The Politics of Lockdowns and Impact on Shapiro – Mastriano Race

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The countdown of Pennsylvania’s hotly contested gubernatorial race is winding down ⏤ or rather heating up ⏤ to the final two months, and the union machine is at it again. They are loudly declaring their support for candidate Josh Shapiro. The Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals claim they represent more than 9,000 healthcare professionals, but do they? Have unions lost touch with their due-paying members?  

New professional medical groups are forming regularly due to the challenges, mandates, and forced head nodding on state-approved narratives regarding various medical issues and treatment plans over the past three years. I bet the supposed nurses association had to search for their picture-perfect Shapiro endorsement. Groups like “Free2Care” garner 70,000 physicians. They are for free market and transparency in medicine and are fighting for the exact opposite of the Shapiro agenda. 

America’s Frontline Doctors want doctors to be just that ⏤ doctors making the best decisions for their patients without the inference of media, government, and corporate medical complexes. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons clearly state their opposition to covid lockdowns and mandates. With a following across America surpassing millions, these groups are at the national forefront of medical freedom. Looking at groups such as these, it is no wonder that dismayed medical professionals across Pennsylvania are looking for a government more akin to what Republican candidate Doug Mastriano offers; long espoused “Walk as Free People” as his mantra vs. Josh Shapiro.  

Senator Doug Mastriano has been at the forefront of medical freedom issues since his first term in office. This unassuming junior senator rose through the populace by listening to the concerns of regular people and stepping up, sometimes by himself. His famous fireside chats highlighted what many Pennsylvanians were thinking, and he stood for them; for us. He introduced or supported bills repeatedly, trying to give Pennsylvanians their rights back as the GOP talking heads often gave lip service more than action to the needs of the day. 

As healthcare workers flooded the streets asking for exemptions from forced experimental vaccines and other mandates fell on deaf ears, Senator Mastriano put together rallies, connected people, and introduced legislation to help healthcare workers; Shapiro hid, letting every critically-thinking healthcare worker in Pennsylvania down.  

Let’s face the facts: the democrat party has not been a friend to healthcare workers, the average American, or any American who isn’t a gigantic mega-corporation. Case in point? During the lockdown, big box stores were “allowed” to remain open while mom-and-pop stores were shuttered. “Essential” vs. “non-essential” seemed more tied to who you knew in government than anything else, such as PA Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s family cabinet business which remained open during the lockdown. We all know the essential nature of a cabinet during a crisis! They have deceived Americans and are trying to backtrack. 

As attorney general and gubernatorial candidate, Shapiro parades around promising independent pharmacists that he will “lift up shops…and take action to stand up for small business.” Yet, he failed at every opportunity within the last two years. He echoed Alison Beam, a lawyer pretending to be PA Secretary of Health in 2021, in her remark that she has the power to mandate masks, despite mandates not being law since they had not gone through the correct legislative process. He let every business owner across the state of Pennsylvania down and goes after private citizens (think Toni Shuppe of Audit the Vote) who has simply been fighting for our constitutional rights; something that he, as AG, should have been inclined to do himself.

So, back to where we started – why or how would healthcare professionals support Josh Shapiro or any other toeing the line Democrat? Health care professionals should be the shining light when it comes to open discourse, conducting research, and sharing alternative views on treatment plans – every day and especially during a pandemic.

Hasn’t every advance in science and medicine occurred because someone dared to try something new or made a discovery about what didn’t work – and then proceeded to find something that did? Josh Shapiro and union leadership seem to prefer the head nodding narrative and the mandates to support that narrative.

Doug Mastriano advocates the opposite – to walk and talk like free people. Those free people include doctors and nurses and those of us who receive care from doctors and nurses. I don’t know about you. But I’d rather receive care from a free-thinking Front Line Doctor than from an attorney turned “health” czar like Alison Beam or Josh Shapiro. 

It’s not just a matter of freedom. It’s a matter of life and death. My bet is that many of our front-line medical professionals agree.

Image: AP

Dr. Stephanie Coxon

Stephanie Coxon is a mother of five and a medical freedom activist. She sits on the steering committee for PCIC ( and for Right Minded Women.

After graduating at the age of 19 with a BS in Marketing, she went on to get an MBA in International Business. After 13 years of teaching at the collegiate level, she went on for a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Management.

During this period, she also started learning about natural health and was certified as a Natural Health Professional. Continuing down the natural medicine road, she became a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and partnered with an MD to create a practice that focuses on holistic health. Currently, she manages a holistic medical practice and works with people to create a wellness lifestyle and regain their health.

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