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Are Americans paying attention to the impeachment trials? Business Insider says The number of Americans watching Trump’s impeachment hearings on TV pales in comparison to Nixon, and some are worried it could spell trouble for the Democrats.” 
So then how will the Democrats keep the people amused⏤enough so that they will follow the impeachment story as House Managers present their case? The Democrats were doing FOCUS GROUPS in the swing states so that they could figure out how to proceed and what language to use for the impeachment. That in of itself should tell you plenty!
WHY IS THE PUBLIC NOT INTERESTED? Joy Pullmann from The Federalist explains, Does anyone really believe the conclusion of Democrats’ impeachment “inquiry” isn’t predetermined? President Trump was guilty the moment he won the 2016 election — guilty of denying Democrats the massive spoils of federal power. Every moment since has just been searching for a pretext to remove him from office without an actual election. First Spygate, now the “impeachment inquiry.”
WHY THE PUSH TO GET DONALD TRUMP OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE? If Washington ran like a fine Rolex watch – these rabid parasites would quickly become insecure – so the old adage goes – never let a crisis go to waste or baffle them with bullshit! Washington has a need to feel important. The more crises they can create, the more urgencies, the more needed these leeches feel. Donald Trump is a danger to the system. When Trump sees something broken, he wants to fix it. Hell, that is a threat.
But there is a much bigger reason the Left wants Donald Trump out of their corrupt paradise. Trump is changing the spine⏤the backbone of the nation. And he is doing it with the courts. Nearly 1 in every 4 seats on U.S. appeals courts is now filled by a judge appointed by Trump. And then there is the Supreme Court. It gets even more interesting… listen in as Malcolm gives you a play by play!


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Malcolm Out Loud

Malcolm is the publisher of America Out Loud, host of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ and ‘Viewpoint This Sunday.’ He is the founder of America Out Loud Talk Radio and America Out Loud Podcast Network. Malcolm is a Speaker, Author & Founder of Brink Thinking. His previous career as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in marketing and creative director of television and radio advertising spanned over two decades.

Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 after an extensive career in broadcasting and business marketing. He has been a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves bringing some of the world's leading newsmakers and informed discussions on the issues confronting our world and nation. For six years now, Malcolm has been a driving force behind America Out Loud's growth, including bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available today. America Out Loud provides an outlet for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analysis without the usual Progressive Globalist media spin.

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