This is What Life Will Be Like Under President Kamala Harris

by | Sep 1, 2021 |

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If it’s one thing logical people can’t argue about, it’s that Joe Biden is highly compromised by China and other One World Government players. So imagining he could be coerced, via blackmail and threats, to make decisions that are damaging to our country isn’t far-fetched. As Americans become ever more fearful of the disastrous results of Biden’s actions, they’ll begin to think anything will be better than Joe. That would be a tragic miscalculation.

Suppose everything we are witnessing today was done precisely to set the stage for Kamala Harris’s emergence? The worse America’s standing in the world becomes, and the direr our situation appears, the more welcomed would be the highly unpopular V.P. If that’s the plan…it’s a brilliant strategy.

In her short stint as Vice President, Kamala has avoided nearly any and all confrontations, commitments to official policies, alignments with Biden, defenses of her President. She has gone to great lengths to shield herself from his most failed policies. That’s not easy to do.

Consider her behavior over the past eight months. Largely absent at the southern border, even though Biden put her in charge of that disaster. Practically mum on Critical Race Theory, except to break the tie vote in the Senate for a Biden nominee who has a background in Marxist CRT. Nearly AWOL on the Afghan catastrophe. Essentially she’s been throwing her President under the bus since day one.

Biden has committed acts so egregious⏤it’s hard to believe they could possibly be unintentional. Yet, it’s become exhausting to hear so many Americans genuinely bewildered by the way he has extricated our troops from Afghanistan. This shows a level of naiveté so deep that it’s clear people have no idea the chaos about to hit. And it means, like the masks most willingly wear even when science proves they do little good, Americans are about to breathe an undeserved sigh of relief when V.P. Harris eventually gets sworn in.

How will Kamala rule? 

Americans are going to hope that Kamala will reverse the tragic path America is on. Realistically, however, one should know what decisions she’s made in the past to understand where she’ll take us moving forward.

My book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, forewarned who Kamala Harris is and how her political ideologies align with leaders of other once-prosperous, now-failed socialist countries.

In 2018 I wrote, “[o]nce the richest country in Latin America, Venezuelans voted for a new leader in the late 1990s. Hugo Chavez promised everything for free, much like the DSA [Democrat Socialists of America’s] are doing now. Ocasio-Cortez and her Democratic Socialist comrades (Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, and Kamala Harris, to name a few) are touting free college and health care, a raise in the minimum wage, free income, guaranteed jobs, etc. Not once have I seen a plan on how they intend to pay for these freebies.”

Chavez also socialized the media, educational system, health care, private industries, and the military. Within several years, “his government took over control of the oil industry, source of the country’s major wealth, and ran it into the ground. By the time people woke up, it was too late.” 

America is long past reaching the infiltration of most of our systems. The Biden administration is now finalizing the weakening of our military to fulfill Obama’s promise to “level the playing field” with mid-East nations. It’s happening right before our very eyes. If Kamala’s past actions are any indication, things will only get worse. And, it’s all intentional.

Compares ICE to the KKK

While her views on socialist platforms are worrisome enough, it’s Kamala’s record on law enforcement that should scare Americans the most. As a U.S. Senator questioning President Trump’s newly-nominated head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), she asked him whether he was bothered by the way “ICE is being used to enforce the laws and [whether he saw] any parallels [with the KKK]? The implication was that ICE is a “systemically” racist organization as are all law enforcement agencies.” 

At the time, Harris was positioning herself for the 2020 presidential race, which makes her earlier behavior in the mid-2000s even more troubling.

Personally championing what was called the “Truancy Law” as the San Francisco district attorney years ago, Kamala “made it a criminal misdemeanor for parents to allow kids in kindergarten through eighth grade to miss more than 10 percent of school days without a valid excuse.”

When that law failed its desired effect, and while in a tight race for the California Attorney General, “she persuaded the state legislature to adopt harsher penalties for truancy. Under the new law, the parent or guardian of a young, truant child could face a fine of $2,500 or more — or one year in jail.” Part of the punishment included re-education classes offered to the parents. I kid you not!

According to the above-cited article by the Huff Post (a left-of-center progressive news source), many underprivileged, minority families are still being hurt by Harris’ police-state tactics guided by her drive to win an election. Vaccine passports will be a no-brainer for her.

If we think the left’s intentional division of races and hatred for law enforcement is bad now, just wait until “President” Harris gets sworn in.

George Soros Protégé 

That Kamala has been tyrannical in the past is on record. But when combining that with Barack Obama’s plans for Harris years ago, an overall picture emerges that becomes especially worrisome. And it’s one for which very few Americans are prepared. Calling for Biden’s impeachment, as has Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, or for his removal by the 25th Amendment, as freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn sounds Patriotic. But is it enough? 

Father of community-organizing, Saul Alinsky, who authored the left’s “bible,” Rules for Radicals, gave Conservatives a window into how Communists think with his infamous thirteen tactics. Republicans would do well to pay attention to #12: “the price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” As the left attacks Biden now in a major way, we ought to at least wonder what’s next.

One of Kamala’s donors for her 2020 Presidential run was leftist billionaire George Soros who also favored Barack Obama during his campaign. In fact, according to reports by the Sturgis-Fellowes Institute, the two men combined forces “to slip … Harris into the White House in 2020.” Her rise to power has been long-planned. And it will be the final phase of Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation of America.”

Kamala shares another trait with the former president: both were considered the most liberal-voting Senators of their time. The same year rated Bernie Sanders the second most liberal with a score of 0.02; it ranked Kamala with a 0.00. Their website states that compared to Senate Democrats during the time she served, Harris joined bipartisan bills the least. 

As Dems begin their final devouring of Joe Biden, supposedly for the horrific decisions he’s made, perhaps we all ought to take a deep breath and do some real thinking about what “positive” change means to the left. Because all the signs point to the most divisive, destructive, partisan, communistic tyrant will soon be seated in the highest office in the land.

Every God-fearing, hot-blooded, Patriotic American must get into this fight. If that doesn’t happen soon on a grand scale, the only question left will be: will our next vote even matter?

Image: Reuters

Cathi Chamberlain

Four-time start-up business owner, published author of a self-help book featured on CNN worldwide, founder of the nation’s first all-female construction company as a Florida Licensed State Building Contractor, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, activist, contributor on Salem Media Radio, and talk show producer and on-air talent on the Voice of a Nation on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

In her best-selling book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, Cathi counters father of community-organizing Saul Alinsky’s 70’s blockbuster book, Rules for Radicals. His thirteen tactics have been used for decades by the left to transform American values and culture to socialism. Time to play hardball. Rules for Deplorables is undoubtedly one of the most important books for the future of the world.

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10 months ago

The globalists who put this fake-laugh Harris woman into the white house did so because they needed a ‘token’, similar to the impostor-fraud obama bin lyin guy. Globalists will likely not allow her to keep her position of power.

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