War in Ukraine: Cover for Biden’s Tyrannical Agenda for America?

by | Feb 24, 2022 |

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Now that war has broken out in Ukraine, ginned up by the rhetoric from the Biden Administration and mainstream media, Americans and the world’s focus has shifted from COVID-19 deaths and the skyrocketing deaths and devastating neurological and heart damage following the experimental COVID shots to the new war with Russia over Ukraine. Drumbeats are starting to sound about China’s threats to invade Taiwan, the source of the majority of computer chips for the US and much of the world. 

Why is there such intense attention to an overseas conflict at this particular moment, given pressing economic issues with escalating inflation, threats to medical freedom on all fronts, and talk of forced quarantine camps and compulsory vaccination? And all of this is hitting America in this critical mid-term election year that could upset Democrat control of the House and Senate –IF we have an honest election this time.

Recent interviews with courageous military whistleblowers, international attorneys, and retired military leadership outlined ominous connections between several major national and international converging events. Could these signal an orchestrated plan moving towards increasing totalitarian control over Americans and other western democracies?

The “Russia, Russia, Russia” chorus from U.S. officials and media—not Ukrainian officials—have now lit the fires of devastating armed conflict in Ukraine. An overseas military action not only serves as a massive distraction from medical tyranny in the U.S. but more importantly provides legal “cover” for planned forced vaccination of all military members, as well as forced quarantine and compulsory vaccination of American civilians similar to the violent tyranny taking place in Australia and Austria.

Purging our military of anyone who has requested a religious or medical exemption from the experimental COVID shots weakens our military readiness. COVID shots were mandated under an order issued by the Secretary of Defense, who is not legally authorized to require products still under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and the medical complications have increased exponentially.

Meanwhile, other infectious disease threats are emerging. A hantavirus hemorrhagic fever broke out in China just prior to the Olympics, followed by the abrupt departure of President Vladimir Putin from China’s opening ceremonies when several of his security team reportedly became ill with this serious viral fever. 

Then came reports of two other hemorrhagic fever outbreaks: Marburg virus cases in West Africa and South Africa, and two Lassa fever cases in Britain. Is the threat of hemorrhagic fever being used to cause more fear around the world, providing an excuse for more lockdowns and forced quarantine?  

And what about the similarities of 5G radiation exposure damage-causing symptoms similar to hemorrhagic fever complications, and is hitting the same five categories of biological damage that COVID-19 illness causes, and the COVID-19 experimental shots are causing? These are issues the public needs to know but are not being discussed in the media, even though these connections threaten the health of all of us.

Marburg virus disease (MVD) can be spread through contact with infected people, African fruit bats, or monkeys, a non-human primate carrier. The incubation period ranges from a few days up to a month. Recall the truck crash that occurred in Pennsylvania, spilling cages of about 100 monkeys. One woman helping capture the animals was exposed to monkey secretions, but apparently was not quarantined for observation, in spite of early symptoms. Why wasn’t this person kept under observation for possible MVD? At the same time, those exposed to possible COVID-19 ARE forced to quarantine for 5-10 days, depending on vaccination status. The CDC appeared to have a concern about this, based on invoking the November 25, 2020, Marburg Prep Act in February 2022. 

Arizona’s governor issued executive orders delegating unheard of emergency powers to the Arizona Department of Health, recently exposed in connection with several Arizona counties’ Inter-Agency Agreements with the federal government to create government-run “quarantine facilities” with the power to take people by force, without due process, into quarantine. A similar process is underway in New York state.

Military and Border Patrol whistleblowers report a greater than 1,000% increase in “masked flights.” These are private charters contracted by the Department of Homeland Security that originate from U.S. southern border airports and take planeloads of illegal migrants to facilities around cities across America—at taxpayer expense. Why is such a buildup of mostly military-age unvaccinated migrant males, in America illegally, taking place across America at the same time our own experienced military service members, who took an Oath to the US Constitution, are being purged from the military for requesting a vaccine exemption?

At the same time, Americans are subjected to draconian efforts to stifle free speech through the collusion of Big Tech, media, global corporations, and government at all levels, exemplified by the Department of Homeland Security’s recent designation of COVID and vaccine educational programs counter to the government narrative now being considered “misinformation” and a domestic terrorism threat. 

The confluence of all these events, at the same time, that Canada has fallen to a totalitarian dictatorship, and the organizer of the Canadian Trucker’s Freedom Convoy was found dead in her jail cell, should concern every thinking American. We are next in the crosshairs of a global dictatorship. 

There are many unanswered questions, but “connecting the dots” creates a potentially chilling picture. All of these events clearly combine to serve the globalist agenda of collapsing America as a Constitutional Republic and dismantling America’s Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  

What does this agenda mean for Americans? Are globalists planning to trigger more fear and use it to take control of YOUR life under cover of “protecting” you from a crisis they are creating? 

 Action steps Americans can take to help save our Constitutional Republic include:

  • File criminal complaints with your state Attorney General.
  • Investigate the use of the surety bond process with public officials who are not following the rule of law and duty to serve the public.
  • Attend state legislature meetings and speak out.
  • Attend local school board, city council, board of supervisor meetings in your areas and speak out against their dictatorial edicts that violate our U.S. and state constitutions.
  • Set up your “emergency preparedness” kit of supplies with medicines, supplements, medical records, and other supplies you would need in event of any disaster such as hurricanes, winter storms, tornados, or a new pandemic. 

No one is coming to save us from tyranny. Each American must act locally using the legal tools for us to so, and put a plan in place at home to protect our families. GET LOUD. GET INVOLVED. We are all that stand in the gap between freedom and utter tyrannical control of every aspect of our lives.


Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity (www.TruthForHealth.org) advocating for early COVID home-based treatment, vaccine risks updates, and medical freedom. Dr. Vliet is also an independent practicing physician founder of Vive Life Center in Tucson and Dallas treating COVID patients and vaccine-injured patients. She is co-author with Peter A. McCullough MD MPH of the COVID Early Treatment Guide: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life (https://www.truthforhealth.org/patientguide/patient-treatment-guide/). Dr. Vliet is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient, a past Board of Directors member of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), and member of AAPS editorial writing team since 2009.

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2 months ago

Thank You, this is the most common sense I’ve read in a very long time. I have done everything but scream it from the roof top. I marched in D.C. 3 times have been eye to eye with these self serving elites. Our rep. broke down and cried in 2009. She resigned her seat by the time we made it back home. It was a shame she was what people here in the south call “good people.” They ate her alive up there and possibly tried to claim her soul. She was the meaning of humble servant. The problem is that people are child like and want somebody to rule them. They are content with servitude; order is comfort to people even if it’s at the hand of tyranny. The herd mentality.

Lamont Cranston
Lamont Cranston
2 months ago

Are you freaking nuts? Get an aluminum foil hat, take your meds, and tell the orderly to put your keyboard away until after your nap.

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