Why Hunter’s Laptop Could Save Taiwan, Ukraine, and Even the World

by | Apr 22, 2021 |

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That one-two punch delivered on April 13th by China and Russia to the Biden Administration targeting two of America’s tiniest allies didn’t come out of nowhere. If Taiwan and Ukraine think this U.S. President, legitimate or not, is coming to their rescue, they are banking on the wrong guy at the wrong time. No amount of emergency meetings will save these two independent states. The fix was in long ago.

Even the liberal Daily Beast calls out last year’s reports accusing Russia of putting a bounty on American soldiers’ heads fake news. Too little, too late. They and other pawns of the left are largely to blame for the dangerous position our two allies now find themselves in. But, a sleeping American public is responsible, as well.

Last year’s “bounty” stories were designed to make President Trump look weak and anti-American. There was an election coming up, after all. Based on “anonymous” sources, not surprisingly, the fake news media was rewarded by many calling Trump a traitor. He didn’t take the bait, and Russia remained tamed for the time being.

While the typical shiny object mesmerized a once-again-duped American people, no one in the mainstream media was asking the hard question needing to be answered: “Where the hell is Hunter’s laptop?”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Joe Scarborough, along with RINOs like Steve Schmidt of “The Lincoln Project” and all haters of Donald J. Trump, piled on the attacks against him. Oh, how different the future of Taiwan and Ukraine might look today if the American people hadn’t been so naive.

When “quid-pro Joe” threatened Ukraine to stop investigating Burismo (one of the country’s largest energy companies), or they’d lose the one billion dollars military aid package promised by America, the fate Ukraine now faces was sealed.

Recall that Biden’s son, Hunter, was getting paid royally by Burisma to the tune of some $80k per month. And he couldn’t “even type,” as the old saying goes. He had no knowledge of the country’s culture, no experience in the gas industry or private equity. Heck, he couldn’t even speak the language. 

Yet, the money flowed through Hunter to the Biden family as the then-Vice President of the United States of America used our taxpayer money to halt the ongoing investigations in Ukraine and to force the firing of their top prosecutor. Of course, Ukraine obliged. What choice did they have? They’ve merely exchanged one tyrannical bully for another. Now there is no one to stop Russia from overtaking a country that could once count America as a friend. What a global shame!

Americans were soon distracted by an “anonymous whistleblower” who lodged cracked-up allegations against Trump’s so-called imperfect phone call with the new Ukraine president. Impeachment proceedings against our President droned on with Ukraine “expert” Deep State witnesses from U.S. government agencies. And, Hunter’s laptop disappeared from public view. How very convenient.

What most Americans did not know at the time, and still many don’t, is that the Biden family benefitted even more from China.

One of the most credible investigative researchers on the subject, author Peter Schweizer, always says, “follow the money.” In this case, according to him, it’s worse than that. In this case, following the money led to foreign policy changes, as well. It’s not just Taiwan and Ukraine that should be worried. These policy changes destabilize alliances worldwide.

Schweizer says the deals made between the Biden family and China were done under the guise of private equity and real estate deals. 

An America Out Loud article dated November 2, 2020, entitled “Refusals to Cover Biden’s Foreign Influence Peddling Expose Naked Media Scandal,” is a good read. It reveals that in 2013 “Hunter accompanied his father on an official visit to China aboard Air Force Two, returning with a $1.5 billion investment deal inked ten days later with the Communist state-owned Bank of China on behalf of a private equity firm he had established in 2009 with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.” That’s downright obscene.

The article’s author, Larry Bell, makes a convincing case that the media was more than complicit. He writes that “[e]ven the American taxpayer-supported National Public Radio (NPR) blocked the news. As Terence Samuels, the NPR network’s managing news editor, explained, ‘We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste our listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.’” Indeed.

But what’s most concerning is that according to Bell, “[n]umerous records obtained from Hunter’s laptop along with corroborating emails and text messages provided by former Hunter partner Tony Bobulinski make it clear that the Biden family not only profiteered by selling the former veep’s political influence but also that Joe knew about and fully endorsed the sleazy scheming.” That about sums up the compliance of the fake news media.

While Americans fretted over the “traitorous” President Donald J. Trump not punishing Russia for what is now an obviously debunked story about bounties on American soldiers, foreign policy decisions today are being determined by the buying off of a then-future American president. Every person around the world should be outraged.

While Schweizer had sounded the alarm for years about whether the Biden family’s enrichment changed foreign policy back when “quid-pro Joe” was Vice President, now an even bigger question emerges. Are Taiwan and Ukraine going to become territories of China and Russia, respectively, in exchange for past “pay-offs”? 

It appears we are experiencing the beginning stages of Saul Alinsky’s tactic #10: “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure on the opposition.” That China and Russia made advances separately against Taiwan and Ukraine on the exact same day, accompanied by unprecedented threats to the President of the United States of America to “back off” is no coincidence.

There is, quite simply, no way out of this self-induced corner Joe Biden has painted. Nor does there appear to be any escape for the tiny allies targeted.

According to many who have seen Hunter’s laptop contents, they are damning. Actually, shockingly disgusting is a better description. But will they ever see the light of day? And if so, could the revelations affect the leverage China and Russia now hold? That depends largely on whether the American people are even interested.

Unfortunately, truth lost its appeal long ago. Integrity is no longer valued. Ethics are a thing of the past. Even “following the money” is no longer enough. The very survival of entire countries is now at stake. 

While Taiwan’s independence from China has always been a point of debate, there’s no question that today two sovereign states are facing possible hostile takeovers; and, Democrat Socialists led by our CCP-controlled U.S. president are to blame. Worse, there’s now a genuine possibility that tomorrow it could happen to us.

If the contents of Hunter’s laptop were made public by America’s obviously corrupt intel agencies and reported on fairly by the fake news media, then maybe … just maybe … people will rise up and throw the bastards out of office. But that, of course, is a very big “if.”

Until and unless that happens, Taiwan and Ukraine will get no help from “quid-pro Joe.” They are on their own. And so, most likely, are we.

Image: Official Internet Resources of the President of Russia

Cathi Chamberlain

Four-time start-up business owner, published author of a self-help book featured on CNN worldwide, founder of the nation’s first all-female construction company as a Florida Licensed State Building Contractor, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, activist, contributor on Salem Media Radio, and talk show producer and on-air talent on the Voice of a Nation on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

In her best-selling book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, Cathi counters father of community-organizing Saul Alinsky’s 70’s blockbuster book, Rules for Radicals. His thirteen tactics have been used for decades by the left to transform American values and culture to socialism. Time to play hardball. Rules for Deplorables is undoubtedly one of the most important books for the future of the world.

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