The Military Purge Continues – Roundtable with the Unlawfully Discharged

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The purge happening within our Armed Forces is of dire consequence. Many highly qualified, extremely loyal, and faithful patriots have been purged from our military due to these unlawful COVID-19 mandates. As of today, there’s been close to 8,800 service members discharged from service to our nation, and that number is quickly rising, all while recruiting and retention rates are abysmal.

All of these Service Members are highly qualified, trained, talented, healthy, and loyal service members don’t grow on trees, unlike the politician’s Private Federal Reserve money that they print at will and send off to foreign nations. Our guests today have come forward to speak out about what has happened to them over the past two years, and how these tyrannical CV19 mandates impacted them professionally, personally, and their families. 

Each guest today represents different subsets within the military and military family. We have SMSgt Jessica Fruth, who served 23 years in the USAF Reserve before being forced to take the uniform off because of the tyrannical mandates. Her last duty position was as the 315th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. Jessica possesses a 2007 Bachelor’s in Psychology, Masters in Health, Exercise, and Masters in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She’s been awarded Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal Air Force Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters.

We also have AZ2 (AW) Logan Tommas Hommel, who served close to 13 years before he was forced out of Service after his chain of command failed to properly process his paperwork to be retained. He was consistently coerced against to get the experimental injection. While COVID swept through his command 5-6 times and took out most of the vaccinated people for 2-3 weeks at a time, Logan never missed a single day, and yet he and many thousands of others were the “single greatest health threat to my shipmates” according to the Secretary of the Navy. Logan had an outstanding record and would have stayed in longer if the unlawful mandates weren’t in place. Logan Hommel’s Instagram:

Additionally, we have the Author, Researcher, Military Advocate, and Military Spouse, Mrs. Janine Guidry. Her husband was recently discharged after close to 16 years of Service in the U.S. Army. Janine has been doing incredible work behind the scenes for close to 2 years with her research and publicly available articles that she’s authored over at Terminal CWO ( She has been highly outspoken about these unlawful mandates upon military Service Members and recently penned an open letter about the recent NDAA which doesn’t equate for the injured, coerced, unlawfully punished, and abandoned Service Members who gave everything to stand up for their Oaths to our Nation. Janine is a warrior advocate for our Military Men and Women.

This episode of The Whistleblower Report is co-hosted by:

David Beckerman, a Major in the USAF, a pilot with 12 years of service and, is currently in on hold at a military school pending the adjudication of his religious accommodation request. 

Mark Bashaw, a prior-enlisted Senior Non-Commissioned Officer & currently Army 1st Lt, Preventative Medicine Officer & Entomologist, with 17yrs of service, who was court-martialed earlier this year for refusing to comply with these experimental CV19 products (mask, test, and injection).

Find out more about Truth for Health Foundation:

Gateway to Freedom Conference: David Beckerman (chronological of the DoD C19 Mandates)

Congressional Petition & Senator Contact Assistance

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