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November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021

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What Happened to Men?

by | Sep 29, 2021 |

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Men have become completely emasculated. Look at all the school board meetings that surface on social media. You see angry “mama bears” protesting critical race theory and the ridiculous anti-science masking children at schools. The videos are almost always impassioned speeches given by women on why schools shouldn’t segregate kids by race or why teachers need to get back to work.

If you are anything like me, you are probably absolutely disgusted by the direction our once great country is headed. Sometimes, I lay awake at night and think about how the hell we got here?!

I have watched for nearly two years as this pandemic has been raging and watched video after video of men berating women for not masking up in public, on the subway, or in Target shopping for diapers. Almost always by these weak-looking men, who have very weak social standing, and have been handed some sort of bizarre power over people, and they’re wielding it. One thing this pandemic has done is empower these weak-minded people to know how much we are willing to tolerate. Like the nerdy guy in the office who all of a sudden becomes your supervisor, and makes it his mission in life to make sure you know he has got the power. 

Masculinity and being masculine have been demonized for too long, and now you see the results. Day after day, we watch as injustices and downright criminal behavior occur, and almost always, men are standing idly by, almost nodding in approval, complicit even.

Look no further than the president of the United States when it comes to showing off American male weakness. Joe Biden looks frail and weak. Joe Biden sounds frail and weak. His policies have made America as vulnerable as we have ever been since our founding. The country is in a significant decline, like a once-great baseball player who cannot seem to get around on that fastball anymore. We’ve lost it. 

I took my mask off about fifteen months ago for good. I went everywhere, vacations up north, malls every day with my kids. I never wore a mask. I was waiting for the confrontation, almost wanting it. Of course, I never anticipated violence. I am virulently ant-violence; I have fought for this country all over the world, I know violence. I love a good debate, however. I have yet to be confronted by an angry man concerned for the safety of the universe. Most of these men walk right past me and look for the next single mom they can find maskless so that they can call them a bad American.

The Communists need a weak class of people to go around policing the non-believers. Just like ANTIFA and BLM being their street armies, these board-shorts-wearing men are dutifully doing their bidding in big-box stores all over the country. 

It’s time to bring back masculinity. Let’s stop listening to the anti-men rhetoric that has been made mainstream by fringe members of the communist-left. There is nothing wrong with being a man and standing up for your convictions, and injustices happening right before you. Push back on these bullies. Go to your school board meeting and give an impassioned, articulate speech on forced vaccinations on kids.

Are you going to leave it to your wife to do this while you keep the car warm listening to Jason Aldean while wearing an American flag hat? No way. This is on you. Do something positive. Be about something. 

Hard times are coming. We have spending bills in congress that will bankrupt this country. We have forced vaccinations to be mandated on our children. We have teachers who are far more interested in creating young activists than molding young thinkers. Your time is now. No violence, just well-articulated and impassioned activism for what this country used to be and can be again.

I am challenging all of you men. Put on pants that fit you, put down your latte, and take a break from writing that novel you have been working on for ten years. Do something. Your kids and your country will be grateful for it. 


David McGrath is a war-injured veteran of multiple middle eastern deployments over 18 years. He has been published in a variety of outlets like The Conservative Daily News, Breitbart, and Town Hall. David is active in local, conservative politics and is the father of two boys.

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Fraudator Mortis
Fraudator Mortis
1 month ago

Agreed. 100%. Low status males abound nowadays. Courage is equated to stupidity and
Fear as virtue. These poor women -and young women especially- are stuck with dudes who’s
only game is regurgitating NPR talking points….void of nuance, or contrast or character.
How can these girls and young women of today find Any marital satisfaction cleaving to someone
with no backbone or integrity. Real and actual clowns and comedy addicts. Their only tastes are
for things soft, funny, and sweet. They can recount clever witticisms from innumerable movies,
but cannot recount one Half of a proverb of Solomon. You couldn’t find a more perfect useful-idiot.

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