This is the State of Our Union’s Civics – A National Disaster

by | Jul 22, 2021 |

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The battle lines are drawn. As parents continue to discover what was taught to their children this brief past school year, they’re joining a myriad of activist parent organizations like, Parents Defending Education, Moms for Liberty, Parents Rights in Education, No Left Turn in Education, and Parents’ Rights in Education. These, among scores of other quickly forming community-based parent organizations, are taking a strong and determined stand against the racialization of American Civics and brainwashing our kids with Critical Race Theory.

Who doesn’t agree that children are our most important resource?
Who doesn’t agree that children deserve our best as parents and as a society?
Who doesn’t agree that as children learn and grow, so goes the future of our nation?

Well, if you agree with these statements, then why are we indoctrinating young minds with the hate of Critical Race Theory (CRT) practices in our Nation’s schools, both public and private?

Why don’t we know more about what the actual tenets of CRT are and how they are often surreptitiously slid into our children’s “Civics Curricula?”

By the way, do you know what’s being taught in your child’s or your grandchild’s “Civics” lessons?

Well, this is an appropriate point to stop and ask ourselves, “What kind of nation do we want to live in?”

And, we best decide now, for if we don’t assertively answer these self-directed questions, someone else will be making these decisions for you and me, and we’re not going to like the outcomes.

I. The Survey Says…

In 2019, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni published results from their survey entitled. “America’s Knowledge Crisis: A Survey of Civics Literacy.” 

“According to the survey, 

  • 26% of respondents believe Brett Kavanaugh is the current chief justice of the Supreme Court; 
  • Only 12% know that it was the 13th Amendment that freed the slaves in the United States; 
  • 30% think the Equal Rights Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote; 
  • 18% chose Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the author of the New Deal, a suite of public programs enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s; 
  • Over 60% of respondents could not identify the term lengths for members of Congress.”

The Frankly Daniel Show airs on Sat/Sun at 9 AM ET, with an Encore at 4 PM – There’s the gospel truth, the obvious truth, and the truth of the Radical Left. Do any of us know the difference today? I’m Daniel Francis Baranowski, and I’ll be your host in today’s high-stakes, political arena of blood sport politics! Join me on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa.

II. Again, The Survey Says…

The Economist & polled 1500 U.S. Adult Citizens between June 13 and 15, 2021, and asked the question, “Do you have a good idea of what Critical Race Theory is?”  

Fifty-four percent (54%) said “Yes,” and 46% said “No.”

Of the 54% who said they had a good idea of what CRT is, they then asked, “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of critical race theory?”

Of the 54% who said they knew about CRT, 58% have an unfavorable opinion of Critical Race Theory. The breakdown was 53% said, “Very Unfavorable,” with an additional 5% saying, “Somewhat Unfavorable.”

Again, asked of the 54% who say they have a good idea of what Critical Race Theory is, were also asked, “Do you believe teaching Critical Race Theory is “Good for America” or “Bad for America?

Only 37% said Critical Race Theory is “Good for America,” while 55% said CRT is “Bad for America.”

As expected, 85% of those saying CRT is “Good for America” are Democrats and 75% of the Blacks in the survey also agreed that CRT is “Good for America.”

Likewise expected, 88% of Republicans said CRT is “Bad for America,” and 70% of Whites in the survey also agreed that CRT is “Bad for America.”

What does this tell us other than what we’ve already suspected? We’re heatedly divided by politics and race on the issue of CRT being taught to our children.

But remember, CRT isn’t being taught as a competing theory against other theories, nor are the downsides of CRT articulated in lesson plans.

Critical Race Theory is being presented as FACT! It is presented as a TRUTH about America that Whites have kept buried, silent and absent from American history and American Civics.

Racism is inherited and taught from one generation to the next.

III. One More Time, The Survey Says…

In 2021 the Heritage Foundation commissioned a survey from the Feulner Institute to examine responses of “1,003 teachers and 1,012 parents regarding the purpose and content of civics education at their children’s schools.” 

This study and its results are extensive, but I only wish to bring the results from questions on Critical Race Theory to light here.

The first question had to do with the Familiarity with Critical Race Theory.

Question: “In recent years, particular content related to what is called ‘Critical Race Theory’ has been incorporated into teaching Civics. Are you familiar with ‘Critical Race Theory?’”

Thirty-five percent (35%) of Parents said they were familiar with CRT, while 39.8% of Parents answered “No” and 25.2% answering, “Unsure.” 

On the other hand, 43.3% of Teachers were familiar with CRT, while 32.4% of Teachers answered “No” and 24.3% answering, “Unsure.”

The second question was about their opinion about Critical Race Theory.

Question: “Do you have a mostly positive, negative, or neutral opinion about Critical Race Theory?”

Parents, 25.9% positive; 34.4% neutral; 26.3% unsure; 13.5% negative.

Teachers, 30% positive; 30.8% neutral; 28.2% unsure: 11% negative.

What can we conclude from these Three surveys? 

First, there is still a large portion of America who is ignorant as to what Critical Race Theory is. As the new school year approaches, I expect these people will become aware of Critical Race Theory. 

No matter how hard the established Liberal media tries to paint a happy face on CRT or to avoid discussing it at all, it’s nearly impossible to escape noticing the mushroom clouds forming over local school boards as parents assertively pack into school board meetings.

CRT is much like the COVID-19 Delta variant. It’s here; it’s there, it’s everywhere!

Second, of those that have knowledge of CRT, the majority have an “Unfavorable Opinion” of it and think it’s teaching CRT in schools is “Bad for America.”

They believe CRT, taught in any form, can only inflame racial divisiveness, hostile feelings, and eventually racial violence.

Of course, given CRT’s Marxist foundation, this is exactly the purpose of these hate-directed lesson plans that masquerade as “Action Civics.”

Third, the perceptions of whose are CRT knowledgeable correlate with those of their political party and their race. 

The Democrats and Teacher Unions perpetuated school lockdowns spawned thousands of child-unfriendly, online, zoom-formatted teaching programs.

Unquestionably, children needed their parents’ help to participate not only in operating the computer technology, but importantly in the often-fragmented lesson assignments. 

This is when and where parents got an unprecedented, wide-eyed, look at the alleged civics rubbish being taught to their children.

Here’s a truth you can take to your grave; Don’t poke the Mama Bear’s Cubs, and for sure, don’t poke the Mama Bear.”

Their children are coming home from school, telling their mothers what the teacher said about Whites being privileged oppressors. Don’t poke the Mama Bear’s Cubs!

Parents who are going to school board meetings are being told to sit down and shut up! Don’t poke the Mama Bear! 

Fourth, from the National Association of Scholars survey, we should be deeply embarrassed at the outcomes of “Civics” education in America.

Fifth, the two questions I highlighted from the Heritage Foundation’s survey show that 65% of parents didn’t want to claim they knew much or anything about CRT. In fact, 39.8% said they were not familiar with CRT.

By a narrow contrast, 56.7% of teachers claimed unfamiliarity with CRT.

This means the battleground is wide open, and those of us that oppose CRT need to educate and inform both parents and teachers about the evils of this purely corrosive Marxist-inspired ideology.

Additionally, the second question I highlighted shows 60.7% of parents and 59% of teachers have either a “neutral” or “unsure” opinion about CRT.

Problematically, only 13.5% of parents and 11% of teachers have a “negative” opinion of CRT.

We’ll never get all parents or teachers to 100% agree that CRT is evil in any form and should not be taught in elementary, middle, or high school, but we must again educate and inform more parents and teachers that there are only downsides to CRT.

We’ve seen the videos of street reporters questioning on-campus, college students about the simplest civics questions, things they should have learned in 8th grade. The same is true of Geography. Students aren’t only clueless as to why we have 50 stars in the American Flag, but they couldn’t tell the states surrounding their own home state.

By the way, you can go to the National Association of Scholars website, and take a short, 15-question Civics test for fun. Good Luck! 

This is the “State of Our Union’s Civics.”

President Joe Biden and his in-your-face, Progressive Radicals are proud of Biden’s “Executive Order (EO) on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.”

Among many unsupportable statements in this EO is this paragraph, “It is, therefore, the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. Affirmatively advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity is the responsibility of the whole of our Government.”

This EO, coupled with an additional EO  outlining the Federal government’s financial support in assisting public schools in their post-pandemic reopening, has allowed local school boards to use COVID-19 pandemic relief funds for “Race Consultants” with the explicit purpose of designing plans for the inclusion of CRT in the school curriculum.

Furthermore, the Biden Department of Education (DOE) just attempted, in its upcoming grant cycle, to prioritize and approve school grant applications for Federal Funds to install “civics and history education programs that teach critical race theory and the 1619 Project to American schoolchildren.” 

Fortunately, 35,000 angry responses to the DOE’s public notice for comment on its proposed “racial equity” directed program has caused Secretary Miguel Cardona to withdraw the proposal, for now.

This is a wonderful victory because, in the words of Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole, “schools should not be subject to federal curricular mandates, and civics education should be fact-based and balanced without political undertones.”

Rep. Cole went on to say, “I urge the Department [of Education] to refrain from endorsing critical race theory in future grant announcements.

But there’s trouble around the corner! Last month, Senators Chris Coons (D-DE) and John Cornyn (R-TX) and Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Tom Cole (R-OK), and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced the “Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA).”

While the CSDA appears to be a bipartisan attempt to improve “civic literacy,” it’s nothing more than another attempt to sneak in racial activist training by awarding Federal grants to schools invested in Critical Race Theory indoctrination. 

We must pay attention to the movement of this Bill (S.879 – Civics Secures Democracy Act, 2021) through committee and as it comes to the Floor!

Rest uneasy, for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is going to bring it to the floor for a vote. And before he does, we must write, email, and phone our Senators (especially those Republican in name only Senators like John Cornyn, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and the like).

Frankly, I am for abolishing the Federal Department of Education because it’s become the Federal Department of Racist Ideology and is so with each and every Democrat Administration.

This week on The Frankly Daniel Show, I will discuss an amazing racial discrimination lawsuit brought by a White, female, tenured, and very accomplished drama educator in Evanston, Illinois, against a Black, race-radical, District Superintendent and his Critical Race Theory committed School Board in District 65.

If you wish to get a head start on this week’s topic, you can find the lawsuit at:  Deemar v. Evanston/Skokie School District 65; Challenging School District’s Mandating Segregation and Racial Division.

About the Case:

“For years, the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 has been forcing its teachers to participate in, teach their students, and observe programming that discriminates against individuals on the basis of race. Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) filed a historic federal lawsuit on behalf of a District 65 teacher in the Northern District of Illinois to stop District 65 from discriminating against all of its teachers and all of its students on the basis of race through illegal and unconstitutional teacher training, classroom curriculum, and overall policies and procedures.”

She’s represented by the Southeastern Legal Foundation. This lawsuit is in simple English with little to no legalese in it, so it’s very readable and infuriatingly understandable.

With this opening column, I’ve just begun my campaign against racial divisiveness and segregated hatred. Look for Part II of my series on “American Civics Education & Critical Race Theory: A Crisis Primed to be a National Disaster right here on the America Out Loud Network! 

The Frankly Daniel Show airs on Sat/Sun at 9 AM ET, with an Encore at 4 PM – There’s the gospel truth, the obvious truth, and the truth of the Radical Left. Do any of us know the difference today? I’m Daniel Francis Baranowski, and I’ll be your host in today’s high-stakes, political arena of blood sport politics! Join me on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa.

This week’s show is entitled, “Our Problem isn’t Racism, it’s Leftism!” And I suggest you don’t wear socks! What I’m going to share with you will just blow them off anyways! See you on the weekend.


Daniel Baranowski

Daniel Francis Baranowski is a lifelong Conservative. As Registered Respiratory Therapist, he directed departments of Respiratory Care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before joining Project HOPE as their Deputy Director of International Healthcare Education Programs. Daniel holds degrees from the University of Arizona, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University. Currently, he’s a retired Teaching Fellow from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

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