September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

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The Science of Pseudoscience for Sinister Gain

by | May 14, 2021 |

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If you sit and think about what’s really happening in the world right now, the science of medicine has been sorely compromised. Hiding true scientific facts apparently is part of the new normal, but it risks both your health and freedom. Our best current and accumulating evidence shows that Dr. Fauci and other global-minded opportunists funded research for, and have harnessed, an easily-manipulated virus for sinister gain: the so-called “gain of function” research that likely created the pandemic. Granted, we the people still don’t know the fine details of what really happened in the Wuhan lab, but thousands of people have died from the virus, and millions have had their lives destroyed by government responses to this pandemic. Actually, some good science—in the methodical sense—was applied in the Wuhan lab to create this “novel” coronavirus that has turned the world upside down. Good science, evil outcome. Intentional. Or was it?

Historically, scientific inquiry and discovery have led to much good: cancer treatments, antibiotics, vaccines, robotics. But now science appears to have focused on weaponry and things that work against civilization rather than for it. Was the Wuhan virus manipulated to create an infectious agent specifically for biological warfare? Perhaps the Chinese and their cohorts know, but don’t expect a forthright answer in the near future. The vaccines to “fight” this virus likewise must be questioned, clearly having much secondary gain in the form of money, manipulation, and control of the masses.

The unanswered questions are, was the virus created for the vaccine, and the vaccine for population control? Some evidence does point in that direction. Also, are global elitists such as George Soros and Bill Gates merely capitalizing on the opportunity created by the pandemic? 

These are cases of good science leading to evil outcomes, however, you wish to analyze them. What is most concerning is that the Wuhan viral manipulation actors include the brainchildren of eugenics advocates, such as the Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundations. Did they not fund this research? While some perceive the COVID-19 vaccination program as only a Big-Pharma pot of gold at worst, many others think the plot goes much deeper.

What evidence do we have to support the notion of a deeper conspiracy? In a word, pseudoscience. The constant appeal to “fake science” as a means of controlling our thinking should make us all highly suspicious of their motives. Unless Dr. Fauci has suddenly succumbed to some form of dementia, he seems to have conveniently forgotten all the good science that he once knew, in favor of the new presumptive science of opinion that has no true scientific backing. Think about that. Many former reputable scientists, physicians, and top medical journals are playing the pseudoscience game—whatever that game may be. But the rules seem to suggest that everyone forget the true, hard scientific facts. They aren’t conducive to winning the game. What remains to be seen is whether or not there be any winners at all when the game is played out.

The few professionals who promote integrity in research, and who stand by the best scientific evidence, are fiercely opposed. They are censored, punished, and silenced by the pseudoscience-touting faction who still claim that lockdowns, social distancing, and masking are great ideas.

The woke scientists will tell you there is no treatment for COVID infections, despite all opposing evidence, and despite our long history in medicine of treating viral illnesses. Real science no longer plays a role in establishing pandemic policies; it is the enemy of the rogue state. Said another way, the science of pseudoscience has successfully evolved to the point that the greater portion of the world population has been duped by it. These false advertisers smugly watch as many millions of blind sheep follow phony recommendations, despite harm to themselves. Some call that kind of behavior stupid. World fortune seekers call it fortuitous. 

These counterfeits will continue to prey on Americans and our world neighbors by pushing their fake science as long as the deaf, dumb, and blind continue to ingest their garbage. By squelching all physicians and scientists who resist their planned course of action, the masses will remain as they are: cognitive zombies. We must wake up and acknowledge that a dark side of science is again alive and well, just as it always has been whenever governments have taken control of medicine. We saw it in 1930s Germany, when unethical medical experimentation, mass sterilization, and eugenics thrived under the guidance of the state. Everyone should study this topic. History is now repeating itself.

The whole pseudoscience push can be explained very simply. It is deception. This is an indisputable fact. The pandemic response is undoubtedly tied into the “Great Reset” and one-world order scheme. Don’t expect this pandemic to resolve in the same way all other pandemics have ended.

The game will be played to the end. Therefore we must all play our part. The honest physicians/scientists continue to expose the fallacies of these gamers. Those who have no concept of real science depend on it. Health science now plays an integral role in shaping the corrupt economic and political policies that will surely enslave us if we do nothing.

What can you do? Refuse to live in fear! Stop accepting ignorance as a foregone fate. Study the important lessons of history. Learn some real science, and spread the truth to everyone possible. Live by your words. Recognize that silence, apathy, and inaction are the path to tyranny. Get out of the victim mode. Speak now while you still can. Resist evil! The Bible tells us, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). Only through a determination to recognize and expose the science of pseudoscience can we hope to preserve the freedoms in America that we still enjoy. Will it cost you? Yes, you can count on it. But think of your loved ones. Would you sacrifice for them? Freedom will forever have its price. But the price of slavery is always much greater. Choose freedom. And live!

Dr. Steve LaTulippe

Steve LaTulippe M.D. is a physician board certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a Bible college and seminary-trained ordained minister whose focus was Christian doctrine and Bible interpretation. His medical practice has focused on pain and addiction medicine. His military service includes flying the KC-135 Stratotanker and an RF-4C phantom, then later serving as Chief of Medicine in the Oregon Air National Guard. Steve is currently fighting the battle of cancel culture in medicine, and he has published a book, Unity Without Compromise, as an instrumental tool towards unifying potentially the greatest force on earth—the Christians.

Unity Without Compromise Radio Show host, Dr. LaTulippe, combines his experience as a physician, a seminary-trained ordained minister, and a retired Air Force officer, to boldly reveal the truth, expose lies, and show precisely how we can unite as Christians and Patriots into a powerful force against the present darkness that threatens our God-given freedoms that made America great.

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Scott babb
Scott babb
4 months ago

Good insights thanks for your contribution

Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman
4 months ago

Thank you for this tremendous essay.
And thank you for your service in the Oregon Air National Guard–and service in the ministry.

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