The Machine Is in Control

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Capitalism” is a term used by Karl Marx to describe free market economies. However, it should be noted that “free market” does not imply the exploitation of the poor by the rich or the prioritization of property rights over people, as if it legalizes theft. These assumptions are incorrect.

A free market represents an economy in which the government allows individuals to live their lives as they choose, without unnecessary interference. It is about individual freedom and nothing more.

Did the Industrial Revolution contribute to the wealth we have today? Partially, but it is important to recognize that the term “Industrial Revolution” is somewhat misleading. It was not a cause in itself but rather an effect of various changes taking place.

Before the Industrial Revolution, England was already a prosperous nation, yet in 1776, 90% of the British population lived in conditions that were not significantly different from those of Roman slaves. The steam engine alone did not alter this situation.

What truly brought about change was the recognition that the common people, who resided on lands owned by noble lords and ladies, should not be considered their property. While serfdom had been officially banned in England earlier, its practical effects persisted, similar to how sharecropping perpetuated aspects of slavery in the American South even after its abolition. The end of serfdom in practice occurred when commoners were granted the right to own property.

Once commoners could own property, they gained the freedom to choose where they wanted to live and work for those who offered the best employment opportunities. In most cases, people decided to work for those who provided the highest wages.

With increased income, individuals could afford to purchase more goods, thereby driving up demand and necessitating mass production in factories.

Moreover, the ability to own property also freed people to pursue their ideas and innovations. This led to inventions like the Steam Engine.

As the English people gained their freedom, England witnessed an unprecedented and rapid improvement in the living and working conditions of the common worker, a progress that would later be surpassed by the United States.

It’s worth noting that states in the United States that practiced slavery experienced no per-capita GDP growth. All the growth occurred in states that had abolished slavery. In fact, the South’s delayed abolition of slavery, approximately a century after the North, is a significant reason why the South remains less prosperous than the North today. While some on the left assert that higher education levels among liberals are responsible for the North’s greater wealth, it’s important to acknowledge that many of our major cities flourished under Republican leadership. For instance, as late as 1960, Detroit was the wealthiest city in the world, with its last Republican mayor at the helm. Unfortunately, we are all aware of Detroit’s present state.

One only needs to look at the crime rates in places like New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams recently suggested installing social service kiosks in retail outlets to address shoplifting, offering counseling to potential thieves. Similarly, crime rates in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other leftist “utopias” are concerning.

It was not the Industrial Revolution alone that led to our prosperity — it was the establishment of freedom. Socialism has not brought about equity in cities like New York and Los Angeles; instead, it has contributed to the decline, reminiscent of what happened in Detroit.

Socialism poses a threat to our entire nation.

I find it frustrating when people equate free markets with theft. Free markets are not based on theft, and in fact, they are the only economic system humanity has developed thus far that does not rely on theft.

Socialism entails the government owning and controlling the means of production, and unfortunately, our government appears to lack the competence necessary for effective governance.

When a society reaches the point where it becomes necessary to pass laws that should be self-evident, such as a “parental bill of rights” that clarifies the role of teachers as educators rather than surrogate parents, it is a sign of societal decline. It should not be necessary to remind teachers that the children they teach are not their own. It should not be necessary to make it illegal for teachers to pressure students to change their gender, seek abortions, or engage in activities unrelated to their subjects. It should not be necessary to prohibit sexually explicit performances by trans activists in front of kindergarten children.

Yet, not only are such laws necessary, but in many communities, they fail to pass.

Our country is increasingly resembling Sodom and Gomorrah, and even if we do not face divine punishment, we deserve to. Hell is a place without God, and, consequently, without morality. The political left is not only striving to make the United States a godless nation but is also endeavoring to transform it into a literal hell. If we do not vigorously resist, they will succeed.

Let me shed light on the corruption within Washington, D.C. Do you know why the FBI is investigating parents? It’s because the head of one of the prominent teacher’s unions wrote a letter labeling parents who voice their concerns at school board meetings as terrorists and white supremacists. This letter was sent to the Department of Education, which then transformed it into a speech delivered by the President, making it official policy. Consequently, the FBI initiated investigations into parents as terrorists. Subsequently, the Biden Administration instructed the FBI to manipulate data to fabricate crimes in order to justify cracking down on parents.

In other words, teacher’s unions, representing teachers who benefited from not having to teach during the Covid-19 pandemic, utilized the FBI to criminalize demands for teachers to return to work and to stifle parents who spoke out against objectionable content witnessed during lockdowns.

The situation has deteriorated to the point where schools have become the last place you want to send your children if you desire their education. Our schools have transformed into propaganda centers, indoctrinating our children to become compliant subjects. Consequently, our children emerge from these institutions and protest, demanding the revocation of the very freedoms that facilitated our nation’s immense prosperity and made public education possible.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that when schools adopt woke ideologies, local economies suffer. We are witnessing this firsthand in my hometown of Rochester, Michigan, where the majority of School Board members act in direct opposition to the wishes of parents. The Rochester Public Schools openly display hostility towards parents, blatantly disregarding their opinions. Rochester, which once boasted some of the best schools in the country, now sees its School Board turning them into chaotic entities.

Families aspire to settle in communities with reputable schools, so as school systems collapse, property values decline. If given enough time, the Rochester Public School system will not only harm generations of individuals in and around Rochester, Michigan, but it will also devastate the community. Remember, where schools go, cities follow. If schools descend into turmoil, the community will suffer the same fate. While Rochester, Michigan, is not yet in disarray, failing to reclaim control of the schools will lead to the community’s downfall.

It’s not just limited to Rochester, Michigan. This issue is widespread across cities and states nationwide, with the federal Department of Education imposing woke ideologies onto states, which, in turn, enforce them within local school systems. Rochester may be somewhat unique in that its residents reject woke ideologies (yet are still subjected to them), while many other school systems operate in areas where the majority actually embrace such ideologies. Nevertheless, the destructive impact of America’s school systems on its cities is prevalent everywhere.

Can we stop any of this? That’s hard to say. Understand that whoever wins the Republican Nomination will not be running against Joe Biden but against a political machine consisting of the woke mob, the media, Hollywood, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, and a Presidential Administration that will use state and local prosecutors (including Gretchen  Whitmer in Michigan) to weaponize not only the Federal Government, but state and local governments as well.

Joe Biden is no more the President than John Fetterman is a Senator – he’s a figurehead and nothing more. Whoever wins the Republican Nomination is not going to run against Joe Biden, but against a ruthless political machine that will do whatever it takes to stay in power, and that will then continue to use our schools as a battering ram against our communities, to take our nation down from within.

We are not a democracy. We used to be a Democratic Republic, which means we were a country ruled by a Constitution with a limited government of limited powers, managed by the people we elected. We also used to have the best schools in the world, whereas now we have school systems that are destroying students, filled by ‘teachers’ who have everything but the interests of students at heart.

Did you know that teachers in America’s school systems sexually assault more children every year than does the Catholic Church? The Catholic Church gets all the attention, but the woke idiots sexualizing our children in Rochester, Michigan, as well as everywhere else, are actively abusing our children, and nobody says a word. Why? Because anything that keeps teachers from actually teaching is a good thing for the machine. The machine does not want an educated public, but an obedient one. As a consequence, the woke mob is not one that stands up to the machine, but one that defends it at every turn – often violently. That’s what we teach – that’s what our schools are designed to create, and if our teachers want to molest children, as long as the teachers are on board with the machine, they get a free hand to do so.

What we have today is an all-powerful machine that cares about power and wealth, and that is more than happy to sell the United States and its people out if doing so increases the wealth of the people in the machine.

The machine takes bribes from foreign powers and then runs our country in the interest of those foreign powers instead of in the interest of the American people, and at the Federal level, at least, the Republican establishment is too corrupt to stand up to it. All we get is talk.

Are we going to default on the debt? Ask Xi Jinping. He’s got the machine in one pocket and enough Republicans in the other to swing this thing whichever way he wants it to go. If this is the year Xi plans to invade Taiwan, we’ll default. Some China experts say 2027 is the year, and if that is the case, we will wait to default until then. Our default will be timed to weaken us at exactly the right moment to help China invade Taiwan, and the woke dolts coming out of our schools won’t say a word.

Everyone thinks that China, Iran, Russia, and a host of other countries are creating an anti-American bloc. They are, but understand that China’s enemy is not the government of the United States, but the PEOPLE of the United States. Our government is on China’s side.

The purpose of the War in Ukraine is to both weaken Russia, as well as to force Russia to align with China. The fact that our leaders can also launder our tax dollars through the war is gravy.

What We the People, have to understand is that what gets masqueraded on the left as a series of policies and positions are all really just one giant position encompassing everything else. The machine is the only thing that matters – whether to feed it or to destroy it, to worship it, or to crush it.

The machine wants to destroy our economy, where free people are supposed to be able to freely interact in free markets. If we go back to freedom, we will have the strongest country on Earth again in just a few short years. If we keep ‘teaching’ that free markets are based on theft instead of being the absence of theft, China will rule the world, with our machine acting as little more than Xi Xinping’s lap dog.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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