So what is America Out Loud? America Out Loud is exactly what it sounds like it is – It’s American patriots that are Out Loud in their love of our constitution and our way of life. It’s Americans that are Out Loud on every imaginable topic of concern to We The People. These are Americans who understand the threats facing America and refuse to remain silent. 

America Out Loud began in April of 2016 as a brilliant idea of Malcolm, the network’s Founder, President, CEO, and daily clarion voice. Today, America Out Loud has evolved into an American values media colossus, bringing you unbridled and unadulterated facts, opinions, analyses, and truer-than-life stories voiced through the magic of talk radio and print media. 

Who are the Americans who comprise America Out Loud? In short, we are a diverse army of citizen patriots from all walks of life with thousands of years of rich and detailed life experiences. We are doctors, engineers, scientists, authors, speakers, radio hosts, writers, we are moms and dads. We are vibrant men and women driven by an unquenchable curiosity about all things American. Critically, we’re Americans willing to research the issues and events of the day and to say what must be said to keep us all informed of the evil politics and machinations of the Marxist Left. 

Think of us as the voice of a nation, as minutemen and women soldiers, always watching, reporting, and analyzing every Constitutional and cultural threat against America First. We stand for our flag. We are unabashedly proud to be Americans. And with our First and Second Amendment rights, we will defend American exceptionalism against all enemies or detractors. We are the Paul Revere of Patriotic Media.

Never before has our American cultural, economic, spiritual, and political fabric been more threadbare. The America most of us have grown up with and love is under a relentless and pernicious siege from those carrying the banners of corrosive Socialism, Communism, and Marxism. America Out Loud is the antidote to these poison “isms!” We believe to be forewarned is to be forearmed. And we do more than inform you; we detail why it’s vital to your future and that of your family.

I challenge you to find a broader array of voices, a deeper bench of experience, or a more dedicated collection of passionate patriots than here on America Out Loud. 

American Out Loud – Liberty and Justice for All!


Malcolm is the passion and driving force behind America Out Loud. He created America Out Loud Talk Radio and the America Out Loud platform to bring new energy and authenticity to talk radio and website journalism.

Malcolm is a speaker, author, and the creator of “Brink Thinking.” His previous career in marketing and as creative director of television and radio advertising spanned over two decades. He was known as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in the world of advertising and marketing, working his magic in corporate boardrooms throughout America. Then, in June 2010, he made the leap to the radio mic.

Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 as a new voice in the talk radio world. For the past five years, Malcolm has been the driving force behind America Out Loud’s growth, bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available on the web today.

As a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves, Malcolm has brought some of the world’s leading newsmakers to the platform, presenting stimulating, informed, and uncensored discussions on the critical issues confronting our nation and the world today.

Malcolm also created the Brink of Greatness platform that showcases the greatness harbored in so many of us. He nurtures and promotes the people who deserve to be celebrated and cherished, focusing a spotlight on the best of humanity. And in some cases, the worst.

Malcolm’s vision for America Out Loud provides programming for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analyses without the liberal spin and heavily filtered commentary too often found in the mainstream media.

Malcolm combines the energy of his own passion with a critical awareness of the world in which we live that transcends the barriers dividing Americans today. His programming opens the path to civil discussion about the issues that really matter. His voice is a clarion call for reason and truth.