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The easy answer is⏤about half of the country would be elated. The other half would be miserable. Truth is if this was just another election, then no biggie. We do what we’ve always done. We dust ourselves off, cry in our beer for a few days, and then we convince ourselves it’s not that bad, and we prepare for the next election. Like any sports game⏤there is always next time, right?
We would like to thinks so, but are you willing to take the chance that the Far Left Wackadoodles were just kidding, that they were just screwing around with our sense of humor? Are you prepared for a socialist new green deal free everything where the ‘land of the free’ was completely taken out of context, and the ‘home of the brave’ no more?
Baruch Pletner says The American federal republic is well on its way to being replaced by a bolshevik totalitarian state.”
Baruch has a fairly good perspective of this deep state business, he explains it this way:  The congressional Democrats and their Republican flunkies with the willing participation of the Supreme Court transferred substantially all of the levers of governance from the legislative branch where the Constitution had placed them to the unelected and unaccountable government bureaucracy. The impact of this last measure cannot be overestimated.”
As you see all the levers of government line up with the takeover of government agencies from career bureaucrats, and the presidential candidates for the next general election looking like a who’s who from the Orwell Museum of Misfits – you should begin to quiver and quake.
Let’s discuss America’s future – Baruch Pletner is an entrepreneur, a scientist, an inventor, and a private pilot. He is passionate about education, the outdoors, and the war on globalism. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Along with our distinguished panel of patriots: Lt Joe Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security, the owner of Tru Security Design and host of Chasing Justice. Susan Price is an Investigative Researcher, Patriot, Veteran Advocate, Gold Star Mother. Arnetta Notkin, 30 year career on Wall Street – a Producer and Commentator.

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