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1 in every 4 seats on U.S. appeals courts is now filled by a judge appointed by President Trump. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump have been laser-focused on reversing the socialist-tide of liberalism disease that has overtaken our courts – compliments of the Obama Administration.
Consider the Trump Doctrine and the rebuilding of America⏤from our military defense to our upside-down backwards trade deals, to securing the border to restore American Sovereignty⏤Trump has been stopped cold at every turn from the lower courts. Judges are the spine of our society, and the courts have broken the spine by legislating from the bench to STOP the President’s agenda. Appeals courts resolve about 50,000 appeals cases per year; the Supreme Court resolves about 100.
Attorney General William Barr had the most interesting take on this:
“Since Pres Trump has taken office, district courts have issued over 40 nationwide injunctions against the government – by comparison in Pres Obama’s first 2 years, district courts had issued 2 – both which were immediately vacated by the ninth circuit. It is no exaggeration to say – that virtually every major policy of the Trump administration, has been subjected to immediate freezing by the lower courts. No other President has been subjected to such sustained efforts to debilitate his agenda”
The United States Senate has confirmed 187 Article III judges nominated by President Trump, including 2 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 50 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 133 judges for the United States District Courts, and 2 judges for the United States Court of International Trade.
Malcolm will take it from here. Listen in and find out exactly why the Left wants Trump out of office.

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