Your Fertility and the Covid Shot – Laying the Groundwork

by | Dec 21, 2021 |

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Before we look at the science and the doctors speaking out about possible fertility issues, we need to examine if there is something underneath and behind what we might uncover in that science. If there is, we will need to pay heed to what Dr. Michael Crichton (who wrote Jurassic Park) once noted: As Alston Chase put it, ‘when the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power. Crichton, in turn, only echoes what Soren Kierkegaard wrote a couple of centuries ago: In the end, all corruption will come about as a result of the natural sciences. Here, Kierkegaard was not dissing science or the scientific method, but rather corrupt scientists, misusing their tools.

In the interview here, Dr. Chris Martenson, Ph.D., in pathology from Duke University, interviews Dr. Peter McCullough, who is the most published doctor in history in his field of cardiology, and has been editor of several major medical journals: In the interview, they discuss issues such as the Lancet with its retracted fake “studies” on hydroxychloroquine, which turned out to be produced by a shell company, with unverified data gathered by non-scientists (including, purportedly, one person involved in the porn industry). Apropos of Crichton and Kierkegaard, Dr. McCullough says (11:45 mark) his international team started to see, early on in the pandemic, some things we didn’t like in the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as Lancet, including fraudulent papers.

“Fraud” and your healthcare. Not two words you want to see together. These journals – and recall, McCullough himself has been the editor of more than one major medical journal – should have had multiple reviewers, associate editors, editorial meetings, etc. All of this was skipped, short-shifted and worse… and per McCullough, these lapses – in his own words – looked intentional (18 min. mark).

Alternatively, think places like Harvard University, Duke University, Mayo Clinic – all have zero protocols in place on how to treat Covid, even as of interview time Dec. 2021.

Thomas Malthus. Remember That Name

Is there a depopulation agenda behind the Phase IV trials Covid shot?

There is one single assumption to understand here, first put formally in writing by Thomas Malthus of the British East India Company in his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population: viz., the human population grows exponentially, food production grows arithmetically. On that simple one postulate hangs trillions of dollars, and perhaps hundreds of millions of lives. Similar to philosopher Alfred North Whitehead’s comment that all philosophy is a footnote to Plato, everything that follows below is simply a variation on a theme of Malthus’ motif.

I have not been invited recently to any of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forums, nor do I get invites to the Davos confabs; I am also not regularly invited to consult with self-admitted Nazi collaborator George Soros. But suffice to say, it is neo-Malthusianism animating these people. People who believe that mouths matter more than minds, rather than the converse, and the same ones who gave us, e.g., the “Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894,” where the Times of London told its wide-eyed readers that 50 years from that date that every street in London would be buried under nine feet of manure.

Calling these people out is not a guess or an accusation. Rather, it is plain public record, and has been for decades. The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point, put it succinctly: The real enemy then, is humanity itself. The link is there – easy enough to verify the exact verbiage for yourself. And their solution was simple – engineer a massive population reduction and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning, using total government control. Oregon governor Kate Brown’s permanent mask mandate anyone? No? How about Covid police states Australia and New Zealand?

Basically, as is becoming increasingly apparent, this reduction in both population and our economic output would be achieved utilizing a merger of fascism and cultural Marxism, which I call “fasco-Marxism” (fascism and Marxism are historically cousins, as most of you know). This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome again in 1993 when they stated in their First Global Revolution – downloadable here for your own review and verification –  that In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.

The worldview articulated here has been around for a long, long time. It’s just that now they appear to have both the money, and the dumbed-down populations, to carry out their genocide.

A conclusion – that there are too many people – had already been reached, and now they needed to create a “reason” to push that unsupported – as Julian Simon demonstrated in the famed Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager – a priori assumption.  Covid and its ugly step-sister global warming are just another fake crisis to stampede fear-driven herds in flyover country off the buffalo jump to achieve an end desired by the controllers.

What is in the minds of the Malthusians? As Robert Zubrin observed, to them … each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation. It is more broadly put in economic terms by the World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty. Us hoi polloi in flyover country, of course, are especially bad, as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, tells us: Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability. Of course, individual rights are verboten, too, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. Now can you see why much of Europe and the anglosphere have had a heavy hand applied to them by the Covid Stasi, and where that Stasi metaphor in Australia and New Zealand is now almost literal?

None of this is new. In 1988, Prince Philip – perhaps speaking for myriads of the elite – stated in an interview with Deutsche Press Agentur: The more people there are, the more resources they’ll consume, the more pollution they’ll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation, and war. …In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation. I will refrain from commenting as to whether his recent death did, in fact, actually allow him to do what he had hoped!

But here is the key point: As the American Institute for Economic Research outlines, in that Simon/Ehrlich wager, the Malthusians lost. The wager was conducted a second time, and again the Malthusians lost. But of course, we might have guessed this, as we know from that London prediction 150 years ago that neither is London covered with 100 meters of horse manure now. But the key question is: why did Ehrlich and his Malthusians lose? 

The answer is simple: Minds matter more than mouths. In fact, God, in His prevenient grace, has provided just enough knowledge to accommodate for the natural population growth He commanded. But if this is not true, you necessarily must adhere to the “solution” below.

I Love Humanity; It’s People I Hate

Influential, leading thinkers of recent years, such as Finnish writer Pentti Linkola, want to reduce earth’s population to 500 million – exactly as the Georgia Guidestones also tell us. Writes Linkola, recapitulating Malthus: What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes, and there is only one lifeboat? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides. And of course, America is the core of Linkola’s problem: The United States symbolises the worst ideologies in the world: growth and freedom. And mimicking Woody Allen at Obama’s election, who said it would be good if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly, Linkola triples down by writing: Any dictatorship would be better than modern democracy. There cannot be so incompetent a dictator that he would show more stupidity than a majority of the people. The best dictatorship would be one where lots of heads would roll and where government would prevent any economic growth. … Our only hope lies in strong central government and uncompromising control of the individual citizen

As James Delingpole observes about Lincola’s – and a thousand others like him –  comment: See: It’s perfectly OK to fantasize about the deaths of maybe 5 billion people – as long as you show at the end that you really care: you’re thinking about humanity. 

Truth is, to many, as Stalin purportedly said, The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of a million is a mere statistic. And this is exactly what we are seeing right now from our Deep State betters. But in our kinder, gentler dystopia, they will not be using Robespierre’s guillotine, Hitler’s Xyclon-B, or Stalin’s gulags, but rather the silent screams of, say, retirees in nursing homes put on ventilators away from the “prying eyes” of their loved ones, or the fetus that never takes its first breath due to miscarriages caused by Covid shots.

Compare Linkola to a time when people valued human dignity, such as the sinking of the Titanic, where the engineers working on the boilers stayed at their posts after the ship hit the iceberg, frantically attempting to pump water out of the ship until a rescue ship might arrive. Once they knew all was lost, they stayed to prevent the boilers from exploding and killing others, and to keep the lights on so as many as possible would have illumination to find their way to the lifeboats. All 25 of the engineers died at their stations, trying to save others. Compare this to Linkola chopping off hands on his Titanic.  Either life has intrinsic value, with man made in God’s image or not. 

Is This Just Nutty Europeans? Hardly

But it’s not just nutty Finns who have drunk the Flavor-Aid (By the way, it was Flavor Aid, not Kool-Aid, that the Jim Jones death cultist drank.) On the other side of the Atlantic, Dr. Eric R. Pianka, University of Texas, in a lecture to fellow scientists, students, and professors a dozen or more years ago, stated that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus. He stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more effective than the HIV/AIDS virus has been because of the speed at which the victim dies. Pianka also spoke positively – and presciently – of the death the bird flu could bring, and spoke of the need to Sterilize everyone on earth at this lecture. This is the same Mengele-like professor Pianka who also shouted. We’re no better than bacteria! at one of his lectures (in this case, as least as it applies to his moral reasoning in his own life, he may have been correct!)

Meanwhile, Simon Ross, head of Population Matters, has stated population shrinkage is the cheapest and surest contribution to sustainability that we know of.  Fellow misanthrope Rob Hengeveld, in his book How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet, proposes a less drastic reduction, allowing a world population of 1 billion. Even our dear Mikhail Gorbachev said  We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90%, and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.  And presumably, if the poor, unwashed masses won’t do it voluntarily, then it would be best for our betters to give them a firm nudge, right?

Perhaps most revealing is Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel, and his famed article in The Atlantic a few years back, Why I Hope to Die at 75. Simply ask yourself why was this published, and why was the lead for Obamacare, in charge of the health outcomes for the elderly, putting out a trial balloon like this?

It appears Pianka has gotten his wish, both about a virus, as well as having everyone sterilized. I’ll leave it to you, gentle reader, to figure out if this all came about intentionally, or accidentally, where some bat had intimate relations with a pangolin, winged its way 600 miles from its natural habitat and then landed in some poor shlub’s won-ton soup in a wet market, who then at it half-cooked and got Covid.

Death by Government

In fact, the late Dr. RJ Rummel of Univ. of Hawaii (tough job, but someone had to do it… right?) noted in his Death by Government site that up to 170 million were murdered by their own governments last century. Similarly, Courtois, et al. writes in The Black Book of Communism, published by Harvard Univ. Press, that perhaps 100 million were murdered by communist governments last century. Can it really be a stretch that we may see at least that many today dying at the hand of some kind of government action?

Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as even a dozen or more years ago, between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, was thrown away each year, according to a report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not. Of course, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as even reliably PC Time Magazine told us years ago: …it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”

Of course, you, dear reader, know where I am going with this: Is the Covid shot a depopulation agent? Certainly, if nothing else, you have reason to be suspicious, given what I have shown above!  In speaking about inflation, the famed John Maynard Keynes, in The Economic Consequences of the Peace, wrote By this means (inflation), the government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft. Truth is, the Malthusians are attempting to take a page from Keynes’ stealth operations book, where perhaps not one man in a million will detect the covert destruction of life.

So… as we examine the scientists speaking out about the issues with women and overall human reproductive health next, keep in mind the possible “whys’ behind what you will be reading. 

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who controls the controllers? Or literally for Latin nerds, “Who will guard the guards themselves?) – Roman poet Juvenal, Satire VI, lines 347-348.


Blaise Vanne is a dual US and Canadian citizen, having lived half his adult life in both countries, but currently living in the Chicago, IL. area. Along with his dual citizenship, which allows for a less common perspective on today's events, he has completed graduate degrees at both University of Illinois, Urbana, as well as the University of British Columbia. Having originally taught on the post-secondary in western Canada, he is now actively employed in the health care field, but keeps alive his first love, research and writing.

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James Lane
James Lane
1 month ago

Thank you Blais. Cogent and well written. Appreciate your knowledge and wide swath of examples. The hook in the title about fertility is what got me to read the article. Wish there was some scientific evidence one way or the other at this point. Guess we will have to wait and see. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Michael McCarthy
21 days ago

Blais, thank you for tracing the history of the depopulation movement. A depopulation conspiracy is the premise of my dystopian novel The Noah Option. My heroine, African American botanist Dr. Grace Washington, develops seeds that grow more food with less water, less fertilizer, and less pesticides, thereby feeding more people.The depopulation deep state agents try to destroy her and her work. In the sequel, The Rainbow Option, the depopulation agents unleash a deadly virus on Americans, aiming to depopulate the United States. Yes, I predicted a virus like the Wuhan virus, only more deadly.
What was dystopian in 2011 is unfolding today in real time, as you show in your article.

EE Farms
EE Farms
21 days ago

Thank you, Blaise. I look forward to your compilation of fertility considerations. I just read the CDC’s statement on pregnant and breast feeding women, encouraging the inoculation. I was appalled. I’m a maternal-child health RN, and am researching all I can on my side to present to my superiors. I will not recommend this shot to anyone in keeping with the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics. I would most certainly not recommend it to young, pregnant, or breast feeding women. To start, ovaries are lipophilic. This product is delivered through lipid nanoparticles which induce cells to produce spike protein —- a nasty little foreign-to-our-bodies protein. What harm might that do to the incredible hormone feedback mechanisms of the ovaries? What harm might that do to the already developed but immature eggs? We haven’t a clue. Neither does the CDC and yet they encourage the inoculation. It’s insane. It’s criminal.

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