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Over the last few months, there have been several prominent figures have changed allegiance to their political party or at least their perceived ideology. Repeatedly, I hear many on the conservative side say, ‘I don’t trust (insert name here).

First, there was Tulsi Gabbard announcing she would be leaving the Democratic Party. Some went so far as to pontificate that Gabbard would be Donald Trump’s running mate should he declare for the ’24 presidential election. The chorus of nay-sayers would proclaim Tulsi isn’t to be trusted, and if Trump chose her, they would not support Donald Trump. I never heard Tulsi Gabbard ask anyone to trust her; she simply left the party she wanted to lead as its presidential candidate only 18 months ago.

What did she do? After her announcement, she went straight to Arizona to help Republican American First candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters in their bids to win the midterm election. She didn’t ask to be trusted. Her actions spoke.

Krysten Sinema then announced she was leaving the Democratic Party. Again, vocal conservatives rained down the ‘don’t trust Sinema, she’s still a Democrat.’ From my perspective, this move was purely political. Consider Arizona, a border state, dealing with the wide open border and her re-election in the future. Arizona has 1.4 million registered Republicans, 1.4 million Independents, and 1.2 million registered Democrats. I’m not judging her motivation, but I would distance myself from the far left as much as I could also.

I don’t need to trust her to know the importance of her vote in a 51-49 Senate. Then add Joe Manchin (D, WV), coming from a state that voted for Donald Trump with 70% support. Should Republican investigations in the new House of Representatives prove someone in the Biden Cabinet should be impeached, say it’s DHS Head Alejandro Mayorkas, beyond any reasonable doubt, it only takes 51 votes. Let’s watch and wait, but no need to trust her, and she didn’t ask you to.

Elon Musk buys Twitter, and again I hear conservatives with the familiar refrain, ‘I don’t trust Musk.’ In my view, Musk has been extremely transparent. Even sharing with everyone how he has voted in the past and how he voted for Republicans for the first time ever in the November midterm.

The openness Musk has exhibited has been refreshing. Finally, someone that just wants to be truthful and allows the people to see everything so we all can make intelligent determinations. His motivations are not my concern; the truth is.

The Twitter Files have opened the door for many to see for the first time what many of us have known or suspected for years. At least Twitter Files 1-6 were a bore to me as most of it was old news, but #7, #8, and #9 got my attention. Regarding the question of trust and Musk, the important part of Twitter Files to me are the journalists used to convey these stories.

From the Right, all of these journalists would be considered progressive if not liberal. They had previously written for Rolling Stone and The Interceptor. If Musk had used, say, John Solomon, Sarah Carter, or Lara Logan, the information would have been deemed more conspiracy theories. It’s essential to understand the use of these specific messengers. Think about that when you consider your trust in Musk, but I don’t recall Musk asking for trust either.

I don’t believe trust is earned; I believe it’s lost.

Let’s learn to allow people to lose our trust, not earn it.

Image: Musk on Twitter

Booker Scott

Booker Scott describes himself as the dumbest person on the world wide web across all social media platforms, but you’ll find him most on Twitter as @bookersparticus.

Booker hosts “Our Lives and Politics” with co-host and producer Lou Bozada on the America Out Loud Network. The program takes a unique look at the political decisions of today and those in the past and how they’ve affected all of our lives.

In 1986, Booker started his broadcast career as a young reporter and radio DJ. By 1989 he was programming three radio stations and was the morning personality on a Top-40 Contemporary Hit radio station. He’s worked for some of the largest media corporations in the country, including iHeart Radio and Cumulus Media. He’s tour of media duty has included Nashville, Orlando and Tampa Bay markets.

He is Founder and President of This organization was born from his effort to help with election integrity prior to the 2022 mid-term elections. The platform makes it easy for anyone in the country to access their local poll worker application with only two clicks on the internet.

God, Family and Country are what’s important to him and the future of all three is what motivates him

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Neil Rivalland
Neil Rivalland
2 months ago

Musk’s strategy for total ownership of Twitter was not primarily to reinstate subscribers who were denied the right to freely express their opinion, hence canceling inability of free speech. No, his strategy was and is to appeal to the masses, whether they have left or right  ideals, and inundate his social media platform with many, many more subscribers than any other media platform and increase the value of it to resell it at a profit.
His artificial intelligence (AI) program in wrong hands would subject humanity to undesirable operators.
Musk is not for promotion of the betterment of humanity. He is a shrewd entrepreneur who is unfortunately all out to benefit himself.

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