Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman …Where is the Outrage?

by | Apr 7, 2022 |

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There is an old saying that rule number one for debating Thomas Sowell is not to. If you are correct, Thomas Sowell will agree with you, and there will be no debate. If, however, you are wrong, where Milton Friedman would have educated you and perhaps even made you laugh (the man had a lot of wits and a great sense of humor), Thomas Sowell would embarrass and destroy you.

Thomas Sowell sometimes showed outrage, and though outrage may not have been the right tool in the 80s, it is today.

In my opinion, Thomas Sowell is a better writer than Milton Friedman was, and Milton Friedman was a better speaker than Thomas Sowell. Both men were/are fantastic in both roles, but Thomas Sowell has a way of breaking complicated topics down such that they are very easy to understand, making him in my opinion the best writer of economics in modern history, whereas Milton Friedman had such a warm and disarming personality that he was almost impossible not to like even if you disagreed with everything he said.

Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics should be required reading in High School. Milton Friedman’s speech, “Myths that Conceal Reality,” should be viewed twice.

Even those who vehemently disagree with Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman should read Basic Economics and listen to “Myths that Conceal Reality,” such that they understand Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman’s positions.

Unfortunately, there are two realities (not discussed by Milton Friedman) that prevent people from reading Thomas Sowell or listening to Milton Friedman:

  1. Too many people are too lazy to take the time, and
  2. Too many people don’t care about reality, preferring to see the world the way they want it to be rather than seeing it the way it really is.

Which of these realities is worse? I will say that the worst is how they play off each other. Consider that someone who is too lazy to read (or to listen to a speech) is also too lazy to learn. Consider also that someone who sees the world the way they want it to be while ignoring the way it really is, has no incentive to learn.

If someone is just too lazy to read, they can be taught in small pieces. There are YouTube series dedicated to this. Someone who sees the world the way they want it to be, but who is not lazy, can learn that the way they want the world to be is not how the world really is.

When someone sees the world the way they want it to be and is too lazy to read, there is no way to convince them they are wrong – they simply will not listen to anything they disagree with.

I am also not going to blame just the left for having these problems. There are plenty of people on the right who are just as bad. The difference is that these realities tend to manifest in different ways on the left and right. People on the right who are like this tend to use it to pretend that problems do not exist, whereas people on the left tend to use it to presuppose problems that do not exist, and to presuppose the wrong solutions to problems, real or otherwise.

There is some truth to the saying that conservatives tend to use logic and reason, whereas liberals tend to use emotion and moral platitudes, but it is also true that there is a natural conflict between tyranny and chaos, where the status quo, if fought for too hard will tend to become tyrannical, whereas rejecting the status quo entirely breeds chaos and death.

The most common stories in human history involve a society threatened by chaos with a leader that is too tyrannical to defeat chaos, and a hero who ventures into chaos, and who from within chaos, finds the weapon with which to defeat chaos and save society. This story is told again and again and again (under different titles) specifically because it is true – the hero who saved society later becomes the tyrant of a threatened society; some younger hero will enter chaos to save.

We see it in our society right now. The hard left – that’s chaos, and it is threatening to destroy our society. The leadership of the right is hopelessly tyrannical in its corruption, and because of this, it is entirely incapable of defeating the chaos of the hard left.

What we need is a hero who can find a weapon in the chaos that can defeat the left.

The weapon is not truth.

Those who are too lazy to read and who see the world the way they want it to be, are immune to the truth.

The weapon is not science.

While we should all embrace science, the word ‘science’ has become propagandized by people who claim the mantle of science to forward claims that are not scientific at all. Actual science that disagrees with the agenda is rejected as ‘not scientific,’ or even ‘anti-science,’ even though it IS science.

The weapon is not morality.

Morality is dependent upon the culture, and the left uses cultural differences to make morality appear tyrannical and immoral.

In the movie ‘Star Trek The Next Generation: First Contact,’ the Enterprise follows a Borg Cube through a wormhole through time that the Borg opened to attack humanity before humanity had sufficient technology to fight the Borg. The Enterprise destroyed the Borg ship, but the Borg were able to board the Enterprise before their ship was destroyed. What followed was a fight for the Enterprise, deck by deck and room by room. Eventually, the Enterprise’s remaining officers began to grapple with the fact that the Borg were going to take the ship, and Picard screamed, “NO MORE!” Picard then went into a tirade about how the Borg had attacked again and again, and each time the Federation fell back. Entire star systems had fallen, and the Federation just kept falling back. Outraged, Picard shouted at his officers that they would yield no more ground.

The officers decided to destroy the ship and the Borg with it, if necessary. Prior to that, the crew retreated out of necessity, but after Picard shouted ‘NO MORE!’ the crew began to retreat only when doing so, set up offensive operations, and the crew eventually retook the ship.

The Republican Party is like Picard’s ship. We have been infiltrated, and while we fight deck by deck and room by room to retake our ship, the country burns.

Our weapon is the same one that turned the tide for Picard.

Our weapon is outrage.

For the first time in its history, Disney is threatened with the loss of parental support, based on its position that we should ‘teach’ kindergarteners to believe they are trans, gay, or some other such thing. Parents want children to be children instead.

Outrage flipped Virginia.

And fittingly, outrage has always been a weapon of the left, making it the weapon from chaos with which we will save our country.

Conservatives have traditionally recoiled when the left calls us names. The left calls us racist, and we, not wanting people to think we are racist, back down. The left calls us sexist, and we retreat. Like the Borg, the left takes entire star systems, and we fall back.

We have given too much, and it ends now. We will give no more.

It was not the Enterprise Picard, and his crew who were fighting to save but all of humanity, and we are not trying to save a party, but a country. We, too, must be willing to blow the party up, if necessary to win.

We are conservatives first. The Republican Party either starts to answer to us, or it can go to hell.

Fighting with outrage means placing all totalitarians – fascists and communists alike – as parts of the same evil. When the left lies, we will, from now on, shout them down.

Fighting with outrage means going to school board meetings and insulting those who propagandize our children. It means meeting with school principals to demand an honest curriculum and suing those who do not comply.

Outrage means holding firm to definitions and forcing the left to do the same. If someone cannot define the word ‘woman,’ we owe them nothing but hostility.

The days of backing down are over. We must stand firm and fight for what is right. We must be outraged right now.

And as for a hero, we need someone like a young Thomas Sowell.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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