and their pauper followers may identify as Marxists, pseudo socialists, and fanatic promoters of scientism, among other fashionable, self-serving monikers. One factor remains constant: they are theatrical harlots who crave money and power. As sociopaths, it is glaringly obvious that they are intoxicated by sadistic control over other people.

The sadistic people who run the global administrative state have tools of torture at their disposal that their perverse cadre long ago lacked: the ability to multiply their kind on-demand like no barbarians at the gates ever dreamed possible, exploitation of dysfunctional lives in order to enrich themselves, and social media censorship as their forum for the creation and promulgation of dysfunctional human lives that take revenge on culture and civilization. Globalists are the best example of malcontents who abhor civilization, what the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset, refers to as mass man.

The fringe and outskirts of society, a world once ruled by lower and upper-class hustlers, cheats, thieves, and drug users, has now moved into the middle class – not to be confused with the center of the social/political spectrum. This is the legacy of leftism. 

The decriminalization of marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and the creation of safe’ places to shoot up heroin is leftism’s idea of justice. These are the same people who promote anti-smoking campaigns, showing shock-provoking images of the damage of smoking, on television. This is more than hypocrisy. It is in spite about the normative morality that has kept the human race from extinguishing itself.

The poet William Butler Yeats was correct in his assessment that “the center cannot hold” in his poem “The Second Coming.” Man is quickly returning to the primitive state of nature: tribal warfare. John Locke is adamant that in the state of nature, cutthroats torture innocence and beauty with fervor and relish.

In a world that lacks genuine leadership: moral, spiritual, religious, cultural, and political, globalists gain the upper hand over unsuspecting people through disinformation tactics and the demonic big lie. These are two effective ways of destroying innocence.

What was until recent times naively referred to as liberalism has now taken off its mask. Ask people on the street what liberalism means, and you’re better off trusting a-pay-for-hire medium to give you the final word on the afterlife and the health of your love life.

The Cloak of Liberalism has been Lifted: The New Face of Bolshevism

Social media and computer technology have enabled the totalitarian impulse to perfect the techniques of terror and censorship that have made Bolshevism successful for the last one hundred and twenty-two years. Bolshevism employs torture and perpetual disinformation campaigns in its quest for power through what it refers to as perpetual warfare.

Post-WWII, Bolshevism found a new home in Western open societies. While Western democracies have always been the ultimate target of Bolshevism, this criminal syndicate lacked the tools to usurp power from the citizens of Western nations. That is no longer the case.

The incessant application of disinformation campaigns for over a century, combined with the newly acquired resources of millionaires and billionaires, has paid dividends for Bolshevism. At least two factors are significant in this new-fangled partnership: the obsessive and incessant drive to execute Marxist envy, resentment, and hatred on a global scale point to violent social pathology.

Secondly, the rich who supply Bolshevism with capital – who until recently were considered the scourge of Marxism for exploiting the poor – demonstrate the quest for power and destruction of morality consistent with social pathology. Both of these currents meet in a middle ground that is fertilized by nihilism. 

Dr. Pedro Blas González

Pedro Blas González is Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida. 

He earned his doctoral degree in Philosophy at DePaul University in 1995. Dr. González has published extensively on leading Spanish philosophers, such as Ortega y Gasset and Unamuno. His books include Human Existence as Radical Reality: Ortega’s Philosophy of SubjectivityUnamuno: A Lyrical Essay; Ortega’s ‘Revolt of the Masses’ and the Triumph of the New Man; Fragments: Essays in Subjectivity, Individuality and Autonomy;Dreaming in the Cathedral and Fantasia: A Novel.

He published a translation and introduction of José Ortega y Gasset’s last work to appear in English, “Medio siglo de Filosofia” (1951) in Philosophy Today Vol. 42 Issue 2 (Summer 1998). 

His book Philosophical Perspective on Cinema will be published by Lexington Books in May 2022.

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