This Week In COVID: Over One Million Breakthrough Cases

by | Nov 19, 2021 |

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In This Edition

  • Over One Million Vaccine Breakthrough Cases
  • Over 56,000 Vaccine Breakthrough Hospitalizations
  • Over 16,000 Vaccine Breakthrough Deaths
  • More Evidence Of Willful Misconduct By The CDC


In approximately five weeks, the experimental COVID inoculations will have the dubious distinction of being the only medical products in US history with over one million injuries (adverse events) AND over one million confirmed failures (breakthroughs)…and in all likelihood, we’re already there and have been for months.  

Ever had the feeling that you’re being lied to?

You can put your finger on it, but something just doesn’t feel right.

That’s the feeling I get almost every time I read anything from the CDC.

When I feel like I’m being lied to, I start asking questions, and then I grab my shovel and start digging for the truth.

For weeks, I’ve wanted to follow up on my preliminary review of vaccine breakthrough data because the data published by the CDC on the topic just wasn’t matching what I’ve been hearing from people all around the country.

From late March 2021, I would go to the CDC for information on vaccine breakthroughs for information. Each week, I would look at the CDC’s published data on this page, and each week, it would go up a little.

I was very concerned when the CDC deliberately stopped reporting vaccine breakthrough cases on April 30th, 2021 and instead focused exclusively on vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths.

As the vaccine breakthrough death toll mounted and the CDC attempted to claim that many of the deaths weren’t the result of the experimental inoculations failing to protect trusting Americans against COVID, but rather comorbidities and other causes, I thought ‘that’s not what the death certificate will say.’

And then, on October 30th, I was floored when I went to take a quick look at vaccine breakthrough data for a patient, only to find that the page dedicated to publishing breakthrough data had been completely removed in favor of propaganda being called ‘vaccine effectiveness.’

Surely, the original webpage still existed somewhere. I searched everywhere for over an hour, but without success.

And since it no longer existed, surely the CDC was still publishing the data on vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths somewhere.

Dr. Ealy, how many times do you have to be lied to by the same agency before you’ll believe them to be liars?

Dr. Ealy, why do you still have faith in an agency that has proven time and again that they don’t care about the law, scientific ethics, cute little puppies, or the American people?

Unsurprisingly, the CDC had completely removed the original data AND is no longer publishing data on vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths.

So, what is the CDC publishing in place of this data?

The aforementioned propaganda ‘COVID-19 Vaccines Work’, more fraudulent data comparing ‘VACCINATED’ to ‘UNVACCINATED’ (spoiler alert: the ‘UNVACCINATED’ are the villains), and cherry-picked breakthrough rates from 100 counties in 10 states participating in what is called the Emerging Infections Program and another four states participating in the Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Project.

What? Why publish data from so few data sources when you have access to data from over 51 states?

Why? I don’t know; perhaps there’s a lie the CDC wants to be told?

In the shock of the century, the data sets needed to validate the new ‘breakthrough rates’ the CDC has made up are not available to the public for independent verification.

So, I got out my shirt that says, ‘Have Shovel, Will Dig,’ grabbed my trusty wood-handled, mini-round pointed spade, and sat down for a night of data digging from each US State Health Department…where the truth about COVID often hides in plain sight.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to find vaccine breakthrough data from each US State Health Department (USHD), but I knew I would be able to find data from some of them to compare against what the CDC had last published.

What I found far exceeded what I thought I might find. It blew me away just like it does with the argument that these experimental inoculations are effective.

Please see the attached PDF for a complete list of data by state and the appropriate citations so you can validate my data collection. I’m not the CDC…I still believe in data integrity and verification.

Breakthrough Data Analysis & Citations


Here’s what I found.

  • Only 31 out of 51 USHDs are reporting any data on vaccine breakthroughs. It should be 51 out of 51 if this is a real emergency and we’re all in this together, but what do I know…I’m just a voodoo Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in data analysis and oath keeping.
  • There are at least 1,446,807 confirmed vaccine breakthrough cases despite the rules created to minimize case numbers (See Below), willful and rampant underreporting, 20 states NOT reporting any data, several states like New Jersey not reporting since June 9th, and the bald-faced lies being promoted nationwide that vaccine breakthrough is rare. Really? How many reasonable people would call a medical product that fails to protect more than a million people ‘effective’?
  • There are at least 56,324 confirmed vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations. So, not only has the experimental medical product failed over ONE MILLION TIMES, but it has also failed so miserably that at least 56,324 trusting Americans had to be hospitalized. But wait, it gets worse like it always does when decisions are made that place profits over people.
  • There are at least 16,111 confirmed vaccine breakthrough deaths. Sadly, this verifiable data is proof that the experimental inoculations are not nearly as effective as they have been marketed to be. So, why would Joseph Biden attempt to unlawfully mandate these on Americans if not for profit? And why would the FDA provide an EUA for these for children under 18 who have a recovery rate of 99.99% according to the CDC if not for profit?

Over the years, I’ve come to learn several things about liars.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that liars think they’re so clever that they often underestimate the resolve of good people. I’ve also come to learn that liars love to tell on themselves if you just let them talk uninterrupted.

But most of all, I’ve come to learn that the best thing to do when someone lies to you is to believe them the first time and do so with a smile.


Because the truth always comes out, and when it does for these crimes, the fallout will be felt for thousands of years.

If you want to know who is responsible, all you have to do is ask one more question.

Who stands to profit?

Anyone out there wants to grab a shovel and go digging?

Are you tired of being lied to? Be a part of the solution by joining the more than 100,000 Americans calling for a grand jury investigation into the greatest crime in human history!


Data Source: CDC & US State Health Departments

Data Reported On: November 14th, 2021

Updated Monthly

Vaccine Breakthrough Data (According To US Health Departments)

  • Total Number Of US Health Departments Reporting – 30 of 51
  • States Where Vaccine Breakthrough Data Could Not Be Located – AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, FL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NC, OK, UT, WI, WY 
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Cases – 1,446,807
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Hospitalizations – 56,324
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Deaths – 16,111

Vaccine Breakthrough Data (According To CDC)

  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Cases – 10,162
    • CDC Stopped Reporting On April 30th, 2021
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Hospitalizations – 30,270
    • CDC Stopped Reporting On Or Around October 30th, 2021
  • Total Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Deaths – 10,857
    • CDC Stopped Reporting On Or Around October 30th, 2021
  • Total Vaccine Breakthrough Samples Tested
    • CDC Has Never Reported This Data

Rules For Case, Hospitalization, or Death To Be Determined ‘Vaccine Breakthrough’

Rule 1 – Patient must have positive PCR test with Cycle Threshold Less Than 28 to help eliminate any false positive vaccine breakthrough cases. By comparison, unvaccinated patients can be considered positive for COVID with a PCR test Cycle Threshold Less Than 40, which invites false-positive diagnosis that compromises data accuracy and integrity, leading to hyperinflation of data. 

As a point of information, PCR tests are neither designed nor calibrated to be capable of determining whether or not a patient is infectious. As demonstrated by the CDC, patients can test positive in error using PCR testing for Cycle Thresholds set at 40 or lower and for up to 12 weeks following the end of the infectious period.

“Although replication-competent virus was not isolated three weeks after symptom onset, recovered patients can continue to have SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected in their upper respiratory specimens for up to 12 weeks.” (Korea CDC, 2020; Li et al., 2020; Xiao et al, 2020).  

Rule 2 – Patients must have received all experimental inoculations in the series for the brand they have chosen, AND at least 14 days must have elapsed before the infection began or testing was performed.

As a point of information, if a patient has only received 1 of 2 experimental inoculations in the series and/or it has been less than 14 days since the last experimental inoculation in the series was administered, then the person is deemed ‘UNVACCINATED’ by the CDC and therefore cannot be considered a Vaccine Breakthrough case.

Several state health departments understand how the CDC’s definitions for what constitutes ‘VACCINATED’ and ‘UNVACCINATED’ compromise the accuracy and integrity of Vaccine Breakthrough data and all data comparisons between these two groups. These state health departments have wisely created a third category, ‘PARTIALLY VACCINATED,’ to ensure that patients who have received at least one experimental inoculation or who have not reached the 14-day threshold are not inaccurately categorized as ‘UNVACCINATED’ or ‘FULLY VACCINATED.’ 

Rule 3 – All potential Vaccine Breakthrough samples must come from symptomatic patients in order to be considered for breakthrough evaluation.

As a point of information, despite lacking definitive empirical evidence to substantiate the theory of asymptomatic transmission and in spite of the definitive empirical evidence that proves asymptomatic transmission does not exist, the CDC continues to count people deemed ‘UNVACCINATED’ as new COVID cases.

However, in people deemed ‘VACCINATED,’ the CDC will not acknowledge or accept possible Vaccine Breakthrough samples unless the person is symptomatic.

Clearly, this unscientific and unethical approach compromises data accuracy and integrity so as to hyperinflate ‘UNVACCINATED’ data while simultaneously deflating Vaccine Breakthrough data in the ‘VACCINATED.’ This is a recurrent pattern by the CDC that can best be described as willful misconduct.


Data Source: Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) 

Data Reported On: Nov 12, 2021 (Data Reported Thru: Nov 5, 2021)

Injured By A Vaccine? Report It Here –


  • Total Deaths Reported – 18,461 (+383 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Deaths Within 0-2 Days of Injection – 5,731 (+76 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Deaths In Low-Risk Ages (0 to 39) – 570 (+17 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Deaths In High Risk Ages (60 & Up) – 9,487 (+165 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Deaths Unknown Age – 6,945 (+172 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Deaths From Heart Attacks – 1,380 (Last Update 7.16)
  • Stroke/TIA – 14,292 (+346 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Permanent Disability – 29,104 (+992 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Life-Threatening – 20,643 (+532 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Myocarditis or Thrombocytopenia – 16,399 (+827 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Spontaneous Miscarriages – 2,887 (+101 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Birth Defects – 632 (+22 Over Last 7 Days)
  • People Hospitalized Post Inoculation – 91,982 (+3,072 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Emergency Room Visits – 97,659 (+1,705 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks – 9,094 (+216 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks 12 to 29 Age – 313 (+8 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks 30 to 45 Age – 836 (+19 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks 46 to 60 Age – 1,354 (+19 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks 61 to 75 Age – 1,949 (+41 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks 76+ Age – 1,424 (+23 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Heart Attacks Unknown Age – 3,218 (+104 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Bell’s Palsy – 10,981 (+260 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Severe Allergic Reaction – 33,259 (+408 Over Last 7 Days)
  • Total Injuries Reported – 875,651 (+18,734 Over Last 7 Days)


Read Some Really Good News! A major court victory for health freedom was won recently thanks to 3 judges that still believe in common sense, the Constitution, and doing what’s right.

5th Circuit Unanimously Upholds Stay Against Biden’s Unconstitutional Mandates

Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Henry Ealy (Dr. H) is the Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP and a proud Jackie Robinson Scholarship Alumnus. He has over 20 years of teaching & clinical experience helping people care for their amazing body by unlocking the healing potential of Natural Medicines.

Dr. H hosts a weekly nationwide program, Energetic Health Radio, and is a regular writer on the America Out Loud network detailing the latest empirical evidence and research regarding the COVID crisis. You can listen to and read his volunteer effort on his America Out Loud team page.

He is the lead author for the COVID Research Team that has published 5 manuscripts including the peer-reviewed and highly acclaimed COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective and the 444 page peer-reviewed position statement on willful misconduct COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Public Health Crisis. His team's work has been covered by Dr. Mercola, Green Med Info, USA Today, Stand for Health Freedom, the Organic Consumer's Association and many highly respected news outlets. His team is the first to submit Formal Grand Jury Petitions exposing the rampant acts of alleged willful misconduct and call for a Congressional Investigation into the CDC’s violations of multiple federal laws.

As an Ordained Minister for all denominations, Dr. H has been additionally certified as a Yoga Teacher, Clinical Massage Therapist, Human Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, as well as American Kenpo Teacher.

Having taught at the university graduate and undergraduate levels, he has a strong background in and deep passion for Data Verification & Analysis, Teaching & Personal Development, Curricula Design, American History, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, Clinical Massage Therapy, Lab Testing & Assessment, The Basic Human Sciences, Environmental Medicine, Climate Science, Holistic Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Ealy is the author of Energetic Health – Interesting Insights Into Advanced Natural Medicine and also holds educational copyrights on over 200 published works regarding Natural Medicine, Vaccine Education, Medical Cannabis, Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification, Release Point Therapy Clinical Massage & Holistic Nutrition.

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7 months ago
7 months ago

Thank you for the excellent analysis! Regarding: the CDC continues to count people deemed ‘UNVACCINATED’ as new COVID cases. However, in people deemed ‘VACCINATED,’ the CDC will not acknowledge or accept possible Vaccine Breakthrough samples unless the person is symptomatic.” The same double standard is seen in the 5-11 year old protocol, where under Exclusions, which excluded children who had a past diagnosis of C19 but NOT if they had been asymptomatic (the latter waived in the discontinuation criteria), also calling into question the asymptomatic policy claims .

7 months ago

Excellent analysis! Thank you for doing it and all that you do!
On the breakthrough spreadsheet, check TX hospitalization number. Looks like a typo from line above or below.
We appreciate you!❤️

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